Tuesday, December 05, 2017

New glass ceiling

Tweets by Popehat on Polanski's enablers/apologists, and, given current circumstances, the twisty road they have to follow.  It is a huge puzzle what most of these people might have in common!  Also.

"MSNBC to Cut Ties With Sam Seder After Roman Polanski Rape Joke (Exclusive)".  This does seem like an excuse to get rid of somebody whose politics was a bit too far left for the network.

"Bryan Singer Fired From Queen Biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’".  The joke in the gossip comments was that his 'illness' was carpal tunnel syndrome from writing all the settlement checks to his victims.

If people continue to use this to air old imagined slights, or snowflake discomfort, the whole thing is going to fall apart (i.e., we've come a long way from Weinstein):  "And Then They Came for Some Paraplegic Public Radio SJW" (Sailer).

The talk from the big swinging dick guys is that the current atmosphere is dangerous for business, and women will simply have to be excluded from any positions where they can cause a problem by making an allegation.

"‘Who’s Next?’: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media".  Many doubt that Enty is a lawyer, given the fact that it is often difficult to find a coherent sentence in CDaN, and there seems to be more than one Enty, and even more than one at a time (varying standards on who is A-list, B-list, etc), but the track record in outing various reprobates is impressive, obviously orders of magnitude above the mainstream media, who cover up for these monsters.  There is a strong sympathy throughout CDaN for the actors who have to put up with the people who run 'Hollywood'.

"#Metoo is for Me, Too" (Van Buren).

"Prosecutors: Manafort wrote op-ed with colleague in Russia".  Don't get me wrong, I think Manafort's a crook.  But shouldn't he have the right to defend himself?  What's with a gag order?  Of course, he probably could have picked a non-Russian to assist!

"Was Russia Behind Cuba Sonic Attacks?"  The Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome at this website is sad to see.

"Russiagaters Are The Very Worst Kind Of Conspiracy Theorists" (Johnstone).

"Book Review:  Collusion" (Robinson).

"Russiagate Becomes Israelgate" (Giraldi).  Trump's ace-in-the-hole is that the actual crime, if any, is the third rail of American politics.

Unnewsworthiness.  "Strong Evidence that U.S. Special Operations Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia". "Israel was planning assassinations in Lebanon: not in the Western press".

"India’s Secret Involvement in the War Against Yemen" (Korybko). "Yemen - UK Military Involvement " (Aangirfan).

"How ISIL changed the oil map of Iraq" (al-Nidwahi):
"For a month now there has been a standoff between pro-government Iraqi forces and Peshmerga forces at the Faysh Khabur border crossing, where the Kurdish export pipeline enters Turkey. Baghdad wants to assume control over all crossings to bring all northern exports, including from fields inside Kurdistan's uncontested border, under state control - and bring the KRG to its knees.

This would entail Baghdad agreeing in return to provide for the financial needs of the Kurdish provinces from federal coffers. In theory, an agreement is possible. But there's more at stake than just civil servants' salaries and funds for schools or roads.

For the KRG, to maintain a revenue stream independent of Baghdad's chokehold is an existential-level question. There is also the looming question of what happens to the KRG lenders, including Russia. Western companies may have little in the way of recourse, but there's no telling what tricks the Kremlin might have up its sleeve to collect on its awkwardly-timed investments in Kurdish black gold."

"D'OH! Mitch McConnell Killed All Corporate Tax Deductions In His Frenzy To Pass Tax Cuts".  Obviously one of the main problems facing the US (and elsewhere) is income distribution, so another big tax grab by the 0.1% is obscene, but I find it very odd that the 'left' fails to notice the interesting big tax policy wonk decisions being made in this tax bill, essentially trying to start to isolate revenue collection from using tax policy to achieve other social policy objectives.

"Israeli Attacks Reported Near Damascus, Israeli Media Removes Story" (Ditz).  The censorship of the story is interesting, as they are usually not shy about asserting the Khazar right to break international law with impunity.

"Ex-CIA analyst rejects Turkish claims of involvement in coup". Fuller was born in 1937.

There is only one tiny sliver of study where 'academic freedom' isn't protected, even by  its most self-righteous defenders, who don't seem to get that not protecting the tiny sliver wrecks the whole concept:  "Jackboots in The Canadian Academy. Freedom of Expression And Inquiry Under Threat … Again. University of Lethbridge, Alberta.".

Not The Onion:  "A naked game of tag was filmed at a Nazi gas chamber. Survivors’ groups demand to know who gave the OK."

The Onion:  "FCC Chair Unveils Premium Comment Line To Fast-Track Net Neutrality Complaints For $49.99 Per Month".
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