Sunday, December 31, 2017


"IRAN PROTEST CRISIS: Everything you need to know" (Flores).  "FAKE NEWS surrounding the Iran Protests" (Antonopoulos).

"WATCH as Iranian official says two dead protesters were killed by foreign agents and not by police".  Standard Color Revolution technique as employed at the Maidan. I don't know what the truth is, but Iranian officials have clearly been ordered to exercise restraint specifically to avoid falling into this Soros trap.

Tweet (Joe Catron) (the horrors of 'imperial foreign policy', from the CFR!):
"This strange man, who apparently leads something called the "Council on Foreign Relations," seems to think the United States government is in a position to pontificate about military spending and its effects on domestic needs!"
The e-x-t-r-e-m-e peculiarity of an honest tweet from Ken Roth!  I wonder what his mass-murdering land-stealing Khazar-supremacist angle is.

"This is the real US policy on human rights" (Angry Arab).  You always have to gasp at Americans, of all people, playing the human rights card.

"2018 – war or no war?" (The Saker).  I'm guessing more war in Afghanistan -  we know that - and continued half-assed attempts to Yinonize Syria, but that is it.  The Israelis, on the other hand, may very well attempt land theft in Lebanon.  When that goes encouragingly sideways, how much, or how little, will Jared be able to pull the Americans in?

"Ian Paisley contacted Israeli ambassador to UK 'to obtain arms', papers reveal".  "Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments" (Greenwald).  "Armed by Israel, Honduras’s illegitimate regime returns the favor at the U.N." (North).

"NYT Trumpwashes 70 Years of US Crimes" (Johnson).  The ubiquitous expression of the general Clintonista/Obamanaut idea that Trump has changed things for the worse, rather than just clarifying how bad things actually are with the USA.

"Lorde didn’t bow to pressure, she rose to the occasion" (Elia).  Young women with agency are always a serious problem!  What seems to be missing from the story is that people under 25 have received the full dose of the Khazar propaganda, and don't buy it.  It is not that they are deniers, but they are fully aware they are being manipulated in order to promote Evil, and they resent it.  Adding more propaganda, or insulting people trying to do the right thing (note how the first technique of supremacists is to patronize), is just going to backfire.

"Records of British Mandate of Palestine: Shimon Peres’ Request to Become Mandatory Palestine Citizen Revealed" (Noy).  Hedging his bets (see also).

From the conspiracy angle, I've always thought the United States went off the rails with the assassination of JFK, but I am now starting to think that the real tragedy was the forced loss of Nixon.  No forced loss of Nixon, no Reagan, and everything would have continued to progress, rather than regress.  Of course, the forced loss of Nixon was an IC conspiracy, oddly similar to what is going on today.

"Camera Restricta: The Most Brilliant/Annoying Camera Ever?"
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