Thursday, December 07, 2017

The End?

JFK could have fired his Attorney General,  RFK, if he wanted to, if he thought he had to.  It would not have been pleasant, it would have resulted in years of difficult family gatherings, but he could have done it.  Trump can't fire Kushner.  It doesn't matter what Kushner does, Trump can't fire him as it would hurt his precious daughter.  Trump can't even control Kushner, or limit his influence.  In fact, Kushner's massive financial problems are only being held in stay as along as he gets to swan around Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.  The whole Kushner family would be ruined if he is forced out.  This situation is unique in American politics (though if you wanted to get deeper into the weeds you could argue that JFK should have fired RFK for the aggressive right-wing foreign policy RFK was scheming, possibly behind JFK's back).

Watergate was a conspiracy to remove a man that the highest American mucky-mucks felt was dangerous to the Republic (in retrospect, and given the following Presidents, that was terrible judgment of the mucky-mucks).  They used Nixon's innate paranoia to trick him into a cover-up (there are also sex blackmail aspects, and even JFK assassination aspects, that are still obscure as they are so dangerous), which was then manipulated by the media to remove him.

Although the Clintonistas have been floating the idea that Trump is too mentally unstable, even insane, to be President, nobody believes it.  In fact, Trump has been a rather cautious, bog-standard, American Republican President, with fewer wars than most Presidents.  Even the awful environmental and tax stuff is standard American politics (the environmental negligence is effectively just an extension of Barry's do-nothingness, and I can guarantee that as much as Democrats wail about the tax stuff, if they ever get their act together and find themselves in power, they will do nothing to undo the Trump damage).  If you ignore all the bloviation, Trump's actual record of action has done nothing to create fears that the country is in dangerous hands.  If anything, he is too sane (part of the larger theory that the Clintonista cries that Trump doesn't properly represent Americans is true only insofar as Trump is far too moral a man to represent the monsters that are Americans).

Until now.  Don't get me wrong, the Jerusalem decision is popular all across the swamp.  The hogs all eat from the same shekel-trough.  The problem for the mucky-mucks is structural.  In effect, the American Empire has again been forced into marginalizing itself - the entire rest of the world, and even members of Trump's own cabinet, recoiled in horror at the sheer stupidity of the decision (which already has substantial consequences) - all at the hands of a small number of Chabad extremists, 'European' Jewish slumlords who now exclusively run American foreign policy ("a bunch of Orthodox Jews who have no idea about anything"), fronted by the creepy Kushner, and operating solely on the basis of Khazar supremacism, looking for 'wins' for the settler movement.  It doesn't even matter if the 'wins' make any sense for Israel, it is just an exercise in asserting Khazar dominance over the American government, a process of working through a checklist of arbitrary demands, and congratulating each other at synagogue as each one is checked off.  So now American foreign policy is an international laughingstock run by a man who cannot possibly be removed, no matter how obviously stupid his decisions are.  This is obviously a recipe for disaster.  If the mucky-mucks are paying attention, Trump has now, for the first time, given them reason to act.
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