Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Post

"Sex, Death, and Secrets in D.C." (Sailer).  Lots to unpack here.  It is funny how often abuses of history to satisfy a current political goal stir up old, forgotten truths that nobody wants to hear.

"Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham's son shoots himself dead, 54 years after his father did the same and days before Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks movie about his mother is released".  First bad review.

It is quite simple.  Katherine Meyer married Phil Graham, stole his family newspaper in order to flog her own causes, and either arranged to have him killed or had her psychiatrists drive him to suicide.

Excerpts from Mary’s Mosaic Third Edition by Peter Janney (Janney is the expert on the unsolved assassination of Mary Pinchot Meyer):
  1. "The Murder of John Kennedy’s Mistress, Part 1";
  2. "The Murder of John Kennedy’s Mistress, Part 2";
  3. "The Murder of John Kennedy’s Mistress, Part 3".
This was a striking assassination from a technical conspiracy angle due to the extreme sloppiness at not bothering to set up a proper patsy. They seemed to have assumed that any Washington jury would convict any random black guy fingered in the general area. The post-assassination sloppiness extended to the striking scenario of both Bradlee and Angleton engaged in a panicked rummaging in the victim's house for the victim's diary, so they could destroy it, plus the bonus of Bradlee's omitting to mention finding the diary on the witness stand during the patsy's trial.
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