Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Well-oiled machines

"Weinstein’s Complicity Machine".  The 'well-oiled machine'.  Keeping Harvey out of jail and out of the mainstream media was a massive operation, the gossip equivalent of putting a man on the moon.

"Yemen's Saleh: A political murder mystery".  Big debate over where they capped him.

"Who Killed Yemen's Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh?"  The (Iranian) theory that he was killed to prevent revelation of the big UAE/Israeli coup conspiracy plan for Yemen!

The latest Ziowahhabican treachery:  "Changes in the Military Situation in Syria: the New Position" (Lvov):
"The Syrians have clearly decided not to attempt to liberate Abu Kamal and are now trying to form up together with the column that is extending from Mayadin and is unable to cross the Euphrates. There is some logic in this: Abu Kamal is considered to be liberated territory and so it is possible to focus on more pressing dangers. There are not many militants in the city and along the river, but it is also true that the Syrians and their Shi’ite allies do not have enough troops in this region.

ISIS’ strengthening of its position here is clearly connected with the fact that almost a thousand of its militants (and maybe more) who were engaged in fighting the SDF on the left bank of the Euphrates have now been freed up. And something entirely predictable has happened there. Now ISIS has entered into a “cease-fire” with the Kurds and it is now able to regroup its forces – something the ISIS terrorists can do better than anyone else in this war.

On 29 November ISIS and the Kurds from the SDF signed a cease-fire agreement for a month, renewable, and declared that they intend it to stay in effect for approximately six months. The text of the agreement is available, and it has been confirmed as accurate by the most neutral parties in the region. Under the agreement ISIS will receive a corridor through the Kurdish zone and the ability to regroup its forces and concentrate them against a smaller number of opponents: Shi’ites, the Free Syrian Army, and Russian forces. Half a year will be plenty of time for ISIS to get its breath back and complete its evacuation without rushing things. The cease-fire could not have been concluded without the USA, of course. Given the escalation of the power struggle within the White House, only the CIA are in a position to “look after” the agreement between the Kurds and ISIS. The goal of these ‘curators’ is to be able to exert more pressure on Iran, Turkey and, indirectly, on Russia.

It is entirely possible that the “curators” are among those who are preparing a future confrontation with Iran that Saudi Arabia, without even trying to hide the fact, is seeking. That is why it is impossible to exclude Saudi interests (and, thus, Israeli interests) when considering this “cease-fire”. The Turks also are losing out as a result of the cease-fire. The Kurds are being enabled to transfer their forces from the South to the North and make Turkish expansion into Kurdish regions practically impossible. The “cease-fire” is thus a blow against the interests of all the members of the “Astana” coalition."
and (fallout from, and payback for, Turkish irredentist - Greater Turkey! - operations in stirring up Muslim trouble in western China!):
"And on top of everything else, a new player has appeared in the Syrian theatre of war: China. ‘Night Tigers’- Chinese anti-terrorism divisions – have arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus, as the Turkish journalist Mete Sohtaoğlu informs us. According to him these Chinese troops are already in the Syrian port of Tartus. Earlier there were reports that the Chinese Minister of Defence plans to send Chinese special forces to Syria (two well-known forces- the “Siberian Tigers” and the “Night Tigers”) to fight against terrorists from the East Turkestan Islamist movement. If that is true then it is now clear who may get the lion’s share of contracts in connection with the rebuilding of Syria."
"The Tangled Threads of Russia-gate" (Parry).  The greater narrative of Trump as Putin's long-planned puppet sails through, untouched, despite the fact that each 'scoop' of minor functionaries arranging Russian contacts with Trump or his campaign undermines it.

"Wategate Deja Vu and Fake News by Publius Tacitus".

"Election Theft in Honduras" (Sterling).  "Is the Honduran Election Being Stolen Eight Years after U.S.-Backed Coup?" (Kolhatkar).  "Honduras police refuse crackdown on protesters".  Another case where the police refused orders:  "Carnation Revolution".

"WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela" (Johnson). "Corruption and sabotage in Venezuela's oil industry: substantive issues (special analysis)" (Antonopoulos).

"Slapstick In Kiev" (Moon)!  "Fly Face vs Mucous Face" (West).  "VIDEO: Saakashvili threatens to jump off roof in Kiev before being detained" (from the comments, 'sorostitutes').  No cookies this time, or, as yet, false flag sniper shots:  "Maidan 2.0: The slow moving and more authentic Ukrainian uprising" (Garrie).

"DOUBLE STANDARD: The Hill refuses to publish column about USS Liberty".

"Trump’s Biggest Donor Pushed For Jerusalem Embassy Move" (Clifton).  Adelson, but the guy who wrecks Trump's Presidency will probably be Kushner.

"The Dog That Did Bark, But Just Once (So Far)" (Sailer).  Sailer's point is that male homosexual sexual interest in teen-aged boys - the Mann/Visconti 'Death in Venice' stuff - is normal male homosexual behavior which has been whitewashed out by the PR campaign as it is unacceptable to the average person.  I have no idea whether this is true, but the conspiracy angle that the 'normalization' of homosexuality is part of an organized media/entertainment campaign is undeniable.  The 'liberal' shibboleth is that protecting an identifiable group from 'hate' and its perhaps violent repercussions is worth the risk to a group subject to possible predation.

"“Moneybull”: An Inquiry Into Media Manipulation" (Griffin).  Interesting case study of how 'Hollywood' fixes the facts of the story told in a movie - which is supposed to be based on what actually happened - to subtly mold public opinion along certain lines.

"Gizmodo Echoes Naked Capitalism: “Don’t Buy Anyone an Echo”" (Smith).  There is no chance - zero! - that all this recording isn't going directly to the NSA.

For those who say this Hollywood gossip doesn't apply to real-world victims:  "Today's Blind Items - The Boys Club" (CDaN).  Guesses (referring to "Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard Hit With New Sex Abuse Lawsuit"; see also the Travolta/Scientologist blind item and remember that Travolta has a spectacularly un-PC theory - almost mikepencean - of how, and by whom, he was 'turned'):
"BC: Gary Goddard
A list director: Bryan Singer
A list actor: Kevin Spacey"
One of Singer's parents is dying, presumably of mortification.

 "Jane Seymour claims 'she was sexually assaulted by Hollywood legend Ray Stark at his home before revealing her own son was recently roofied at a film premiere by a powerful male publicist'".
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