Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bounce the whiteman

"US Military Intelligence Has “Weaponized Democracy” Worldwide" (Korybko).

"NATO’s Fraudulent War on Behalf of Women" (Szamuely).  "Serbia’s Sovereignty as a Nation State: “A Policy of Complete Surrender”. Kosovo and EU Integration" (Trifkovic).

"Your King Husayn" (Angry Arab), linking to:  "JFK files: CIA lined up actress for date with Jordan's King Hussein during visit to United States" (read the whole thing):
"Eager to please the young leader of a promising potential ally in the Middle East, the CIA enlisted the help of billionaire Howard Hughes’s longtime fixer to find women for Jordan’s King Hussein, according to documents recently made public.

That help for Hussein during his spring 1959 trip to the United States, newly released documents from the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy show, likely turned into a relationship between Hussein and B-movie actress Susan Cabot that may have produced the son who eventually beat Cabot to death in 1986."
Is your child texting about decolonialization?

Asignmetrical warfare:  "DC Council renames street in front of Russian Embassy after Putin critic" and "Turkey-UAE Spat Escalates: Ankara Rename Abu Dhabi Embassy’s Street".

"Well, no one thought the Turks were subtle ... And I like Turks." (Lang).

"Ecuador Grants Citizenship To Julian Assange Amid "Threats To His Life"" (Durden).  It would not shock me if Trump quietly ordered the sniveling Brits to honor the passport by looking the wrong way at the appropriate time.

"Senate Democrats accuse Russia of ‘assault on democracy’ in conspiracy-laden report".

"Israeli think-tank: US-Israel should arm terrorists against Iran" (Angry Arab).  "War propaganda" (Robinson).

"Canadian Research Adds to Worry Over an Environmental Threat the Pentagon Has Downplayed for Decades". 

"“Dishonest” and “Disgraceful” – Monsanto Attempts to Gain Backdoor EU Entry for Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods" (Todhunter).  'Biofortified'.

"Saudi prince 'fired after audio tape contradicts state'".

"As ambitious as Lucifer" - Nimrata Randhawa, your next US President!

"SF cop who hunted Zodiac killer dies. Dave Toschi was 86".
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