Monday, January 22, 2018

Cleft stick

"FEATURE: Why it is laughable the Kurds blame Russia for the predicament they find themselves in northern Syria" (Antonopoulos).  The conspiracy theory that Russia and Turkey cooked something up after the Kurds refused to listen to reason (the headline is the opposite of the content).  Everybody counts on the fact that the Americans will commit just enough to cause problems, but not enough to solve them.

"WAIT, WHAT?! Kurdish forces choose to stand alone, then blames Russia for the Turkish invasion of Afrin" (Antonopoulos).  The Kurds had a clear choice, Russia-Iran-Syria or the Ziowahhabicans, and they chose wrong, no doubt whatsoever because their leaders have been bribed and blackmailed, as usual.

"US caught in a cleft stick in northern Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Russia-Iran-Syria simply ride out the geopolitical realities to success, while the US, under the wise leadership of slumlord President Kushner and the help of some bribed Kurds, bets the farm on hopeless Yinonization.

Do the Kurds in Syria seriously think there is the slightest possibility that the Turks will permit a Yinon-style Kurdish statelet next door to Kurdish areas of Turkey, where it will serve as a constant provocation towards the creation of Greater Kurdistan and the consequent destruction of Turkey?  The Kurds have fought so bravely and are now being betrayed by crooked political leadership, just like in Iraq.

"Is A “Great War” on Israel’s Horizon?" (Salt).  Unless you believe in some weird mystical shit, the Khazar murder and land theft project in the Middle East is so preposterous that it has to blow up at some time, and that time is approaching.

"Manhattan DA raids Newsweek headquarters".  Jang.

"Palestine, Israel, the US, and How the South Pacific Countries Are Selling Their Votes" (Vitchek).  Canada is known as the Palau of the North.  We write that on the paper bags we all wear on our heads to hide our embarrassment at our beshekeled 'leaders'.

Wtf?:  "Teachers who commit certain forms of sexual abuse allowed to keep their licences".  Very Canadian to protect the 'rights' of the kinder, gentler, poetic pedos.

We've reached the clumsy cover-up stage of 'it's not the crime, it's the cover-up':  "FBI "Loses" Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents".

It's Trump's day-to-day work in the Koch trenches that ensure he won't be impeached:  "Trump Sets Records for Seating Federal Judges".  This is also the direct result of the tragic and evil Democrat decision to try to force Killary to a Presidency.

"Four For Friday - It's About "Time" - A Himmmm Blind Item"  (CDaN).  This is about the most notorious of the alleged Hollywood pedos, Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon, a constant figure in the gossip blinds for preying on under-aged female actors in children's programming, but interestingly pulls Summer Redstone into the story to explain why he is so bafflingly untouchable.
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