Saturday, January 13, 2018


This is one of the most egregious and outrageous examples of Khazar manipulation of governments and oppression of human beings that I have ever seen:  "Updated: French courts drop terror allegations against Ottawa prof Hassan Diab"  and "'We're all at risk': Hassan Diab's lawyer on what's wrong with Canada's extradition system".  These goddamn fuckers have had a completely innocent man in jail for years because it suits the Pure Evil narrative of their supremacism!  We're all at risk as long as we tolerate rule by Khazars!

Note that Trudeau, who swans around in a cloud of Bronfman shekels, and who has done sweet fuck all to help Diab, is now trying to appropriate some credit for this!

Exactly the same trickery has restarted in Argentina: "Jewish prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered, Argentine federal judge rules".

With cases like Diab and Assange, we need a new underground railroad to move victims of injustice away from their oppressors.

Related:  "Sessions creates team to focus on Hezbollah financing and drugs".

"Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to ‘Israel’s might’– Roger Cohen" (Weiss).  It is just another manifestation of supremacism - to save a Khazar hangnail we're morally entitled to slaughter the rest of the world.

It seems like half of WSWS is now dedicated to outrage over #metoo, not a good look for them, and one which greatly diminishes their credibility on what is supposed to be their focus:  "Washington Post columnist goes after Woody Allen’s “lechery”".  Faced with the Great Shiksa Pogrom of 2017-18, I can only ask the obvious question, who funds WSWS?

Despite all the phony concerns about 'due process' - which doesn't even apply, as I see none of these guys in court - it is difficult not to notice that the three big fish, Allen, Geffen, and Spielberg, still walk free.  "Four For Friday - Someone Help Me" (CDaN).  Guesses:  "Ariana Richards (Lex/"Jurassic Park")/Steven Spielberg".

Trump is an insane, senile, monster and any power he has is a threat to human civilization, except when it is time to dole out more power:  "The Same Democrats Who Denounce Donald Trump as a Lawless, Treasonous Authoritarian Just Voted to Give Him Vast Warrantless Spying Powers" (Greenwald).

"Why ‘Coercive Diplomacy’ is a Dangerous Farce" (Porter).  Part of Imperial Decline is that you think you have to act like an asshole and get everything you want by obviously pushing people around, or everybody will think that you have lost your power and are weak.  The paradox is that consistent misfires of this strategy lead everybody to that conclusion anyway.

"North Korea Is Walking Back War – And Pundits Are Strangely Disappointed" (Feffer).  Disappointment background, Weiss, from 2007:  "30 Years Ago, Neocons Were More Candid About Their Israel-Centered Views".  The same small group from the stink-tanks are all in favor of American militarism, warmongering, and wars for the simple reason that these things are thought to be 'good for the Jews'.

"The Times discovers ‘the best interests of the American people’ in the Russia case" (Weiss/Johnson).

"‘Curricularizing Israel’– the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools".  Note that the underlying assumption is that American Jews, and only American Jews, are going to save the Israelis and the Palestinians and the world from the evils of Zionism, if only there wasn't some shekel push-back by the Jewish billionaires, the essential Weissian lite-Zionist lie which is intended to buy time for more killing and land theft.

"Meet Hen Mazzig, Israel’s “guru” of grotesque behavior" (Cronin).  Hasbara has been such an abject failure I'm inclined to let them have at it.  Supremacists are always their own worst enemies as their supremacism hides their own problems from them.
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