Saturday, January 27, 2018

Flipped photos

Things are much worse than you can imagine - the police and politicians, they took the shekels!:  "Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, police say" (laughing emphasis in red):
"“I believe they were targeted,” Det.-Sgt. Gomes told reporters packed into a news conference at police headquarters. Police have readily obtained some electronic and other information but are having difficulty retrieving everything they want from the Apotex head office."
It's good to laugh:
"The veteran detective would not reveal any information about suspects, persons of interest, or possible motives. She did reiterate that there was no sign of forced entry into their home, information consistent with what police said in the hours after the bodies were found. The house was for sale in December and police are in the process of speaking to anyone who had access to the home. It is no longer for sale.

“We haven’t developed any suspects, outside of understanding that people are outstanding for — or a person is outstanding for — this offence.”"
An excellent sign in an investigation is when the 'victim's' own company refuses to cooperate - that's how you know you are on the right track!:
"But police have been stymied in some situations where they have sought warrants.

“Legal complexities in some executions have been challenging given the litigious nature of Barry Sherman’s businesses, in particular the search and seizure of electronics in Barry Sherman’s workspace at Apotex,” Gomes added."
"CEO of Barry Sherman-founded Apotex resigns 'to pursue other opportunities'':
"Desai has been caught up in a legal dispute with Apotex competitor Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. over trade secrets that his romantic partner, then-Teva employee Barinder Sandhu, allegedly leaked to him, allegations that have not been proven in court and that Apotex has filed a motion to dismiss. The case is currently in the pre-trial discovery phase.

Israel-based Teva filed the complaint in July, claiming Sandhu had been improperly using cloud storage, USB keys and other methods to transfer confidential documents from her work computer to Desai.

Teva alleges those documents included a communication from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about Product X, a generic drug it was developing. Teva alleges Desai and other Apotex employees circulated the document and discussed how to use it to improve sales of a competing product."
Teva.  Now I'm thinking it was a Mossad hit, but the Mossad wouldn't have been quite so gothic in the murder scene setting!  Your real options are:
  1. random, experienced, psychopath (fits, but extremely unlikely);
  2. professional hit man hired by enraged family members or enraged competitors or enraged family members of child victim of Apotex medical testing (fits the lack of forensic evidence, but definitely does not fit the crime scene);
  3. crazed attack by justifiably enraged family member (fits the crime scene but not the lack of forensics);
  4. murder-suicide by real sicko who is in the medical-legal textbooks as a Mengele-level example of what not to do in experiments on children (fits everything to a tee!).
Basically, the Toronto police got it right, until the shekels flew, and they had to embarrass themselves.

"The not-so-secret life of Mathilde Krim" (Weiss):
"Mathilde Krim was a person of depth, intrigue and compassion. Born Mathilde Galland in 1926 in Italy to parents of Swiss, Italian and Austrian background, she moved with her family to Switzerland as a girl and went on to be a brilliant student, earning a Ph. D. in genetics from the University of Geneva.

When she learned about the Holocaust as a teenager, Krim identified with Jews. She felt as she did for AIDS victims 40 years on, a need to protect them against bigotry, abandonment, and rejection from the wider community.

These feelings led Krim to support Zionist militants during and after the war.
So, basically, 'depth, intrigue and compassion' means that she fucked Lyndon Johnson while Lady Byrd had a 'headache' so that Johnson would look the other way while Khazars killed people and stole their lands.  I'm starting to think I give Weiss far, far too much credit (though he does link Cobban).  The sympathy for this bizarre monster - "Krim saw him as a “dashing and heroic figure” dedicated to a noble cause that had used terrorism to achieve its ends" - makes the whole piece reek of violent, racist group supremacism.  I give Weiss credit for noticing the conspiracy angles of the Kennedy-Johnson situation, with Johnson installed by the Zionists as protection from the Khazar-skeptical Kennedy (this is the origin of the Mossad conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, with Johnson, for example, immediately allowing the Israeli nuclear program).

Time, again, for the cartoon.

"What Happens When Jews are Placed in Charge of WW II Civilians" (Bacon).

There's a theme today:  "Israel lobbyists caught in Presidents Club sexual harassment scandal" (Aked).

""British-Israelism to Christian Identity & the Palestine Campaign:  How Jewish Behavior Alienates its most Fervent Supporters" (V. de Camp).  American white nationalist view of Christian Identity.

"Senior Israeli Official Mocked for Bizarre Claim That Detained Palestinian Teen Is a Paid Actor" (Mackey).  Note the first comment, linking here.  The comments are a fascinating compendium of hasbara agents and 'woke' people.
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