Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Let’s make that very clear

"Iran - Few Protests - Some Riots - U.S. Prepares The Next Phase" (Moon).  Strikingly similar to Color Revolution techniques used in Syria (and elsewhere).  You build on some actual populist protests, containing legitimate progressives who want reform but not regime change (there is a legitimate case for reform away from neoliberalism in Iran, exactly as there was in Syria).  Once the real protesters have had their say, and are turned off by the suspicious types who seem to be hijacking the protests, you turn to professional agents provocateurs who transform the protests into riots and violent attacks against property and police (including Maidan-style false-flag attacks on civilians).  All the while, the (((media))) creates the impression through its usual lying that the protests are much more significant than they really are.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (and following tweets:  "Bill Kristol is not advocating to kill anyone. Let’s make that very clear"):
"Bill Kristol, at his TV home (MSNBC), prances around feigning concern for The Iranian People. @tparsi rudely reminds everyone Kristol has long advocated dropping bombs on The Iranian People. MSNBC host angrily intervenes to defend Kristol. This is 2017"
Robert Parry has some lame excuse for not recently publishing a huge article every day on #Russiagate, and turns philosophical.

The unspeakable three things of interest about #Russiagate:
  1. the fact that the hack was a leak and the identity of the leaker (i.e., the uninvestigated assassination of Seth Rich);
  2. the fact that we have good evidence that FBI employees were actively working as agents for the Clinton campaign in leaking dirt to both the media and members of Congress (referred to here);
  3. the fact that somebody with Hillary connections going back to the Rose Law Firm - and there are way, way too many conspiratorial connections throughout for any of this to be a coincidence - appears to have been extremely involved, probably with the Obama Administration and maybe Barry his own self, in creating most of the basis of #Russiagate (referred to here).
The two other striking things are that while Trump surely has a lot of real dirt to examine, the Clintonistas and FBI have concentrated entirely on made-up stuff (presumably because the real dirt implicates 'donors' associated with life-long Democrat Trump), and that none of the interesting unspeakable issues have made it very far in even the alternative media.

The manufactured oppo also made its way into the FBI materials to obtain the FISA warrant for Page.  Judges don't look kindly on being lied to, even in a rubber-stamp situation.  Thus the need to turn the spotlight from Page to Papadopoulos.

A lot of the paradoxes of #Russiagate derive directly from the fact that the oppo was developed as part of an emergency strategy, only to be used if Trump was doing particularly well (likely due to Clinton having an unhideable medical emergency), and was never actively used as the Clinton campaign anticipated a landslide win for Clinton well into the evening of voting day.  The oppo has now been repurposed from emergency PR should Killary have a public fit, to the basis for an affadavit in the FISA warrant against Page, to some kind of Hail-Mary Trump-removal scheme, or at least a political check on the exercise of his powers as President.  That's some good oppo!

"Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords To Yahoo Account Hacked By Russian With Odd Clinton Connection" (Durden):
"While Clinton and Abedin woefully mishandled classified information, they were never prosecuted - after an investigation led by disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok determined that Clinton's behavior did not warrant litigation. "We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private email accounts of individuals with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her private account," said former FBI director Jim Comey in the agency's exoneration of the former Secretary of State.

In this case, the "hostile actor" was none other than a man employed by the very bank Bill Clinton gave a 2010 speech to for a cool half-million dollars. What a small world!"
"Bridgewater Executive And Family Killed In Costa Rica Plane Crash"(Durden).  The conspiracy theory floating around is that this, and the Sherman hangings, are part of a campaign to remove 'donors'.

'Anti-Semitic shit' from @a (Andrew Torba) at Gab.
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