Friday, January 26, 2018


"Devin Nunes Refuses Senators' Request To Examine Bombshell FISA Memo" (Durden).  You would have to think they are doing this dance of the seven veils to create more interest in the material when they do release it, or alternatively, they can't release it due to the blackmail-rich environment of the Senate with the FBI having huge J. Edgar files on all these characters.

"The Presidents Club - Here Comes the Israeli Connection" (Atzmon).  The untold - but you might have guessed! - story of groperama.

"Patrick Brown’s downfall an affront to fairness" (DiManno).  Brown, no doubt after a heart-to-heart with his 'donors', was going to tough it out (just like Franken), but when his four chief political advisers found out the facts, they immediately resigned en masse!  I'm going to take a wild guess that the story told by the predictably awful DiManno is the tip of some sordid iceberg, a 'limited hangout' concocted in some Conservative backroom.

"How the New York Times phrases Israeli orders to kill Arab civilians" (Angry Arab).

"Killing Yasser Arafat: Mossad propaganda in the New York Times" (Angry Arab).  "Israel had plan to shoot down passenger plane to kill Arafat, book claims".

We're reached Peak Jared:  "‘We’re going to have nothing to do with (peace process) any longer’ — Trump threatens Palestinians" (Weiss).  "Trump kicked the Islamic world in the teeth today, and loved doing it." (Lang).  "Lucky Pence" (Atzmon):  "cut the goy in the middle".

"Turkey Accuses White House Of Lying In Trump-Erdogan Readout" (Durden).  A striking sign of loss of imperial power when your vassals won't quietly tolerate your bullshit.

"Turkey Re-Enters Syrian Endgame with ‘Smart Power’" (Bhadrakumar) (the Khazars sent their traitor-in-place to try to get Syria re-Yinonized):
"Interestingly, the Turkish national security council’s announcement recasting the raison d’etre of the military operation took into account discussions in Ankara earlier in the day with a visiting US delegation comprising military and intelligence officials and led by Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Jonathan Cohen."
"Syria’s Kurds are Now Sharing the Sorry Fate of Most Washington’s Allies" (Berger).  So obvious at this point that there just has to be blackmail money flowing in large quantities to Kurdish 'leaders'.  Nobody can be that stupid.  Evidence that there are rifts in the Kurds:  "Assad says government armed Kurdish group in Syria’s north".

"Ex-President Lula’s Corruption Conviction Is Upheld by Brazilian Appeals Court. Now What?" (Demori, Fishman). "Undeterred by failed appeal, Brazil’s Lula vows to run in presidential election".

"3 Alcatraz inmates survived 1962 escape, swam to land, letter suggests".  Brazil (from 2015):  "EXCLUSIVE: Alcatraz escapees 'had wives and children in Brazil', their family claims - and they want their sentences commuted so they can 'come home' after 53 years".

"13 Years After Ray Gricer's Disappearance, the District Attorney's Case Is Still a Mystery".
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