Sunday, January 14, 2018

Menschian / mostly just depressing / Groyper

Just watch - the phony Hawaiian scare will now be used as an excuse for WWIII on the basis that Americans have a right not to be scared by bullshit, so the American government has to act to remove the plausibility of a North Korean missile threat.

It's almost as if Nash or Gillray or Rowlandson were still around, a new golden age of cartooning.

In case you are not keeping up, when Matt Furie made an intellectual property claim to Pepe, the alt right largely switched to Groyper.

Wikipedia has inspired various, superior, parody sites:  "Windians".

Stink tanks can't possibly win any argument on the merits, so they use their political power to shut down venues of dissent:  "Neocon Think Tanks Not Russian Media Are the Enemy Within" (Wight).

"Moby's "CIA Friends" Asked Him To Spread Word Of Trump-Russia Collusion On Facebook" (Durden).  'Menschian'!

"Democrat Senators publish a deeply disturbing and profoundly racist report about Russia" (Mercouris).  Dossier problems seem to have led to a doubling down on the McCarthyism.

"WSJ Calls For End To Trump Dossier "Silly Season" - Declassify It & Let The Public Decide" (Strassel).  Shockingly woke from the WSJ!

The best of the best on #Russiagate:
  1. "Did President Obama Read the ‘Steele Dossier’ in the White House Last August?" (Smith);
  2. "The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”…." (sundance); and
  3. "Did Glenn Simpson Lie to Congress?" (Smith).
I wonder why Smith is so uniquely excellent on this issue while normally being a crude Zionist propagandist.  For example:
"For if the FBI and Department of Justice used a piece of opposition research paid for by a political campaign as evidence for a warrant to intercept the communications of a rival campaign—and the questions asked by congressional investigators suggest they did—then we are now living in a very different America than the one that generations of civil libertarians and small-government conservatives alike desired to maintain, and which large majorities in Congress have repeatedly voted for. The DOJ, the FBI and perhaps the CIA would be embroiled in a scandal likely to have long-lasting and sweeping consequences for intelligence collection, national security, and the safety and privacy of American citizens, to say nothing of how it will demoralize federal law enforcement, which will appear to be mired in partisanship and political corruption.
Even more disconcerting is the increasing likelihood that the Steele dossier was used as a platform for a Russian information operation, which successfully managed to leverage nearly the entire American press corps and sections of the security bureaucracy toward the goal of encouraging Americans to rip their own country apart."
See also:  "Politicizing Steele’s Raw, Unverified ‘Intelligence’" (McCarthy).

"Neo-Nazi behind Daily Stormer website Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer 'is of Jewish descent, his mother says'".  Weev's extreme technical prowess is what has kept The Daily Stormer on the internet during the unprecedented multi-faceted attack against it.  The interesting issue is whether the fact that so many 'neo-Nazi' leaders turn out to be Jews is some kind of weird 'self-hating' psychology, or an actual conspiracy to create a fake enemy to complain about.

""We Know Who They Are": Putin Claims "State Provocateur" Behind "Terrorist Drones" In Syria" (Durden).  The list would be the US itself, or Britain (working out of Cyprus), or Israel.

"Venezuelan Food Company Caught Burying Alive Millions of Chicks".  There are some interesting issues concerning the class cohesiveness of the 0.1%.  Big Venezuelan companies are so concerned about removing socialism that they are willing to forgo considerable profits as part of the conspiracy.  "Western Journalists Threaten Venezuela" (Emersberger).

"Trump Turns on Pakistan" (Margolis).  As usual, Zionism clearly interfering with real American national interests.

"Great Moments in Google: “American Inventors”–Almost All Black" (Sailer, from September):  "Bing’s list is more fun than Google’s, which is mostly just depressing."  This kind of thing should give us all pause, as we automatically assume the objectivity of search results.  The algorithms are powered by peanut butter.

'Shithole' Haitians are still being punished for having the temerity to revolt in 1804!:  "No Regrets for Making Haiti a 'Shithole'?" (Sanders).

"Blind Item #9 - Trafficking" (CDaN).  Note the link to Aangirfan in the comments (and other surprisingly woke areas of discussion), as gossip crosses paths with our kind of stuff!

"Why is Qatar being blockaded and isolated?"  Note the author!!!  This is completely out of sync with the usual pro-Saudi, anti-Muslim-Brotherhood slant of current Zionist PR.

"Liberal Zionists can’t talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi" (North/Weiss).

"NOTHING FUNNY: Disgusting Pictures of Comedian Jerry Seinfeld at ‘Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp’ in Occupied West Bank".

"How anyone who questions the White Helmets narrative became victims of the Guardian propaganda machine" (catte).  Monbiot is lower than whale shit, just another vile supremacist hiding behind another issue, in this case environmentalism.  "Request to Guardian for response & right of reply to Solon White Helmets article".  "The Guardian, White Helmets, and Silenced Comment" (Hayward).

"The Persecution of Julian Assange" (Roberts).  White hat.

"Two party system".

"And Then They Came for James Franco … " (Sailer).  The standard cynical conservative comment on many of these revelations (which isn't to say that it is wrong - see also):
"It’s that second movie I signed a contract to do full nudity in for you that was really exploitative. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me for not going to the NYT earlier."
Professional 'feminists' are creating a complex guide to male-female relations based on body parts and geographical location (after you pay for three martinis you may graze the knee in the bar), while somehow completely ignoring the power relationships that surely are the real heart of #metoo.  "What the actual fuck is this."  Were I a conspiracy theorist I'd almost be inclined to think they were intentionally hiding the real issues.
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