Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Not remotely credible

"Russian army repels attack by 13 militant drones on its Syrian compounds - MoD":
"Russian military have repelled a massive drone attack on its bases in Syria, which was carried out by militants, Moscow said. The extremists may have been aided by a “technologically advanced state,” it added."
Added:  "Israel attacks Syria with jets and ground-to-ground missiles, claims Syrian army".

Marshall, unsuccessfully and comically trying to handle the paradox of why Trump, who supposedly had all these high-level crooked and treasonous contacts with Russia, ended up having to use ridiculous staff members to make ridiculous contacts with ridiculous Russians:
"To me the sheer ubiquity of approaches to the Trump campaign – the significance of which the Trumpers constantly deny – actually tells us this. (I’m actually surprised the smarter ones haven’t made this point. It’s not exonerating. But it is complicating.) If Trump and Putin had an understanding going in – you do this and I’ll do that in return – do you really need operatives courting Trump’s doofus foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos in London. Or having Trump’s oligarch friend’s publicist setting up a meeting with Don Jr. and a lawyer most known for working to overturn the sanctions tied to the Magnitskey Act? These are clearly overtures, dangles as intelligence professionals call them – almost all of which got a positive response. If the plan is set, you shouldn’t need so many of what amount to cold approaches like this.

On the other hand, Trump’s connections to Russia, Russian money and the machinations of Putin-aligned oligarchs runs so deep, it is simply not credible to imagine that these pre-existing relationships with Russia and Russian money is unrelated to what happened in 2016. Not remotely credible."
"Russiagate Turns On Its Originators" (Roberts).

"Ahed Tamimi’s Arrest Sheds a Disturbing Light on How Children are Targeted By Israel" (Cook).

"Let the two-state solution die a natural death" (Falk).

"Breaking Down Bannon's Betrayal Of Trump".  Korybko accepts the entire Trump/Bannon/Wolff story at face value.  Note that Bannon has apologized for his attack on Don Jr. (or rather claims he was misquoted), but not for his attack on Javanka.  I seriously doubt that there has actually been a falling out between Bannon and Mercer, but letting that be the story allows Mercer to avoid taking blame for any fallout of the kayfabe.

"Kushner family’s extensive business ties with Israel deepen: Report".

"IN DEPTH: Haley's massive UN fail over imaginary Iran crisis" (Flores):
"The optimal script was that the US was supposed to have some sort of false flag successfully executed, snipers on roof tops, something that would produce protester fatalities. But as it's been demonstrated historically, the US generally goes on ahead with the various moving parts of its plans even though critical pieces failed to fall into place. So they roll these out in a hedged form."
With all the virtue signalling at the Golden Globes, they hilariously gave a major award to the notorious James Franco, and, even more spectacularly, honored Kirk Douglas!!! It would have been less offensive to honor Weinstein, who may be a terrible rapist, but at least, as far as we know, hasn't actually murdered any of his victims.  The people who run 'Hollywood' just sent an unambiguous message that no amount of slogans, pins, and black dresses is going to change the fact that the power over careers still rests with the same small group who are going to continue to humiliate, rape and, yes, murder, with impunity.
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