Thursday, January 18, 2018


"UK Government Denies Failing To Protect Nuclear Scientist Stabbed To Death In Suspected Kremlin Hit".  "The Man Who Knew Too Much".

If you didn't suffer from Putin Derangement Syndrome - connected directly to those warmongering for WWIII - one immediate question would pop to mind - if Putin is going around killing all these people, why is British intelligence and the British establishment going so far out of its way to cover up all these deaths?  Think about it - the scientist who identified the polonium that allegedly killed Litvinenko was immediately sent on an unrelated (?) task at the same Russian faculty that they claim was the source of the polonium, then came home and almost immediately suicided himself in a suspicious way.  All these deaths look exactly like MI6 cleaning up its own messes (which completely explains all the cover-ups).

If you read the second piece carefully it appears Puncher became aware he had erred in the frame-up of Russia for Litvinenko, thus requiring MI6 to remove him from the picture before he talked. That makes him just another honest scientist, like David Kelly, killed by British intelligence to remove a dangerous loose end.  They've now even got BuzzFeed to false-flag it!

Also don't forget all the dead Russian diplomats.

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