Monday, January 22, 2018

Russia shop

"The CIA Bull In Glenn Simpson’s Russia Shop" (Helmer).  This is very good, clear in a way you don't normally see.  Note that, just as you would expect, Trump is getting no help at all from his Republican colleagues in the IC attacks on him, with obvious questions passed up (and related is the strange disinclination to release even parts of the FISA memo).  Everybody is afraid of the IC.

Simpson had trouble marketing his Russia-bashing product until Trump came along.

"Was Lynch coordinating with Comey in the Clinton investigation?"  Note how Strzok directly connects the necessity of clearing Killary of her email problems to the Trump ascendancy!

Trump created all kinds of strange rifts in the American power structure, and we're finding out about this due to ongoing turf wars between the NSA, CIA, and FBI.  In particular, CIA attacks on the NSA/Pentagon, using various owned 'journalists', has revealed a lot of shit.

"Does This Man Know More Than Robert Mueller?"  It's complicated.  I see Greenwald, the Intercept, and Snowden as CIA (sometimes disguised by mild attacks on the CIA), which means they oppose the New Cold War/WWIII, not for reasons of sanity or pacifism, but as the liberal side of the CIA perceives the New Cold War as a strengthening of the Pentagon at the expense of the CIA.  Everything is a turf war, and sanity sometimes creeps in between the cracks.
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