Thursday, January 25, 2018

Secret society

Wow!:  "Patrick Brown resigns as PC leader amid sexual misconduct allegations".  It was looking like he was going to be the next premier of Ontario in four months, which would have been a disaster. 

"The politics behind Turkey's Afrin operation" (Dalay):
"The fact that the US held onto and further deepened its alliance with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the backbone of which is formed by the YPG, in the post-IS period has dispelled any expectation in Ankara for a US change of heart vis a vis the Syrian Kurds.

Ankara has seen this US–Syrian Kurdish partnership evolving into a more strategic alliance rather than being just a marriage of convenience.

Turkey sees the recent open-ended commitment of the US to maintain a military force in Syria and desire to create a 30,000-strong border force (a significant chunk of which is projected to come from the Kurdish YPG) in this light.

Rather than trying to convince Americans to deal with the Syrian Kurds, this has led Turkey to explore other options, particularly with Russia, much more vigorously. Turkey's ongoing Afrin operation is a case in point.

This operation was, therefore, unlikely to be undertaken without a green light from Moscow. Russia effectively controls Afrin's airspace. Therefore, without Russian permission, Turkish jet would not have been able to undertake the aerial bombardment of Afrin province.

The question then is what motivated Russian acquiescence to the operation? Multiple factors seem to have played a role in the Russian stance. First, Russia, Turkey and Iran started a parallel process to ongoing peace talks in Geneva with the aim of finding a settlement to the Syrian crisis through talks in Astana, which are soon expected to give way to the Sochi congress.

While the Astana talks were designed to deal primarily with the military aspects of the Syrian crisis, the Sochi congress is projected to deal with the political process in Syria.

Turkey's participation is crucial for this process to move forward. In fact, given that both Russia and Iran have been steadfast supporters of the Assad regime, it is the participation of Turkey as a main backer of the opposition that gave legitimacy and credibility to this Russian-led parallel processes.

Thus, it is crucial for Russia to keep Turkey in the game, particularly for the upcoming Sochi meeting. Second, by allowing Turkey to hit the US's primary partner in Syria, Russia wants to embarrass the United States. The language of the Russian officials since the start of the operation clearly suggests that this is the goal.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov very much put the blame for this recent crisis on the shoulders of the US – and especially for their projection of staying in Syria for the long-term and of creating a border force in SDF-held areas, which Russia sees as a clear attempt by the US to create an alternative form of authority in Syria.

Third, through this operation, Russia seems to be extracting concessions both from the PYD and Turkey on behalf of the Syrian government. A weakened PYD in the northwestern part of Syria will be more amenable to the Russian preference for allowing the government to take control of Afrin and its surrounding areas.

In fact, many high-ranking PYD–YPG officials have already said publicly that Russia has asked them to hand over the control of these areas to the government – an offer which they refused.

On the other hand, the mechanism behind this recent operation is partially reminiscent of Turkey's previous Euphrates Shield operation. Given that Turkey's return to the Syrian scene was very much contingent upon its patching up relations with Moscow after Turkey shot down a Russian jet in November 2015, the nature and limits of Turkey's Euphrates Shield Operation was very much shaped by Russian preferences.

The price that Turkey had to pay for this operation was its tacit consent to the fall of Aleppo to government forces. This dynamic seems to be repeating itself in this latest operation as well. The price of the Afrin operation appears to be acquiescing to the Russian and the Syrian government design for eastern Idlib."
It would be helpful if analysts could at least mention that the baffling American policies are due to President Jared enforcing Yinon.

"When it comes to Davos, it’s inequality, stupid" (Escobar).  The one thing they can't seriously discuss.

No Peruvians or people over 6'8" were cited in the article on Greenwald.  Oh, and #Russiagate is real, but it's a secret which Americans will learn about just as soon as Mueller gets around to it.  "All Glenn Greenwald’s Women" (Wheeler).  Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome is a much more serious disease than we thought.

"Dark Money, Not Russia, May Be the Best Way to Explain Trump's Win" (Taylor).  This, unlike the link above, is smart and not at all alzheimer-y, but still maintains the political consultant line that money paid to political operators is essential to win (remember that Khazar donations fed back through Khazar-owned media outlets is the mathematics of Zionist control over the US).  Of course, off-the-books payments in politics that don't have anything to do with winning used to be called bribes.

"Iran seizes bombs, explosives in Saudi terror plot". People who live in glass houses . . . just sayin'.

"Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed" (Winstanley).  Remember that BDS is itself an ultra-Zionist scam, so this whole operation is intended to promote BDS.  Added background (choice links, almost impossible to find with a Google search):
  1. "Is the BDS Movement hijacked by Liberal Zionists?" (Watzal);
  2. "BDS: Can you spot the difference?" (Eisen);
  3. "BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again" (Atzmon).

"Whistleblower Confirms "Secret Society" Meetings Between FBI And DOJ To Undermine Trump" (Durden).  The 'secret society' revelation is concerning, to some:  "You Need To Watch This" (Marshall).

"Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, According To First Leak".  We probably shouldn't forget that this is a Republican in-house memo containing allegations, not evidence of anything, but both parties are doing a strange dance around it.

"WaPo Editor Blames Lack of US Leadership for Famine Caused by US Leadership" (Johnson).  Are these Washington imperialist 'journalists' so deranged that they actually believe their own bullshit, or do they think they are fooling anybody?

"US Relations with World’s Nations Are Collapsing" (Madsen).  This is oddly off from Madsen, the contentless shrieking I'd expect from the American mainstream media.

"We’re in for Another Kosher Super Bowl" (Dunphy).  Very Sailer-esque combination of racism and statistics.
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