Wednesday, January 10, 2018


"I lost so much money, I’m doing shows in Israel."

"Are Israeli Jews the Most Sadistic Butchers in the World?" (Bacon).

"'God Help Us if This Gets Out': The Full Transcript of Yair Netanyahu's Wild Tel Aviv Night".

Posted already, but a working link:  "Ahed Tamimi’s arrest sheds a disturbing light on how children are targeted by Israel" (Cook).  It is obvious that Israeli snipers are focusing on targeting Palestinian children, and are working their way through the Tamimi family, but we're told the unforgivable outrage is returning a slap.

"Surrounded by Neocons" (Giraldi).  Giraldi wouldn't have to keep writing this same column if this same small group of supremacists didn't have this same media outlet to promote the same type of horrible wars for the same horrible supremacist reasons Americans have already seen too much of.

Just what we need, the Latin neocon!:  "D-Day Venezuela".

"Dylan Farrow Asks Why Hollywood Says It’s #TimesUp For Everyone But Woody Allen".  I used to really like 'Manhattan' but now its just a combination of cringe-inducing and hilarious-in-the-wrong-places.  To a large extent he got away with it as he has always, even today, looked much younger than he actually is.

"New Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community".  I never realized these annoying people were pervs as well.

"Highly Classified Spy Satellite Is A "Total Loss" After SpaceX Mission Fails" and "Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms" (Durden).  Too bad they can't ask that rapscallion Putin, who could reliably launch their spy satellites.  Note that the plan is to have Musk, in his never-ending grifting, murder astronauts to be sent to the space station.  We have to entertain the possibility that all the weird contradictory statements are actually hiding the fact that the satellite was launched successfully (but why, given that the big intelligence players should be able to identify it in the sky, unless of course it is up there to do something illegal under international law?).

The "technologically advanced state" referred to yesterday?:  ""A Strange Coincidence": US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack" (Durden).  Curiously, another example of asymmetrical warfare that is surely going to come around to bite the American Empire on the ass.

"Top 10 Revelations From Leaked Fusion GPS Testimony" (Durden):
"After Senator Dianne Feinstein leaked the transcripts of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's Congressional testimony - tainting every single witness from here on out who can now corroborate their testimony . . ."
Note point 6 - Simpson lied about Nellie Ohr.  Also, they also really don't want to release client list.

I'm sorry, but all these repeated efforts to bolster the Trump-Bannon/Trump-Mercer break just make the story look even less plausible.  They are doing all they can to put Bannon on the extreme outside, from whence he operates best.

"Voters Drafted a Reluctant Trump Because They Hated Hillary That Much" (Rall).  Trump reluctance is the new narrative from the Wolff book, but the facts don't match.  I'm sure he entered the race as a favor to golf buddy Bill to muck up the Republican nomination (and perhaps even serve as a phony nominee for Hillary to run over in a landslide), and I'm sure he had periods of lack of enthusiasm.  Having said that, when at the end Mercer's numbers guys pointed him to a narrow path to squeaking out a win, he went out and did the work in the Rust Belt states, work that Hillary wouldn't - or, likely, couldn't (fits!) - do.

Excellent internet sleuthing:  "Afghanistan - U.S. Special Forces Commit Drive-By Murder (Video)" (Moon).  As with police brutality directed at minorities, we're seeing stuff that has been going on for years, in this and other wars, due to the ubiquity of video cameras in phones and the ability to widely publish on the internet.

"The New Gilded Age: First Time Arrogance, the Second Time Vengeance" (Rosen).

"Trump Clears Path for Assange to Leave London" (Corsi).  A lot of posters at Gab are convinced Assange has already left the embassy.

"Big Nibba Harvard Jew Professor Admits the Alt-Right is Right About Everything" (Batty).  Watch the video!  His certainty in his counter-examples is bizarre.  The fact that groups that are poorer - because they are systematically discriminated against - commit more crimes isn't interesting, nor is it at all clear that, absent the actual starvation in NK caused by factors other than communism, the places he is so sure are better to live in are/were better to live in.  Of course, his lousy opinions are less interesting than the fact he apparently considers it now chic to say them out loud.
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