Thursday, January 04, 2018


"Henry Kissinger: White House Is ‘A War Between Jews And Non-Jews’" (Wallace).

"Erasing Obama’s Iran Success" (Pillar):
"Meyer’s piece suffers from a sourcing problem in that it relies heavily on just two sources who currently are employed by, or affiliated with, organizations in the forefront of opposing the JCPOA.  One of those sources, David Asher, is on an advisory board of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which has become mission control for undermining and trying to kill the nuclear agreement.

Whether or not such institutional connections affected what was told to Meyer . . . "
"Iranian Protests: Deep State's Unfinished Business" (Cartalucci).  Brookings, a Saban project.

Spontaneous (Doran).  As opposed to 'far from spontaneous'.

"Iranians Take to Streets to Denounce Violence and Show Support for Islamic Republic".

"Where We Can Agree on Iran".  We've reached levels of chutzpah that break our chutzpah-measuring machines!

"Iran at UN accuses US of 'grotesque' meddling".  But that rascal Putin spending 79 cents on BLM Facebook ads is the end of the world.

Americans still don't seem to realize that even though the War On Iran is impossible, and won't happen, allowing the Khazars to continue to monger it still takes a serious toll on the United States.  Every single move Trump is making under Jared's firm Khazar direction is backfiring as he drives countries together to counter the insane American threats.

"America's endless, invisible wars" (Linker).  All Wars For The Khazars.

"The fate of Jerusalem is not a Manhattan real estate deal" (Lang). More Jared.  Empty threats, as 'aid' to the Palestinians is just money to bribe the Palestinians to suppress themselves, money that Israel would have to pay if the US doesn't do it.  We've been through this before.

Full retreat from the now dangerous dossier:  "The End of the Beginning" (Marshall) and  "The Republicans’ Fake Investigations" (!).  "Fusion GPS Co-Founders Deny Knowledge Of Trump Tower Meeting, Dossier Triggering FBI Investigation" (Durden), noting that they used their privileged NYT outlet in a rather unconvincing way, leaving out much of the important allegations of sleaziness they really needed to rebut.

It's the wives, a Killary back-channel operation!

"Facebook deleted accounts at the behest of US, Israeli and German governments" (Niemuth):
"The current campaign of censorship against Palestinians began after high-level meetings in September 2016 between Facebook representatives and Israeli officials including Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of the far-right, pro-settlement Jewish Home party. Shaked once notoriously referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes.”

After the meetings with Facebook, Shaked publicly bragged that the company had granted 95 percent of more than 150 requests by Tel Aviv for removal of content during a four-month period that the Israeli government declared “incitement.”"

"Wilderness of Mirrors" (Morley). On Angleton, Nosenko, and mole hunting, including raising, and dismissing, the possibility that Angleton himself was the Soviet mole in the CIA.

"Google Maps’s Moat" (O’Beirne).  This article is wonderful, and must have been a tremendous amount of work (it also looks like Google PR).  Note how Google created new data - orange buildings, a real-life useful concept - by combining its street photos with its aerial photos.  Also note that Apple, while trying to do the same thing, is orders of magnitude behind Google, which should lead investors to wonder if there is something deeply flawed at Apple.

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