Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Traumatic memories

An unfortunate and dangerous situation where a government has absolutely no legitimacy, no prospect of improving the lives of its people, and actually no prospect of reducing the rate of acceleration of the complete destruction that the country is careening toward, with the only option being a distracting war which they are doomed to lose unless it turns into WWIII and everybody loses:  "A Coming Russia-Ukraine War?" (Doctorow):
". . . this past Thursday came a wholly new development – a draft law passed by the Ukrainian Parliament that could effectively end Kiev’s participation in the conflict resolution process known as the Minsk Accords. Although observers in the United States and Western Europe may have missed it, many Russians believe this development amounts to a declaration of war.

Dmitri Kiselyov, head of all Russian television and radio news services, offered a sober analysis of the emotionally charged development on his Sunday evening news wrap-up today.

According to Kiselyov, the new law, which awaits Poroshenko’s signature, makes preparations for war and includes language indicating a bellicose new approach to the conflict. The mission in Donbass is no longer described as an “anti-terrorist operation.” Rather, the mission now is to send armed forces against “military formations of the Russian Federation” in Donbass.

Military headquarters are established to coordinate the operation to be waged in Donbass. While up until now the self-declared republics of Donetsk and Lugansk were considered under the Minsk Accords as negotiating parties, now there are only “occupation administrations” of the Russian Federation on these territories, with Russia identified as an “aggressor.”

“This makes it all the more convenient for Ukraine to start a war,” Kiselyov says, noting that it could have the added benefit of enabling Ukraine not to pay its foreign debts and to ensure Poroshenko’s continued grip on power."
"No longer ATO, not yet a war. Ukraine adopts controversial “Donbas reintegration” bill".

"Russia hysterical about Ukraine’s Donbas law, says Kyiv "preparing for new war"" :
""In fact, Kyiv is trying to absolve itself of all responsibility for the destruction and suffering that is brought upon the people by unreasonable actions of the Ukrainian authorities, and put the blame on Russia," the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed, adding that the bill completely contradicts Minsk agreements.

"One can not help but notice that the adoption of the law in an amazing manner coincided with the announcement in Washington of the U.S. readiness to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the emergence of a situation fraught with a dangerous escalation in Ukraine with unpredictable consequences for universal peace and security," the document says."
Temporary outbreak of sanity: "Opposition blocks signing of draft law on Donbas reintegration".

"Destroying Syria" (Giraldi).

"The most dangerous thing Donald Trump has done yet" (Kahn).  But, "Its military is culpable for the war in Afghanistan."???

"Devin Nunes Will Do Anything to Protect Donald Trump" (Marshall):
"Over the last week there’s been a huge campaign on the right to “release the memo”. That campaign has also been supported by Russian intelligence backed social media accounts." (!)
""Jaw-dropping" Text Message By FBI Agent Suggests No Trump Collusion With Russia" (Durden).

"Major ad firm Outfront Media censors “free Ahed Tamimi” billboard" (Abunimah).

"anti-semitic lunatic".

"Voici les enfants qu’Israël a tués en 2017".

Imagine my shock and surprise when it turned out they were trying to steal the stuff!:  "Iraqi-Jewish archive triggers 'traumatic memories'".

"One Of Canada’s Most Iconic WWI Images Was Staged For A British Propaganda Film".

"Will Jackson served as Riel’s secretary".
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