Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Truth! and Fiction!

"Evidence of FBI Conspiracy Grows by Publius Tacitus".  Comment by blue peacock:
"These text messages are also critical evidence around the appointment of Mueller as special counsel which happened in May 2017. There is a back story there that these "missing" text messages would shed light on. Note that both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were senior members of Mueller's staff until some of their text messages were released by DOJ IG Horowitz. Strzok was the person that interviewed Flynn in the White House and set him up for the perjury charge.

The current batch of released text messages show that Bill Priestap, head of CI at the FBI removed the reference that Hillary emailed Obama from her unsecure server. Obama had previously denied that.

There is much more evidence piling up as the Congressional committees continue their investigation. Nunes already knows a lot and his summary memo will likely be released soon to the public. Additionally, many of these people at the FBI & DOJ including Strzok, Page, Priestap, Baker, etc will be testifying under oath to Congress soon as Rosenstein has already agreed to that. Admiral Rogers will also likely provide testimony after he retires from the NSA in couple months.

IMO, the critical piece of evidence is the now declassified FISC ruling. Nunes has seen the unredacted version."
 and Greco reply on the 'Shadow Government' at the State Department.

"Russsia-Gate Implodes" (Raimondo).

"Democrats Demand Twitter, Facebook Crackdown On #ReleaseTheMemo "Russian Bots", There Is Just One Problem..." (Durden).

The Nation, like Mother Jones, is famous for being a truth-free zone, but vanden Heuvel is married to Cohen, so they've made an exception for #Russiagate:  "Why Are the Media Ignoring Crucial Parts of the Simpson Testimony?" (Carden).  Browder doesn't seem to like paying taxes, anywhere.  Shamir on Browder, from 2016.

Here's Browder being served.

"How Trump is accelerating Israel’s loss of support" (Abunimah).  "Antisemitsm-  Reality or Merely Statistics?" (Atzmon).

Oddly 'woke' Cole (of course, this is another CIA attack on the Pentagon):  "Countering Turkish Propaganda, Pentagon reports 150 ISIL Killed in Airstrikes".

"A history of Western rewards for Arabs: Nobel Prizes" (Angry Arab).

"Another false flag in Syria?" (Alexis). "Opinion // The West's Leftist Male 'Intellectuals' Who Traffic in Genocide Denial, From Srebrenica to Syria" (Katerji)!

"Pro-Autonomy Hungarians in Romania’s “Szeklerland” Might Spark a “Slovak Crisis” that Destabilizes “New Europe’s” “Three Seas”" (Korybko).

"A Portentous Assassination Rocks the Balkans" (Karganovic).

"Slovenia to recognize Palestinian state next month — TV report".

"One generation later, another war crime" (Murphy).

"Spain On High Alert To Prevent Puigdemont From Sneaking Back "In The Boot Of A Car"" (Durden).

"NAFTA and US-Canada Relations: How the Americans Could Save Us from Ourselves on Free Trade" (Orchard).  The problem is that the bribed traitors negotiating for Canada will give up everything, just as they did when NAFTA was created.

The Sherman murder-suicide has made it to CDaN in a spectacularly messy and ridiculous blind, with elaborate hints at a racist AIDS-drug conspiracy in Africa (or, possibly, Manitoba!), the Clinton Foundation, Justin Trudeau, and the 'Church' (i.e., Geffen):  "Today's Blind Items - We Can't Let You Talk - The Church". Guesses (links removed):
"Company owner: Bernard Sherman (and wife Honey found dead)
Home country: Canada
Company: Apotex (products)
F: Bill Clinton
Product: Apo-triAvir (generic HIV/AIDS drug)".
See also:
  1. "Frank Forensics: Who Killed Barry and Honey Sherman?";
  2. "Frank Forensics: The Sherman Murders, Part Deux";
  3. "Tidbit: An Article Related To The Murders Of Barry Sherman, Canadian ..."  (another 'suicide' by knife:  "New York surgeon who treated Bono found dead in Park Avenue apartment in suspected suicide" and "Dr. Dean Lorich, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Haiti Response, Found Dead-Truth! and Fiction!").
Of course, professional hit men don't stage elaborate and grotesque crime scenes - they use a handgun, and drop it at the scene.
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