Friday, January 12, 2018


"Russia knows who staged attacks on Syrian base & it’s not Turkey – Putin".  Putin is saying these weapons were factory-made from an identified sophisticated country, but disguised to look like terrorist field-made weapons.  A false flag.

"Syria - Erdogan (Again) Switches Sides - Delivers New Supplies For Terrorist Attacks" (Moon).  Managing Erdoğan is like herding cats.  You basically have to stay on your line and ignore the provocations, believing that the realities of the geopolitics will eventually cause the Turks to fold their weak hand.  One of the reasons why Putin is so successful is that he uniquely always manages to keep emotions out of the calculations.

"Rikers Guards Are Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Visitors in the Bathrooms".  This sounds like something you might hear about rural Mexico.  Americans are somehow still convinced they live in a first world country.

"These are the Palestinian children Israel killed in 2017" (Angry Arab).  I'm trying to imagine what would happen if any other country went on a systematic intentional child murdering spree.

Defunding UNWRA - as opposed to defunding the PA, which would cost the Khazars money in replacing the self-brutalizing - is one of the holy grails of modern Zionism, and President Kushner is hard at work on it:  "Trump to punish Palestinians as example for rest of world" (Abunimah).

"No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi".

"Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Jewish Neo-Con Wars" (Striker).  From 2014, a collection of illustrative cartoons.

Spousal privilege:  "Huma May Have Dropped Divorce To Keep Weiner Quiet Over Clinton Email Probe".  Sloppy headline - it doesn't keep him quiet, it just means he can't be compelled to testify against her (and, perhaps more importantly, she can't be compelled to testify against him).

I can't even:  "Feinstein Makes Startling Admission: "I Got Pressured" To Release Fusion Transcripts" and "Feinstein Admits She Was Mentally Unstable When Releasing Fusion GPS Transcript" (Durden).  Released so the Republicans, some of whom demonstrate very keen prosecutorial expertise, couldn't cross examine subsequent witnesses on contradictions with the Simpson testimony.  Now everybody can bone up on the Official Story.

"The Trump Dossier Timeline, A Democrat Disaster Looming by Publius Tacitus" (with timeline and unanswered questions):
"When the entire episode about the creation of the Trump dossier (by former Brit spy, Christopher Steele) and its dissemination (by Steele and the Democrat hired contractor, FUSION GPS,) to the FBI and the press, is fully exposed, the American people will be confronted with the stark dilemma of how to deal with the fact that there was a failed domestic coup attempted by members of the U.S. intel and law enforcement community. The facts will show that the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the CIA and the FBI conspired and meddled in the 2016 Presidential election. They lied to a Federal judge about the origins of the dossier and used those lies to get permission to spy on Trump and members of his campaign staff."
"The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”…." (sundance).  FISA queries used by a private contractor to establish the basis for a partisan FISA warrant to snoop on the Trump campaign.  Rogers continues to be the only non-traitor in the bunch.

"The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate" (McGovern):
"Despite his former job as chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence section, Strzok had the naive notion that texting on FBI phones could not be traced. Strzok must have slept through “Security 101.” Or perhaps he was busy texting during that class. Girlfriend Page cannot be happy at being misled by his assurance that using office phones would be a secure way to conduct their affair(s)."
"Ecuador and Assange" (Murray). The international law.

"Google's Fact-Check Feature Targets Conservative Sites" (Durden).  Oddly sloppy in making the proof so easy and obvious.

"Coverage Of Iran Protests Illustrated With Protests Not In Iran––organized By Fringe Cultists" (Johnson).  Shameless MSM lying, as always.

The video analyzed by Moon of Alabama (crediting M. H Arsalai for finding it):  "Military Investigates Leaked Afghan Combat Video" (Durden).  Classic reaction, concern about the information getting out, not the content of the video.

Thanks, Obama.
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