Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Watching and prowling

"Hillary’s ‘Sure’ Victory Explains Most Everything" (Hanson).  Hanson is a reliably terrible writer but he is absolutely right about this.  All the apparatchiks were lining their resumes with anti-Trump, pro-Clinton activities, not to actually attack Trump, but to receive their rewards after the anticipated Clinton landslide.

"Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI".  Dossier production was a minor industry amongst Democrat ratfuckers.  When everybody lined up at Clinton's post-election trough, having a dossier was going to be a golden ticket.

"Ukraine’s new heroes: Anti-Semites and murderers of Jews".  "Polish MPs vote to criminalize Ukrainian nationalist ideology".  "Israel embarrassed by its Holocaust-denying allies in Poland" (Abunimah).  "Polish government seeks to criminalize mention of Polish crimes during the Holocaust" (Weiss).  It's good to laugh.

"Is the Night Watcher ALSO the Wimbledon Prowler? Police spot disturbing similarities between 'highly professional ex-soldier' and burglar responsible for 200 raids in south London".

"Hamas Founder Linked To Iran Dies After Mysterious "Accidental" Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound" (Durden).

"Oliver Stone leads tributes to Robert Parry as shady US lobbyists PropOrNot dance on his grave" (MacDonald).  It is a tribute that the 'journalists' and 'fake news' professionals are threatened and embarrassed by Parry.

"Declassified Docs Expose UK's Secret Cold War Plan To Nuke Mid-East Oil Fields" (Slav).

"Daniel Ellsberg says nuclear winter is a very real possibility, unless we act now".  The timing - when Trump's isolationism means the risks are greatly lessened - is highly suspect.  One could be forgiven for thinking certain groups are trying to build fear to break the isolationism.

Ditto:  "The media’s guilty silence on Hawaii nuclear war alert" (Van Auken):
"Among other reports, carried only in the local Hawaiian press, a state lawmaker who asked for release of surveillance footage from inside the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency headquarters was told that no such footage exists and no security cameras were in place in one of the most critical security sites in the state. “If there are no tapes, why would there be no tapes, and what can we do to make sure we have transparency?” demanded State Representative Gene Ward.
Finally, the Hawaiian media noted that Governor David Ige in his state of the state address last Monday mouthed platitudes about “the most beautiful place on earth” but failed to mention the single most momentous event of his one term in office—the broadcasting of a message to all of his constituents telling them they faced imminent death.
The only clarification of the incident offered by Ige thus far is his claim that the agonizingly protracted gap between the issuing of the alert and the announcement that it was a false alarm was due to his own inability to remember the password to his Twitter account!
With the silence of the media, the refusal of government officials to provide substantive information and the preposterous character of the explanations given thus far, questions as to the real source and motives underlying the false nuclear war alarm become all the more pressing.
Who was responsible for the “human error”? The lone employee who allegedly clicked on the wrong link—twice—ordering a missile alert rather than a test of a missile alert has never been named. Now the public is told that he is refusing to cooperate with federal investigators. Does such an individual even exist, or was the “error” invented in order to cover up for a more deliberate and planned action?
What were the Pentagon and the CIA up to during the 38 minutes of sheer terror inflicted on the people of Hawaii? Were they monitoring the population’s reaction, gathering intelligence on how the public would behave in the event of a real nuclear exchange?
There is no question that after the alert was issued, the US military and intelligence agencies were carefully observing the response of governments and militaries in the countries that Washington has branded as “revisionist powers”—Russia and China—and “rogue states”—North Korea and Iran. Any one of them, and North Korea in particular, would have had to interpret the phony missile alert in Hawaii as a potential provocation aimed at preparing a US nuclear first strike against them.
American spy satellites, the electronic snoops at the National Security Agency and other US military and intelligence assets were given a golden opportunity to watch what “lit up” in terms of command-and-control and radar and missile sites, amassing information that would prove valuable in preparing a real first strike."
"Quiksilver CEO is missing: His boat washed up in France, empty".

"Exclusive: Tests link Syrian government stockpile to largest sarin attack - sources". Seriously, still at it?!  The Yinon plan of President Kushner:  "U.S. ‘Plan B’ for the Middle East. The Occupation of One Third of Syria’s Territory" (Ferrada de Noli).

"A Jewish ‘sickness’: Israeli journalist explains young American Jews’ support for Palestinians" (Weiss).  'Intersectionality' is now being employed as part of the general outrageous lie that American Khazars support the Palestinians.  The real problem is that non-white American minorities support the Palestinians, as wokenness leads to grasping the essential white supremacism of Khazar murdering and land theft.  See also:  "Seinfeld boosts Israel’s “shoot to kill” fantasy tours" (Sheen).  Ironically posted at Mondoweiss!:  "Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests" (Salaita).

"US Color Revolution Begins in Thailand as Proxy War with China Continues" (Cartalucci).  Sorositis is a fatal disease you catch only when you are unaware you are catching it.

Is this the break-up of the MbS/MbZ bromance?:  "Breaking: Yemeni separatists conquer the city of Aden from Saudi-backed forces after two-day battle".

"Opus Dei’s and Erik Prince’s emerging secret army in the Middle East" (Madsen):
"Together with MBZ and MBS, Prince is also helping to carry out the new “strategy” for the Middle East crafted by Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East special envoy Jared Kushner and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government. Kushner has personally hammered out the new strategy during all-night sessions with MBS in Riyadh. Prince has added influence with the Trump administration through his sister, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education. DeVos is a convert from the Dutch Reformed Church to Mormonism. She is the wife of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos’s son, Dick DeVos. Erik Prince converted from Dutch Reformed to Roman Catholicism at the same time he joined Opus Dei. Prince and Betsy DeVos are both heirs to an automobile parts corporate fortune created by their right-wing industrialist father, Edgar Prince.

Prince was a major supporter of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. On January 11, 2017, a little over a week from Trump’s inauguration, Prince and MBZ arranged a clandestine meeting with a Russian government envoy in Seychelles. Prince, representing the Trump transition team, offered Russia a deal that would have seen Russia curtail its support for Syria and Iran in exchange for a lessening of Western sanctions against Russia. The previous month, MBZ met with key Trump transition figures, including Kushner and Stephen Bannon in New York. The Seychelles and Manhattan meetings, as well as the Trump-Kazakhstan connection, are among many issues being investigated by Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors and FBI agents."
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