Saturday, March 31, 2018


The Israelis, of course, could have ignored the Land Day protests, but, as violent racist supremacists they can't tolerate any questioning of their theft, and so turned it into target practice, and thus a massacre.

"Israeli Snipers Murder 17, wound dozens of Trapped Refugee Protesters at Gaza Border" (Cole).  This is shockingly good, if a little vague on the emigration of the Khazars to Europe.

"This is The March of Return" (Atzmon).  To be fair to EI, it did eventually get around to covering it.  You have to feel for the EI editors, who might have to forgo a spot in a Khazar 'peace' conference at a cushy hotel if they push the truth too much.

A massacre described by the Khazar-controlled media as 'clashes', with the implication that it is some kind of fair fight.  This massacre, and spin, is exactly the kind of thing that symbolizes why nobody else has ever been successfully able to live with the Khazars.  Ever.  In a world where Dershowitz manages to convince people that it unfair, and an example of traditional 'anti-Semitism', to 'single out' Israel, it is stunning that the Khazars, alone amongst all the monsters of the world, can get away with this kind of obscene target practice.

Ha!:  "Tamimi verdict divides opinion".

"MBS feted in the US despite war atrocities in Yemen" (Escobar):  "multi-million-dollar post-truth public relations".  Lots of content - you simply can't overstate the evil of the Saudis and their neck-preserving manipulation of Islam.

"Escobar: China Taking The Long Road To Solve The Petro-Yuan Puzzle".  "The Geo-Political Poker Game: Where’s the 'Off-Ramp'? by Alastair Crooke" (Crooke).  We're at the point where the Chinese, Russians and other sane people are treating the American Empire, and its pathetic lapdogs like May and Johnson, like a psychological problem in a juvenile delinquent that needs to be managed.

"Cambridge Analytica scandal 'a gross violation,' Ottawa data firm's CEO says":
"Erin Kelly, CEO of Ottawa's Advanced Symbolics Inc., said she heard of Cambridge Analytica's self-marketing well before the scandal erupted.

"We've had quite a few customers approach us over the last 18 months sending us stuff on Cambridge Analytica and asking can we do something like Cambridge Analytica," Kelly said on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning.

"We have been telling our customers for 18 months, if you go down this route you are going to regret it in the future because we feel they are a gross violation of privacy."

Britain's information commissioner is investigating whether Cambridge Analytica improperly used personal data to target voters with ads and political messages during the 2016 presidential election.

But Kelly said there's no proof the company influenced the election, and believes the claim could be a marketing strategy that backfired.

"There is no evidence to support that claim, [and] as far as we are concerned that's marketing for Cambridge Analytica," said Kelly. "They have never once commissioned a study to prove that they were instrumental in getting Trump elected, and it is very [easily] provable."

Kelly said the central issue is the privacy violation of taking the personal information, regardless of whether the election was influenced.   

"They still violated people's personal privacy, and that still needs to be addressed regardless," she said. "Knowing that someone has your file, that is still a gross violation.""
It is funny that unwarranted CA puffery and boasting landed them in this mess.

Greenwald tweets on McCabe's obscene GoFundMe!

Friday, March 30, 2018

The door

Trump out of Syria.  Weird CIA spin that he's 'caving into Russia pressure':  "Trump: “US out of Syria ‘Very Soon'”– Quip or Policy Reversal?" (Cole).  MAGA:  "Syria: Is Trump Finally Putting America First?" (Knapp).  The monster, Charles Lister.  The second time he's said it:  "Trump: "We're Coming Out Of Syria Very Soon; Others Can Take Care Of It Now"" (Durden).  Slightly encouraging, if only because it indicates he still knows what MAGA is, and knows what got him elected, President Kushner and the Shekels of Sheldon notwithstanding.

"Caroline Glick: John Bolton’s Appointment is an ‘America First’ Move" (Glick)!  MKhGA, hard to pronounce.

The Brits are having a problem keeping their crime scene straight (random location of crime scene tape!), and even the basic nature of the 'crime' is fluid, an issue of importance as you would think they would want to keep innocent civilians away from the deadly nerve agent, or at least appear to care:  "A Curious Incident Part V" (Sushi) and "Location, Location, And Nerve Agents" (Raul Ilargi Meijer) and ""She Is Risen!" - Last Act Of 'Novichok' Drama Revealed: "The Skripals' Resurrection"" (Moon).  Note the photo of police by the killer door who are presumably immune to 'novichok', or like to live dangerously (also note the horseshoe on the door, which presumably didn't work!).  Door now gone.

"30 Questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case" and "20 More Questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case" (Slane).  The real issue is the profound lack of curiosity, and the complete adherence to the Official Story, as obviously ridiculous as it is, amongst all the mainstream media.

"Why did UK court say “limited evidence” Skripals have relatives while cousin interviewed in UK media?" (Catte).

Old school:  "Steal This Book: The Publishing Misadventures of a CIA Whistleblower" (Dutton).  Getting the horse back in the barn by pulping the books.

"Mattis Admits US Involved in Planning Saudi Strikes in Yemen" (Ditz).  Well of course, Saudis don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.  This would be interesting should they ever decide to take on Iran directly.

"Media Boosts Obvious Saudi Front Group as Neutral ‘Think Tank’" (Johnson).

Bottom line, Corbyn is a good man who is a friend of the Palestinians, so the Khazars act as they always do, as violent racist group supremacists scheming to protect their ability to kill people and steal their land, the health and welfare of the poor country they happen to be living in be damned!.  How many times do we have to see this tragic outcome before we put a stop to it?  "Smearing Jeremy Corbyn" (Surin).  "Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ – making sense of the hysteria" (Ofir).  Corbyn appears to be caving, exactly the wrong thing to do, as they take this as weakness which only leads to more scheming:  "Jeremy Corbyn's grotesque prostration to Zionists".  It's a real shame, as Corbyn, up to now, has been correctly, and morally, gassing them from the party.

"Nicolas Sarkozy: Crime and Punishment?" (Doctorow).  The bagman, Shukri Ghanem, died in a drowning 'accident' when the 67-year-old apparently went for a fully-clothed swim in the Danube at 5am.

"Syrian Journalist Shows How Ghouta Militants Became Victims of Their Own Propaganda" (Henningsen).  Important - note the role of the White Helmets and various Saudi propaganda sources in prolonging the war and suffering by misleading the terrorists.  The lying PR, created mostly to fool easily duped western 'liberals', actually also misled fighters who would otherwise have given up much earlier, as Assad's reconciliation program was hidden from them.

Gab (/pol/ News Network):
"A Texas man was arrested with an arsenal in his hotel room, including automatic weapons, grenade launchers, tactical vests, & more.

When asked why, he said that he “needed them with him for his mission” and that he was in the area “working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus.” Employment history shows he has worked for the government extensively.

False-flag narrowly adverted?"
"Execution date set for man who killed federal judge with package bomb". Interesting, as it might be Kaczynski (you might have to register to see these links).

Thursday, March 29, 2018

No motivation

"The Skripal Affair" (Sakwa).  But hella-dumb in stating:  "Israel has a large chemical weapon inventory and is not a party to the OPCW; but it has no motivation for such an attack . . . ".  Needless to say, we're in the middle of a massive attack by the Khazars on Putin due to his interference with Yinon in Syria.

"Putin and the Skripal Affair – Cui Bono?" (Makinde).  Succinct statement of the overwhelming issue.

"REVEALED: Pentagon’s $70 Million Chemical & Biological Program at Porton Down in UK" (Gaytandzhieva).

"Some Further Thoughts on the Skripal Affair" (O'Neill):
"The Skripals were admitted to Salisbury Hospital on 4 March 2018 and it took until 14 March for the British government to invite the OPC W to assist in the technical evaluation of what had caused the Skripal’s illness.

The Judge did not comment on why it took 10 days for this invitation to issue, particularly as the Russian government had correctly pointed out that it should have been done much earlier in accordance with the article 9 of the Convention."
"What will Trump's 'ultimate deal' mean for Palestinians?" (Persson):
". . . earlier this month, it was reported in various media outlets that the PA's intelligence chief, Majid Faraj, has seen the latest version of the 35-page peace plan in Riyadh. According to Palestinian officials that spoke to the media on condition of anonymity, this version of the peace plan included the establishment of a Palestinian state with provisional borders on half of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, without Jerusalem, and with only humanitarian solutions to the refugee issue. The plan, moreover, calls for "building a new Jerusalem for the Palestinians from the city's surrounding villages" and also keeps Palestinian security and borders in the hands of Israel."
"The latest round of leaks also implies that Trump's peace plan will go ahead with or without the PA's approval. This would mean a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from parts of the West Bank if the Palestinians reject the plan, as they are widely expected to do. A unilateral Israeli withdrawal from parts of the West Bank is precisely what the INSS, the leading centre-left Israeli think-tank, has long advocated for.

In this context, it is worth remembering that a similar discussion to this one took place nearly 15 years ago, when Israel decided to unilaterally disengage from Gaza. Back then, when Ariel Sharon presented his plan to unilaterally disengage from Gaza, because he did not want to negotiate an agreement with Abbas, whom he called a "plucked chicken", many analysts said the Palestinians and the international community would not accept the legitimacy of the unilateral disengagement plan. But they all did. Gaza immediately became a valued prize for the rival Palestinian factions, the EU provided monitors for the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza, and Sharon's image was transformed in many parts of the world from a war criminal to a celebrated statesman. Could something like this happen this time as well? "
"Bolton’s plan to make Palestine disappear" (Brown).  "The last ‘peace process’ warrior: Abbas hanging by a thread" (Baroud).  Abbas is just finishing up the job he is paid to do.

The Israelis, in anticipation of Bolton disasters they will properly be blamed for, are preemptively distancing themselves by owning up to previous Bolton outrages, putting the fault for working for the Khazars all on Bolton, all as if the Israelis are victims of Bolton's insanity!!!:  "Bolton updated Israel to avert hostile UN moves" and "Former Israeli Defense Chief: Bolton Pushed Israel's Military Toward Preemptive Strike On Iran".

Why is it so difficult for people to accept the preeminent political act, bribery?  Lots to unpack:  "Major Israeli intelligence penetration of Trump campaign and administration discovered" (Madsen).

"What Russia Needs to Learn From Gaddafi’s Mistakes" (Lulko) (see here and here):
"What if Sarkozy, considering the material difficulties of his “Republicans” party (he lost both presidential and parliamentary elections), decided to take a slice of the sweet pie of frozen Libyan assets?

Sarkozy’s arrest made it clear that he should not open his mouth for that pie. In addition, it is very tempting for President Macron to make Sarkozy responsible both for the collapse of Libya and the influx of refugees to Europe. Yet, why would Sarkozy kill the golden goose?

It was France that unleashed the war against Libya before the United Kingdom and the United States supported it. The reasons for the aggression can be found in the leaked correspondence of Sidney Blumenthal and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the US officials, Gaddafi’s long-term plan was to replace France as the dominant power in West Africa.

It turns out that Gaddafi had saved 143 tons of gold and about the same amount of silver that he intended to use to form a Pan-African currency based on the Libyan gold dinar. As Blumenthal wrote, the plan was to offer French-speaking African countries an alternative to the CFA franc. That was one of the factors that pushed then-President Sarkozy towards a decision to launch military operations in Libya. Noteworthy, the CFA franc was pegged to the French franc.

Of course, Sarkozy could not lose such a lever of control of ex-colonies. Most likely he had discussed the freezing of Libya’s assets with allies. Western countries thus obtained nearly $60 billion and the control over Libya’s oil deposits."
Libya was obviously a War For The Jews (it is laughable to talk about 'control of oil'), which isn't to say there weren't other, more local, motives. What is most interesting is that billions disappeared into thin air, and nobody, until now, has expressed the slightest curiosity over who has it.

"Hawks Always Fail Upwards" (Larison).  I tire of these analyses that try to operate without Khazars, as if there is otherwise some peculiarity in the American Empire that causes it to do obviously ridiculously stupid things, over and over.  Sheldon bought Bolton into the Trump Administration, exactly as if he established a chair at a university.

"Bolton Means Another War for Israel is Coming" (Giraldi) (American troops are in Israel with the specific intention that they be killed):
"When Israel attacks Syria and/or Lebanon, as it clearly intends to do, Hezbollah will retaliate with its missiles, some of which will surely be directed towards the Mashabim Air Base, which will be targeted to inhibit the base’s ability to bomb Lebanon. And once Washington is well and truly engaged in what is referred to as “force protection,” Israel will undoubtedly widen the conflict by drawing Iran in through attacks on that country’s identified bases in Syria that are supporting the al-Assad regime. The bigger war will suddenly become America’s responsibility after Israel inevitably proves itself incapable of handling the escalation."
"Strange Things Happen to European Countries Resisting George Soros’ Assault" (Gorka).  "“Soros won’t get rid of Orban”".

"Germany Approves Russia-Led Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline" (Paraskova).

"The sharks circling around Corbyn scent blood" (Cook).  "Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour’s Israel lobby" (Winstanley).  "Enough is more than enough!" (Atzmon).  You can't negotiate with supremacists, as they can never give in on any point, due to the simple fact that their 100% victory is ordained by their deity.  They take every concession as the starting point for the next round of negotiations, which have to end in your giving in.  Corbyn can't win discussing their insane allegations with them, just as the 'facts on the ground' are the ratcheting of their land theft in Palestine.  This is why these things always end in pogroms and holocausts - there is literally no other way to manage the problem (the JQ) unless you decide to give them everything.  It is funny how the Khazars are so, so ostentatiously 'progressive', yet the effects of what they do is always the opposite of progressive.

"Settlers break 64-year-old Palestinian farmer's jaw".

"Antisemitism: The Questions that Require Urgent Answers" (Stehling).

Privilege. "'Jews Are Not Missionaries,' Rabbis Attack Israeli Plan to Reach Out to Tens of Millions of 'Potential Jews'".

"‘Covert’ tactics, more search warrants may be coming in Barry and Honey Sherman murder probe: Police" (The Toronto Star The Sherman Family - except Honey - News).    Obviously they are going to have to hire OJ, the world expert in this kind of investigation.  “Surreptitious or covert” techniques!

"Shakespeare said it best" (Blum).  "Voodoo or verifiable? Big Data’s ability to sway elections faces scrutiny" (Delacourt).  I suppose you've noticed that the most recent revelations are essentially an advertising campaign extolling the successes of, and necessity for, political back-room operators. The Trump win, employing much less money and up against what were supposed to be the greatest political schemers of out time, was bad advertising for these guys, so now were hearing wild stories about how Cambridge Analytica - not to mention that rascal Putin - are magicians at manipulation.

"Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: My Predecessor Was Poisoned" (Durden).

Sibel's defining tweet.

"Ann Coulter: 3-D Chess–It Only LOOKS Like Trump Is Throwing Away His Presidency!"  "Trump is so Incompetent that Impeaching Him Would Strengthen the Right" (Studebaker).  The funny thing is that the Ryan group seems to be the one getting everything it wants, so much so that Ryan may be stepping down, his life's work being done.

"Doubt cast on Saudi claims of Houthi missile interception".  "Two Failures In One Day - Missile Defense Is An Embarrassment - It Won't Work" (Moon).  The delusion of missile defense is bad as it tricks people into thinking they can risk war without consequences, but good as such people are going to get a wonderful comeuppance.

"Trump crime syndicate opening up Africa to grifters and mercenaries" (Madsen) (on Dennis Lennox, a particularly fragrant example of the type):
"Lennox’s scam is not much different from that of Tzvika Brot, the head of the Trump for President absentee ballot campaign in Israel that targeted dual U.S.-Israeli citizens in Israel and the illegally-occupied West Bank. Brot, a veteran of Israel Army Radio, who is now running for mayor of Ramat Yam, a center for the right-wing Likud Party, owing to its large Russian Jewish emigré and Orthodox Jewish population, runs BSI Public Affairs, a firm incorporated in Delaware.

BSI has managed to secure a contract to represent the government of Hungary in Washington. It also has an agreement with the Washington lobbying firm of Sanitas International, which represents Bahrain, Dubai, Afghanistan, Republic of Congo, and Trinidad and Tobago. BSI, which is represented legally in Washington by Marc Zell, the law partner of former Pentagon official and known Israeli agent-of-influence Douglas Feith, has also had contracts with the governments of Kenya, Japan, France, and Angola. Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, claims his predecessor in the firm died from likely poisoning in a Kenya hotel room after a deal with the Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube “went sour.” Black Cube was retained by disgraced Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein to dig up dirt on women who accused him of sexual assault.

Trump’s Washington has made it easier for scammers and fraudsters of every stripe to get rich quick as laws on ethics and propriety are cast by the wayside."
"Nickelodeon Parts Ways With TV Series Producer Dan Schneider".  One of the most notorious of the gossip alleged pedos.

"Protesters say restaurant owner made show of eating meat in response to animal rights demonstration".  It was vegetarians, and specifically vegans, who established the principal that you could rudely insist that everybody else fall in line with your own peculiar mental problems, which is why you now need to go to jail if you fail to use the requisite pronouns when addressing someone.  It is the establishment of bad manners as a form of politics.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's gonna take too much time

"Arabs outnumber Jews in Israel, occupied territories: official".  Those quibbling about the numbers are in a position to do the count, but don't seem to want to. "Israel faces the demographic bomb" (Atzmon).

"Pulse Nightclub Killer's Father Was Decade-Long FBI Informant, Planned Terrorist Attacks Against Pakistan" (Durden):
 "U.S. District Judge Paul Byron said he would deal with the motion later. "I'm not going to address it right now,” he said. “It's gonna take too much time.""
It's funny how this pattern is a constant with the FBI (see, just as one example, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ('fedspeak'), not to mention his friend, Ibragim Todashev, literally executed by the FBI in one of the most spectacularly obvious cover-ups in their entire sordid history).  Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before (just a sampling as the shenanigans - CIs who are terrorists, cover-ups, murders - are endless):  "Lawsuit seeks disclosure of FBI 9/11 investigation files" and "FBI Informant Says Agents Missed Chance to Stop 9/11 Ringleader Mohammed Atta" and "Press Conference of Rep Curt Weldon: 9/11 Commission and Operation “Able Danger”" and "Deadly tale of incompetence" and "FBI 'Harassing And Intimidating' 911 Witnesses" and "FBI Flubs Terrorist Timeline" and "Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 1 of 2" (Part 2) and "In Search of John Doe No. 2: The Story the Feds Never Told About the Oklahoma City Bombing" (the FBI prison murder of Trentadue, described as a 'suicide').

"US DOJ’s Absurd Sanctions On Iranian $3.4 Billion Hacking Scheme".  They liberated some of the scientific research that Elsevier has stolen and appropriated for its own profit, a theft that should not be allowed.

"Turkish Planes Bomb Ancient Christian Heritage Sites in Northern Syria".  This destruction of archaeological evidence is identical to what the Khazars do in Israel, and for the same reasons.  Recent Turkish political discussion revolves around how quickly they can 'recover' the Greek islands!:  "World War 3: Turkish politician promises to INVADE GREECE if victorious in the election".

Innovative thinker Daniel Pipes, at work for the last 50 years (!), comes up with a completely new 'fresh thinking' proposal to solve the problems of the Middle East, yes, the problems will be solved by the Khazars, for the first time ever, acting like psychopathic assholes in following the One True Path to land theft as laid out by Vladimir Jabotinsky (the obvious problem, as always, being that the Khazars are just too kind-hearted):  "Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory".

The Palestinian who owns all the bread in Israel:  "Israel's trick to bypass 'chametz' ban for Passover".  I'm always struck how much Judaism consists of weird rules which are then surmounted by tricking G_d.

"Schama: "How to be a Jew in the Age of Trump?"" (Sailer).  Some suggestions:  "Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson’s money" (Weiss) and "White House Conducting Internal Investigation Into $500 Million Kushner Loans" (Durden) and ""Dumb F--ks": Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users" (Durden)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palace intrigue / Israeli teen

"Jared Kushner's Dreams of Mideast Peace Are Alive" (Feldman).  By 'White House palace intrigue over security clearance' he's referring to, amongst no doubt other things, Jared's influence peddling and turning over classified information to MbS.

I'm linking again to this Mark Perry article, which I think should be memorized, as it explains most everything:  "The Political Forces Behind Rex Tillerson’s Firing".  It appears clear that Dahlen is going to be 'leading' the Palestinians to their destruction (see also). The sheer speed with which the Palestinians are being dust-binned seems to have focused their attention a bit.  Even the grifters running the PA seem to realize that the loot well may run dry if they all end up as 'Jordanians' or in some kind of Sinai exile

"Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018" (Mackey).  Bolton and the MEK nuts.

"Hawks Resurgent in Washington" (Giraldi).  As noted by the comments, Bolton doesn't require confirmation (not that the beshekeled Democrats would have provided any real opposition).

A sighting, in the wild.  I always assumed they would have him trussed up with an old-fashioned hockey mask like Hannibal Lecter when out and about, just for the sake of  public safety.

"War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give ‘pieces’ of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt" (Weiss).  A part of the Adelson/President Jared/MbS plans for the Palestinians

"Iraq +15: Accumulated Evil of the Whole" (Parry).  Who can remember such things and learn from them when they happened so, so far in the distant past?  The Holocaust, however, was yesterday.

"What the Alt-Right and Regressive Left Have in Common" (Anomaly).  The Khazars suddenly seem to be greatly threatened by MacDonald and the alt-right, despite the fact the alt-right is completely marginalized and essentially powerless (most obvious now that their hero Trump has completely sold them out), and nobody knows who MacDonald is.  What I find amusing is that the Khazars find the scientific racism prevalent in the alt-right very attractive, as it supports their supremacism by always emphasizing the importance of Khazar intellectual superiority (which the Khazars argue is the sole explanation for why they keep showing up in conspiracy contexts, oh and did you know the Khazars had nothing - absolutely nothing!!! - to do with the attack on Iraq?).  I don't know how clever MacDonald is, but this almost seems like a trick to suck them in to spreading a story they simply can't resist!  My view is that Khazar 'intelligence' is mostly, if not entirely, based on their acting as a conspiratorial supremacist group to raise each other in desirable occupations and fields of endeavor (which nepotistic scheming is arguably an important form of the essentially ridiculous concept of 'intelligence').

"Then They Came for the Globalists" (Hopkins) and "The "Globalists" Love Gefilte Fish" (Shamir)  People like me, who call a Khazar a Khazar, are beyond the pale, but there are interesting limits to the code words the 'respectable' people can use to sniff around the same concepts!  The trick is that the code words keep shifting, so you have to be right on top of the lingo to stay kosher.  I find these efforts to be embarrassing and fundamentally dishonest, but that's just me.

"Why Berezovsky’s Death in Britain Leaves More Questions Than Answers" .  It often appears that the only chance we have is when the bad guys squabble amongst themselves.  When an obvious murder is described as suicide it means the murderers have clout.

"Skripal case: “closely related agent” claim closely examined".  Is it a coincidence that the plot of the current iteration of the Sky One series 'Strike Back', aired this past fall, turns on a Russian chemical agent called Novichok?  The whole series, starting with the name, is pure neocon propaganda, but the first five years had a charm due to the chemistry of the two lead actors, both now gone, leading one to wonder if the now greatly inferior production was aired simply to put this Novichok name in the mind of the public (it also features as chief villain a Jihad Jane character, with murky connections to the British government).  In terms of laughably obvious propaganda, Strike Back is right up there with the Israeli production, Homeland (itself on a plot this season turning on Russian bot interference in American politics, and a dangerous isolationist President, if you can believe it!).

The latest from O'Hare:  "SCL and the Phantom Contract".  One thing I can't help but notice is that Mercer's name doesn't appear in the coverage of this story.  When CA was 'brilliantly' leading Trump's victory, Mercer's name was everywhere.

Lest you forget who the boss is:  "Offensive Jokes: The UK's Latest Absurd National Security Threat" (Greer).  Sometimes the story is so spot on you just have to gasp.  We're simultaneously supposed to notice this enough to take warning, but not notice it enough to complain!  Also:  "Labour fury as it emerges Jeremy Corbyn once defended 'anti-Semitic' public mural showing a group of 'hook-nosed' men around a Monopoly board"!

Where is the outrage over this ugly act of anti-Semitism?" (Angry Arab).  The best part is that this will certainly make it to the list of Jew-hatred incidents for which we will all be required to pay reparations, just as we all have to pay for the actions of that autistic, brain damaged, brain-tumor-ridden Israeli teen Mossad asset.  The terror, and expense, of the 'Israeli teen'.

Congratulations to the real heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, who should (and I'm completely sincere) win the Nobel Peace Prize for successfully de-terrorizing the suburbs of Damascus in the face of a massive British Intelligence PR operation (including the threat of yet another false flag chemical attack).  We can all enjoy the ridiculousness of this distillation of Saudi tears:  "In Harasta, force overpowers freedom—for now".

It appears that there will never be a Yemen peace deal until the Houthis up their missile game to the point of providing a real peace incentive to MbS.

Warren, and now another pretendian!:  "The Story Behind Jordan Peterson’s Indigenous Identity".  This kind of grifting is inevitable in a world policed by identity politics.

"Water is Life" (Koenig).  Not news.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The big Zionist conspiracy

"Is the North Korea Deal a Stalking Horse for Trump’s Mid-East Makeover?" (Crooke).  Ultra anti-Semitic Khazar skeptical analysis tying American threatened violence to North Korea, to American threatened violence to Iran, to the odd attempt to create an American break with strong ally Qatar, to the Zionist Empire building project, specifically, the current round of plans to kill Palestinians and steal their lands, all through the schemes of Mark Dubowitz and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (funded by Adelson).   The main problem we have is that it is literally impossible for our non-sociopathic minds to conceive of such Evil.  When we set out their actual documented plans they are so horrible that they say we just hate Jews.

Excellent link in the above on the scheming, with details:  "The Political Forces Behind Rex Tillerson’s Firing" (Perry):
"FDD’s anti-Qatar crusade was led by the its vice president for research, Jonathan Schanzer, a former terrorism finance analyst at the Treasury Department who, over the course of the last eight years, has authored dozens of articles (in Foreign Policy, Politico, The Atlantic, the New York Times, and the New York Post, among many others) slamming Qatar for being too close to Iran, having links with the Taliban, supporting humanitarian programs in Hamas-controlled Gaza, backing the Muslim Brotherhood political movement, and supporting jihadists in the Syrian civil war. But the focus of the FDD efforts, and Schanzer’s obsession, was Qatar’s hosting of the leaders of Hamas.

For a time, the FDD’s anti-Qatar inquisition had little impact, with senior Pentagon officials dismissing the campaign as “just noise.” But then, in June of last year, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt launched an economic embargo against Qatar, isolating the country from outside contact and splitting apart the Gulf Cooperation Council. The UAE and FDD shared the common goal of stigmatizing Qatar for its ties to Hamas and, more crucially at least for the UAE-led coalition, its economic and diplomatic ties to Iran. FDD, as it turned out, took on an outsized role in the UAE-led anti-Qatar coalition, as a tranche of leaked emails from FDD’s Mark Dubowitz and senior counselor John Hannah to Yousef al-Otaiba, the UAE’s ambassador to Washington, made clear.

Among other topics, the June 2017 emails suggested a three-day meeting between FDD officials (Dubowitz, Hannah, and Schanzer) and UAE Middle East “experts” aimed at “reducing source of Qatari leverage, especially dependence on Al Udeid [airbase]”—a strangely partisan agenda for an organization that claims to be a “non-partisan policy institute.” The emails, the result of a hack by the anonymous group GlobalLeaks, also included a request that the UAE arrange a meeting between FDD officials and Mohammad Dahlan, the exiled and controversial Palestinian leader. (Dahlan, as the American public later learned, was also an attendee at the notorious Seychelles meeting now being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.)

Not surprisingly, Rex Tillerson was immediately enmeshed in the UAE-led Qatar embargo, and, with the support of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, attempted to dampen its impact. Tillerson, it turns out, was not only blindsided by the embargo, but, as was reported in these pages last June, suspected that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner had known of the UAE’s plans, failed to notify him, and instead urged the president to endorse the UAE initiative, which Trump did. Tillerson was not only shocked, he was angry. “Rex put two-and-two together,” a close associate of Tillerson told TAC at the time, “and concluded that this absolutely vacuous kid [Kushner] was running a second foreign policy out of the White House family quarters. [UAE ambassador to the U.S.] Otaiba weighed in with Jared and Jared weighed in with Trump. What a mess.”

Beginning in June of 2017, Tillerson worked to dampen and, as he hoped, end the embargo. The effort included multiple trips to the region, meetings with Gulf leaders, and the strong-arming of Qatari officials to meet at least some of the demands of the UAE-led anti-Qatar coalition. “Rex was tireless, absolutely tireless,” a senior Pentagon official who tracked Tillerson’s efforts told TAC. “All of this talk about how Tillerson was an ineffective diplomat just isn’t true. This was shuttle diplomacy at its best.” Tillerson’s efforts, which included enlisting the help of Kuwaiti and British diplomats, resulted in a July Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. and Qatar aimed at stopping terrorist financing.

Tillerson’s efforts, while prodigious, failed to heal the rift between Qatar and its neighbors, but it clearly backfooted the anti-Qatar coalition, who’d hoped to pressure their neighbor into ending its relations with Iran, isolate Turkey (a strong Qatar supporter), and shutter the Doha-based Al Jazeera television network. Tillerson’s efforts not only remained unacknowledged by the Trump White House, they only deepened the uneasy alliance of forces arrayed against him. Those forces, according to emails leaked in early March by the BBC, now included Erik Prince sidekick Elliott Broidy, a U.S. businessman and Trump campaign donor with deep business ties to the UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed. According to the emails, Broidy met with Trump in October and told him that Tillerson was “performing poorly and should be fired at a political convenient time.” The emails described Tillerson as “weak” and “a tower of jello” who needs to be “slammed.”"
The Seychelles meeting is being spun by the Clintonistas as some kind of Trump-Putin conspiracy, but appears to be Eric Prince getting instructions from MbZ: "The secret Seychelles meeting Robert Mueller is zeroing in on, explained".

Friday, March 23, 2018

Gloom and despair

"Boris Johnson A Categorical Liar" (Murray).  "Skripal case: DS Bailey leaves hospital; MSM still spinning casualty figures".  The clumsiness of the lying is striking.

"CCTV Footage From Las Vegas Reveals Stephen Paddock's Last Hours Before Massacre" (Durden):
"And yet, despite the CCTV footage of Paddock "acting normal" before to the shooting, we still don't know what his motive was - a vacuum which several conspiracy theories have filled, including speculation that Paddock was actually an arms dealer in a sale gone wrong. As the theory goes, this might explain the 23 firearms he had in his hotel room. When the deal went sideways - Paddock's buyers killed him, staged his body, and opened fire on the crowd."
The arms dealer part makes a lot of sense - it fits all the facts, including his mysterious source of income - but we need a wider conspiracy explanation for why the murderers felt they had to shoot the crowd, which only complicated matters for them.  Crooks in business don't look for more trouble.

There are some obvious sources in the conspiracy area that I never link to, as they give me the creeps due to some dark agenda which I can't quite put my finger on:  "defend vanessa beeley & eva bartlett against sibel edmonds & her crew (much like intercept or EI, they’re all pro-jihadi)" (Niqnaq).  Various Islamist terrorists are the proxy armies of choice in our world of crapified 'leadership', moron politicians who can't stop the obvious decline of their countries without dangerous help, which explains a lot.

Speaking of crapified leadership (she's clearly being blackmailed with the Stasi stuff):  "Germany’s Pivot From Russian Gas Will Be Costly" (Smith) (a too late and typically incompetent effort to block Nord Stream 2 is certainly the motive behind the Skripal shenanigans) and "Three Years after Guilt-Trip Ambush: Germany to Enhance Societal Destabilization on Path to Self-Destruction" (Steil) (self-abnegation is a curious, but real, form of supremacism).

"US Splurges More Cash on Balkans Arms for Syria".

"Turkey 'To Launch Wider Offensive Against Kurds' After Taking Afrin" (Cockburn).  It looks like Turkey will be happy to return Afrin to Syria once they have ethnically cleansed it of Kurds and replaced them with Arabs.  Whether they continue ethnic cleansing in the east almost comes down to an IQ test for the Kurds, which the Kurds are so far failing spectacularly (note how the irrational desire for a 'homeland' drives people stark raving mad to the point of self-destruction) .

I've started to link to many things today, and then withdrawn them as there was something 'off' about them, usually a big chunk of obvious propaganda buried within what appears to be larger woke pieces.

"Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country" (Antoon).  From time to time the NYT publishes pieces like this for laughs, perhaps to celebrate the return of the neocons to Washington.  It is more than a little striking that Bolton shows up, just now, like the Khazars are rubbing our faces in it.  Stupid goyim actually thought they had some power over the inevitable Wars For The Jews!

"It’s Disturbingly Easy to Buy Iraq’s Archeological Treasures" (Barford).

The Bolton thing is huge, as it represents a sea change in Trump's own reckoning of his place in the world.   He's been managing things remarkably well, steering between mostly Khazar-paid traitors like the never-Trumpers, the Clintonistas and various assorted Zionists, all with the help of some unseen American patriots, which help he now appears to feel he no longer needs, allowing him to take the shekels.  He really did need the help of those patriots, and I fully expect to see him entering a period of personal disasters.  The problem, as always, with the Khazars is that they never stop shekeling until the larger society reacts violently in self-defense.

"Jared Kushner, RIP: a Political Obituary for the President’s Son-in-Law" (Prins).  In a world of Bolton I can see President Jared hanging on, influence peddling and khazaring to the bitter end.

I'll bet you've never even heard of it, proving, as always, that the (((media))) is doing its job:  "Taylor Force Act about to sneak through Congress, perpetuating oppression of Palestinians" (Shihadah).

"The Political Vulnerability and Impunity of the Israel Lobby. The Intellectual Advocates of “Greater Israel”" (Johnson).  As we've seen from the commie bros bizarrely sticking up for rapists like Weinstein (and the list continues to expand in a certain direction), the tentacles are everywhere.

Speaking of over-confidence, the Brazilian right:  "Marielle Killing: An Imminent Military Coup in Brazil?" (Montesanti) and "Who Killed Marielle Franco?" (Mahony).

At this point we should no longer be shocked, as these groups are all just warmongering fronts (we should be happy, I guess, that they are not amongst the larger group of child raping charities): "Amnesty International Trumpeting for War… Again" (de Rooij).

"Mark Zuckerberg Is Calling for Regulation of Social Media To Lock in Facebook's Position".  Maybe this explains his striking incompetence at defending himself (the history of 'mistakes').  Also, lest we forget (and we wouldn't have any idea of this without WikiLeaks):  "Facebook COO Sandberg To John Podesta: "I Want Hillary To Win Badly"" (Durden).

Some amusing 'noticing':  "Jonathan Weisman In NYT: “Jews Need To Assert A Voice In The Public Arena”" (Sailer) (diy 'anti-Semitism if the goyim aren't up to doing it themselves!) and "9-Year Old Black Mississippi Boy Deliberately Shoots Sister, Story Illustrated With Stock Photos Of White Kids" (Fulford). Less amusing 'noticing' (I'm still liberal enough to feel that the do-it-yourself death penalty is a bit high, even for car theft, but it does place some unwanted responsibility on the victim's 'community', when we all know the 'communities' are above any criticism):  "The Young Cree Man from Saskatchewan. Without Truth There Is No Reconciliation: Two Colten Boushie Stories" (Repo).

This may be the big investigative break:  "East Area Rapist Linked To Rash Of Rancho Cordova Cat Burglaries".

Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's over

"Trump replaces H.R. McMaster as national security adviser with John Bolton".  Well, that's it for Trump.  Everybody always takes the shekels.


"Four days to declare a Cold War" (Meyssan).  Conspiracy theory on crack!:
"The British government and certain of its allies, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia.

Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the « moderate rebels » in the Ghouta. The conspirators’ intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of its capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of its Presidential election. Had these manipulations worked, the United Kingdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the Presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.

However, the Syrian and Russian Intelligence Services got wind of what was being plotted. They realised that the US agents in the Ghouta who were preparing an attack against the Ghouta were not working for the Pentagon, but for another US agency."
See also:  "Under a false flag, UK attempts three chemical attacks in the Ghouta".  It is clear there is a plan to attempt Yinon again through a false-flag chemical attack in Damascus, to be publicized by the British intelligence PR gang (White Helmets), with Nikki setting up the American 'response' of bombing Syria, but the prediction of the attacks by the Russians, coupled with the discovery of the chemical weapon labs of the human organ eaters, and the disinclination of Trump and the Pentagon to take the bait, has meant that the Khazar plans remain unfulfilled.

Two tweets (Donald J. Trump):
"I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing....... .....They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race. Bush tried to get along, but didn’t have the “smarts.” Obama and Clinton tried, but didn’t have the energy or chemistry (remember RESET). PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!"
"Did British Police Find Putin's Passport at Scene of Salisbury Poison Attack?" (Snopes). Snopes doesn't seem to realize that this is very woke fake news, riffing on the passports conveniently found at the sites of various conspiracies, passports which allow for the false-flag attacks to be pinned on the intended patsies.

Massive attacks

"Massive Attack on This Blog" (Murray).  A demonstration of displeasure, I guess.

"The Deep State Breaks Surface" (Murray), linking to "SCL – a Very British Coup" (O'Hare).  This pops up just when we're seeing the 'behavioral change program' involving May and Johnson and support for WWIII based on a false-flag chemical attack, with a guy in charge who used to make phony al-Qaeda videos in Iraq (just while the British Intelligence White Helmets are hard at work in a similar program in East Ghouta!), and a board of directors consisting of Upper Class Twits of the Year.  This is much crazier than the tin-foiliest hat-wearing conspiracy theorist could come up with!

A snake for a son-in-law

"Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”" (Emmons/Grim/Swisher).  Excellent stuff.  Before he had his security clearance yanked, Jared was an avid Presidential Daily Brief reader, from which he got the CIA info on MsB skeptics in Saudi, then told MsB the names when they had their famous private meetings, and MsB promptly arrested them and tortured them in what was called an 'anti-corruption' clamp-down!  I wonder if this was the last straw in yanking Jared's clearance (at the very least, it would have dried up a lot of CIA sources, not to mention making relations of the Americans with post-MsB Saudi Arabia very vexed).  The article goes on to tie the Qatar problem to Jared's personal financial problems.

A monkey for a son

You have to find it funny that the Cambridge Analytica investigation was supposed to be an attack on Trump but immediately backfired and took out the Democrat's man, the vile and crooked monster Zuck. 

"Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media"" (Durden).  "Face it: Cambridge Analytica story proves Facebook doesn’t give a toss about privacy or democracy" (Ryan).  "The Ultimate Guide To Freeing Yourself From Facebook And Keeping All of Your Data".

The more we find out, the more spectacular the backfiring of Russiagate.  "Funny, When Obama Harvested Facebook Data On Millions Of Users To Win In 2012, Everyone Cheered". ""It Wasn't Russia," It Was Obama-Based Social Media Mining That Beat Hillary" (Lapinski)

"What did the Salisbury physician mean by “no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning”?" We've got this constant tension between making the alleged attack as bad as possible - to get to WWIII - and not scaring the civilians too much by leaving the idea that their government is incapable, or unwilling, to protect them.

I'm guessing you won't see pictures and videos and mass phony wailing in the asshole pro-terrorist media about this attack (or, most likely, if you do it will be blamed on the Syrian government!):  "Syrian "Rebels" Massacre Civilians In Rocket Attack Days After Assad Drives Himself To Ghouta".  Of course, we're told the Syrians have to exercise restraint and leave the terrorists be so they can advance Zionist goals.

"Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village" (Patel).  "Israeli town halts property sales after realizing most buyers were Palestinians" (Nassar).  "Chief rabbi cites racist comparisons between 'negroes' and monkeys" (in response to the usual anti-Semitic whining, he points out that he is just commenting on actual Jewish religious texts on the vital issue of how many trees to bless, so it's ok then):
"The halachic question revolves around whether to bless one tree or at least two and in this context, Rabbi Yosef offered examples of other blessings, for example the blessing of "strange creatures" that evoke attention or repulsion, rather than aesthetic pleasure.

“Someone who sees strange creatures blesses them,” he said. “You see a negro, bless him as an exceptional creature. Which negro? When his father and mother are white and he comes out black.” The rabbi emphasized that “not every negro needs to be blessed” and that it only applied to a black person who was born to white parents.

Elaborating on the halachic matter, Rabbi Yosef continued: “You go around in the streets of America, every five minutes you will see a negro. Do you bless him as an ‘exceptional creature?’ However, he should be a negro whose father and mother are white.

“We don’t say a blessing for every negro … He needs to be a negro whose father and mother are white … if you know, they had a monkey for a son, they had a son like that,” Rabbi Yosef continued. "So what will you say, that there needs to be two negroes? No, but this an example that the Gemorah (commentary on the Mishnah, the Oral Torah) gave. So the same applies to trees.”"
"American actor attacked for supporting BDS.  Dersh's long memory (the long vindictive memory is one of the reasons the Khazars are universally loved wherever they go).  The incumbent governor who she's trying to primary is simply spectacularly awful:  "It's not all that crazy to think Cynthia Nixon could be the next New York governor".

The mystery of the Jew York Times and Wars For The Jews: "Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times" (Bacevich).

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Makes you think

"The Red Sea 2015 “Secret Yacht Summit” that Realigned the Middle East" (Hearst).  It is difficult to understand how these fine details could have been confirmed.

"Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid Commits Suicide".  They've got the wrong Prince Bandar (!), and the video footage is of a drunk in Atlanta (!), but it is still interesting that another Saudi prince was suicided while MbS was on his world tour.

"Who Are These Mysterious ‘Activists’ Calling for Boycott of World Cup in Russia?"  Sorositis.  It is funny just how important Yinon is to the Khazars.

"US War Plans: Kurdish land bridge to Israel?" (Krohn).  Absolutely no evidence for this yet, but no doubt an optimal Khazar plan to restart Yinon using the Kurds, something that Trump seems to be wisely resisting by simply doing nothing.

"Afrin, Ghouta and the post-IS scramble for Syria" (Landis).  Much more fact based.

"Déjà Vu with British Poison Allegations Against Russia" (Madsen):
"Much more than circumstantial evidence suggests that Berezovsky, Glushkov, and Patarkatsishvili were murdered by exiled opponents of the Russian government, who also happen to be kingpins in the Eurasian-Israeli mafia that uses Britain as a major base of operations. Britain is favored by these criminal syndicates because of the close working relationship they have with British and American intelligence agencies, as well as with Soros, who maintains a residence in London."
"Dodgy Dossier Two" (Andrews):
"Watching Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in action over the last couple of weeks has been physically painful. This is someone who was almost unknown until he started appearing a few years ago on a popular news quiz on TV, in his capacity as a journalist. He was popular on the show because he appeared to be a likeable buffoon, someone else who had been educated in one of Britain’s most elite schools and yet who appeared to be as thick as two short planks. No one could take him seriously, yet somehow he has now obtained for himself one of the most important and powerful political positions in the country. Whether he’s insulting Europe, China or Russia with his “laddish humour” or his even more worrying attempts at being serious, watching Johnson at work these days is a bit like watching a bumbling clown playing around with matches at a petrol station – whilst you’re trying to top up your car with fuel."
Gab (End Cultural Marxism):
 "Sweden to ban all religious schools - except Jewish schools. Makes you think.

The ((( Bonnier Family ))) owns much of the media in Sweden and supports the 3rd world invasion of Sweden."
"Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again?" (McQueen). Khazar scheming, shekeling, and warmongering for its Empire are accelerating, but wokenness is also accelerating - which one will prevail?  It is a battle, literally, to the death, by nuclear apocalypse.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Of a type

"How They Sold the Iraq War" (St. Clair).  Excellent.  Warmongering as an advertising campaign.  Of course, we ought not to forget that the main warmongering was generated by the (((mainstream media))) lies amplifying the PR of the (((stinktanks))) like (((PNAC))).  It is funny they and their (((masters))) are calling for WWIII at the time of the anniversaries for the Iraq war and the My Lai massacre.

Murray continues his unique - and it should trouble us that he's the only guy actually interested in the truth of what happened - work:  "Boris Johnson Issues Completely New Story on “Russian Novichoks”" and "Boris Johnson Attempt to Refute My Sources on Porton Down the Most Hilarious Fail" and "Portonblimp Down – A Tale By Boris Johnson" and "D’un Type Développé par des Menteurs" and "Porton Down Scientists Under Extreme Pressure To Confirm Nerve Gas As Russian" and naturally, "On Being a Dissenting Voice in 2018" (note (((who))) is attacking him!)

It is hilarious how much trouble they are having with the Official Story, but troubling that the fact they are obviously lying seems to make no difference if the (((media))) is consistent in its warmongering:  ""No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury"" (Moon).

"Russiagate Comes to England" (Giraldi):
"And to throw out a really wild possibility, one might observe that no one in Britain had a stronger motive to generate a major confrontation with a well-defined enemy than Theresa May, who has been under fire by the media and pressured to resign by many in her own Conservative Party. Once upon a time suggesting that a democratically elected government might assassinate someone for political reasons would have been unthinkable, but the 2016 election in the United States has demonstrated that nothing is impossible, particularly if one is considering the possibility that a secret intelligence service might be collaborating with a government to help it stay in power. An incident in which no one was actually killed that can be used to spark an international crisis mandating “strong leadership” would be just the ticket."
"‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead".

"Former French President Sarkozy Arrested "Over Campaign Financing"" (Durden).  There must be some deep intrigue here, as this is the kind of enforcement of law that never happens.

The very definition of irony when a WWIII nuclear (((warmonger))) dies of radiation exposure:  "Cancer, George Monbiot and Nuclear Weapons Test Fallout" (Busby).  Where the hell did I put my tiny violin!

"Brennan, Venality and Turpitude" (Leupp).  "Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared" (McGovern).  There is a very distinctive courtly language of the imperial court in Washington.  It is in the way they always talk, so we don't notice it.  Trump pays little attention to it, but it is striking - the sour note of desperation - when one of the main courtiers fails to speak in the usual measured tones.

"Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel" (Durden).  Naturally.  I wonder if we'll ever see a world where obvious self-serving traitors like May, Johnson, Brennan and Clark are appropriately punished for it.

"US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond" (Pieraccini).  I'm still getting the very strong feeling that it is the Pentagon that is the Resistance to the (((warmongers))) (except for some spectacular traitors like Clark), and a large part of this is coming out of the US-Russian military liaisons necessitated by their proximity in Syria.

"Will Syria be the Battleground for All-Out War Between Russia and America?" (Magnier):
"ISIS has been reduced to a small pocket under US protection in north-east Syria. Actually, this area situated east of the Euphrates is today ISIS’s safe haven and it is therefore forbidden for Russia and the Syrian governmental forces to strike the terrorist group. Previous attempts resulted in the US heavily bombing local forces and their allies.

However, Russia has given enough time to the Syrian government to gather its forces, strike al-Qaeda and clear various enclaves, limiting the control of al-Qaeda and its allies to the vicinity and the city of Idlib, around Damascus (al-Ghouta and Yarmouk) and in the south (Daraa and Quneitra).

The Syrian army managed to divide the Ghouta areas despite the frenetic anti-Russian campaign mounted by mainstream media and the failed US attempts at the United Nations to stop the war on al-Ghouta and to keep this enclave as a sore thumb at the back of the main capital Damascus.

The US’s anger at the Syrian-Russian attack on al-Ghouta needs to be made clearer here: the US occupation of al-Tanf Syrian-Iraqi borders aimed to create a launching platform for its military operations towards Deir al-Zour in the north and al-Ghouta in the east. The US plan was to occupy the city of Deir al-Zour and al-Qaim north-east and the capital Damascus. But Iran went around the area where the US forces were positioned, isolating these in the al-Tanf pocket, and made a qualitative leap to liberate Deir al-Zour and al-Qaim by defeating ISIS forces, who withdrew towards the US area of influence east of the Euphrates.

Moreover, Al-Ghouta is a clear demonstration of the US’s failed plan to attack Damascus. The strategic military planning and link between al-Tanf and al-Ghouta was possible had the Syrian Army and Russia not intervened on time to surround it and attack jihadists to force these to surrenderer and pull out to Idlib. The US thought to create a real menace against Damascus and at least  prevent the parliamentary and presidential elections due next year. By controlling Ghouta, jihadists were supposed to keep up the pace of bombing to render the Syrian capital “unsafe”.

The US and the International community tried to stop the battles of al-Ghouta to no avail. This prompted Washington to exercise its favourite hobby of imposing sanctions on Russia, without succeeding in stopping the Syrian army (fighting without its allies – except Russia) from recovering its control over Ghouta. The answer came immediately from Moscow by bombing Daraa and hitting al-Qaeda’s area of influence in an indication as to where the future theatre of military operations is expected to be.

Again, events are moving very fast: the US response came quickly through its UK ally when Britain took advantage of the poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal in London to accuse Moscow of being behind his assassination. The message here is clear: all means are legitimate for the control of the Middle East, specifically Syria.

Israel followed by demanding the return of  the UNDOF troops, withdrawn in August 2014 following the abduction of 47 UN peacekeepers by al-Qaeda (the ransom for their liberation was paid by Qatar). The Israeli demand coincided – I have learned from well informed sources –  with the gathering of forces of Syria’s allies, including Hezbollah, in Daraa, in preparation for future wide scale military operations. The US considers that the battle of Daraa is directly against itself and its Israeli ally, especially as it is party, along with Russia and Jordan, to the agreement to reduce the escalation there, to serve Israel and secure its security in southern Syria."
"Cambridge Analytica And The Manipulation Of People" (Debs is Dead at Moon of Alabama).  "Obama's Former Campaign Director Makes Bombshell Claim: Facebook Was "On Our Side"" (Durden).  Everybody was doing it, but CA was, at least for the one election, better at it (and specifically better at recognizing the importance of the rustbelt states, although it is also possible that the whole thing turned on Clinton's neurological problems and her physical inability to campaign in the key last days).  Of course, the Ukrainian prostitute honeypot offer is going to sink CA.

"Finally, Some Good News" (Roberts).

"Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet?" (Gorka).  I'm still struck by the consistent pattern that the PR campaigns are always too late!

"BBC Accused of Photoshopping Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat to Look More ‘Russian’" (Zhang).

MbS's visit to the US is for two weeks!  Who does that?

"Jagmeet Singh should ask, ‘What would Thomas D’Arcy McGee do?’" (Geddes).  I'm firmly convinced that Canada is less of a shithole than most other places directly because of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, who was assassinated for it by religious nationalist terrorists - exactly like the nuts we're supposed to be sympathetic to today! - in 1868.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Big Russia lies

"On Not Being Refuted" (Murray).  Gets (((specific))) at the end.

"Russian Double Agent Reportedly Poisoned Through BMW Air Vents As 38 Others Sickened" (Durden).  This is at least the third major iteration of the Official Story (for the first two, see here).  My general advice is, once you pick your lie, stick to it, as the Maxwell Smart 'would you believe  . . . ' does not add to your credibility.  The latest story seems to have been created to improve business prospects in Salisbury!:  "Salisbury, Skripal and Novichok – A Local View from One of England’s Revered Cathedral Cities" (Docksey).

"Boris Johnson Issues Completely New Story on “Russian Novichoks”" (Murray).  Theresa issues carefully qualified statements and Boris straight-up lies, immediately amplified by the (((media))), without the qualifications.  Does Boris think this service is his path to being PM?

"First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW" (Murray):  "The public should ask why.".

The (((media))) is 100% in line with the anti-Russia Khazar lying program.   More of this could well lead to its intended result, nuclear WWIII within the next ten years with millions of lives lost.  I can certainly see the survivors creating summary courts with immediate painful public executions to deal with these warmongering 'journalists' and politicians, and if I survived I wouldn't even consider lifting a finger to stop this.  What these monsters are doing is the single worst possible crime.

"US-UK “Crime of Aggression” against Iraq (2003). War Was Not Conducted in “Self Defense”" (Comar).

"AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork".  "Kushner Cos Accused Of Filing False Documents With NYC" (Durden).  Not complying with an obvious 'anti-Semitic' law created specifically to interfere with the legitimate business of Chabad slumlords!  We're hearing about this solely as a result of inter-Khazar rivalries over getting credit for building the Zionist Empire.

"Opium production in Afghanistan reaches record high".

"Jane Mayer, the New Yorker, and the Art of the Big Russia Lie" (Giraldi).  See also Moon.  By 'progressive' they mean (((progressive))):  "She is a great-great-granddaughter of Emanuel Lehman, a founder of Lehman Brothers."  Lehman.  Just what you might expect, amusingly on point!

"Ex-FBI Assistant Director: There Was A "High-Ranking" Plot To Protect Hillary; Brennan Leaked "Weekly"" (Durden).  From Fox News, so it will be dismissed out of hand, but this is the basic, and consistent, conspiracy.

"Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia: Top Three Stunning Admissions From the Top U.S. General in the Middle East".  The Pentagon, of all places, is the only remaining bastion of sanity in the American government (it is the Pentagon that is refusing to fall for the Syrian false-flag gas attacks, and refusing to start dropping bombs on Russians in Syria, despite the constant blasts of hot air from Khazar-property Nikki).  Besides Trump's basic common sense, the main reason that a lot of the Khazar directives have not been acted on is the refusal of the Pentagon to do treasonous and stupid things.

This is completely, 100%, backwards!:  "Deconstructing the sacking of Rex Tillerson" (Bhadrakumar).

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"“led him into” “quagmire” “contributed to”"
"Exclusive - European powers propose new Iran sanctions to meet Trump ultimatum" (((Rothschild))).  Part of the general (((media))) pattern:  "How The New York Times Is Making War With Iran More Likely" (Wright).

"The Myth of a Neo-Imperial China" (Escobar) - "China, Russia, Iran and Turkey".  This inevitable geopolitical connection is leading to the expression of contradictions, part of The Clarification (see the stuff on Mayer above).

Sunday, March 18, 2018


May's current attack on Russia is disturbing solely for the reason that it seems to have so easily fooled so many people.  As part of The Clarification, it allows us to add to our list of utterly untrustworthy low IQ individuals (mixed, as always, with the usual Khazar treason agents).

""Russia Did It!"" (Martenson).  Solid analysis.

Also very solid:  "Syria: The Horrible End Versus the Endless Horror" (Shields).

This is hilarious:  "(BBC - 15 March 2018) The trouble telling aid workers and foreign fighters apart - the Virginian" .  I suggest a Breathalyzer that can detect human organs.

"Guardian Rips-Off Goebbels - Fascist Propaganda For Better Anti-Russian Smears" (Moon).  We're in a period similar to the time before the illegal American attack on Iraq, where the neocons (well, Khazars) were laying down the PR basis for the attack.  When they feel they are ready we'll see some kind of Israeli false-flag, and then the IQ test of whether we're collectively stupid enough to fall into WWIII (so the Khazars can build their empire without Russian interference).

"SYRIA: Conversations with Camille Otrakji on Eastern Ghouta and the Future of the Region" (Beeley).  Once Assad solidifies the Syrian government's hold on the 80% (which has already happened), the Syrian state can just wait out the Yinonized 20%, as the Yanks and Turks uselessly fritter away money and lives until they put their little tails between their legs and give up (see:  "Trump Asked Saudi King For $4 Billion So US Troops Can Leave Syria").  The Turks are the bigger problem, but extreme Turkish violence against Kurds in Syria, and possible (ironic) conflict with the American Yinonizers, will eventually cause the Turks big Kurdish problems within Turkey, the kind of existential threat which will cause the Turks to wake up.

It is funny how Turkey is already de facto out of NATO - another weakening of American power due to Khazars and their shekels - with most American planes moved to Jordan.

"Canada Struggles as It Opens Its Arms to Victims of ISIS".  ISIS is America's only real remaining ally (along, of course, with al Qaeda, famous for something that happened on 9/11), and a big, big favorite of the Khazar NYT, but there is still the need to virtue signal by pretending to care about the victims of ISIS!

"The Skripal Case: Stakes Up?" (Fomine).  WP helpfully lists the three things, but it is all really about Syria (the other two are on the list to hide the obviousness of the Khazar attack), and Russian success at blocking Yinon in Syria.

"The UK Blames Russia for the Spy Poisoning: It’s Time to Set Our Emotions Aside and Look at the Facts" (Gorka).  Of all the towns Skripal could have chosen to live in he picked the one in the center of the British chemical weapons industry.

"The Puzzling Putin-Trump Relationship".  Typical embarrassing low IQ junk from WhoWhatWhere.  What a waste!   More of the same, expressly on-the-nose tied to Syrian false flag attacks blamed on Assad and Russian assistance at de-terrorization:  "From Dead Spies to Dead Syrian Villagers, Russian Denialism on Chemical Attacks" (Whitaker).

Reminder of the Litvinenko frame-up:  "Litvinenko and the Demise of British Justice" (O'Neill).  In this series of odd deaths in Britain the only one I can see Putin doing, based simply on common sense and motive, is Berezovsky, described by British authorities as a suicide.

"The US Warns Damascus over the Use of Deadly Substances: Blaming Others for One’s Own Sins" (Savitsky).

"Israeli Parliament Endorses Final Version of “Jewish Nation-State Bill”" (Cook).  It is always amazing what the chutzpah (and shekels) of the Khazars lets them get away with.  The basic problem is that any semblance of modern human rights law in force in the world is utterly incompatible with the Khazar violent racist group supremacist state.  Another part of The Clarification.

'Hello, Newman' news:  "Kenneth Marcus, Trump’s nominee for civil rights, has a long history of working against them" (Ayoub/Agnew/Tobin).  The most striking thing, particularly given Khazar self-congratulation over how many of them are liberal and progressive leaders, is how much Zionism has forced the Khazars into stereotypical American anti-progressive and racist positions, as we've seen with recent pronouncement from Dersh (you're not supposed to notice).