Sunday, March 18, 2018


May's current attack on Russia is disturbing solely for the reason that it seems to have so easily fooled so many people.  As part of The Clarification, it allows us to add to our list of utterly untrustworthy low IQ individuals (mixed, as always, with the usual Khazar treason agents).

""Russia Did It!"" (Martenson).  Solid analysis.

Also very solid:  "Syria: The Horrible End Versus the Endless Horror" (Shields).

This is hilarious:  "(BBC - 15 March 2018) The trouble telling aid workers and foreign fighters apart - the Virginian" .  I suggest a Breathalyzer that can detect human organs.

"Guardian Rips-Off Goebbels - Fascist Propaganda For Better Anti-Russian Smears" (Moon).  We're in a period similar to the time before the illegal American attack on Iraq, where the neocons (well, Khazars) were laying down the PR basis for the attack.  When they feel they are ready we'll see some kind of Israeli false-flag, and then the IQ test of whether we're collectively stupid enough to fall into WWIII (so the Khazars can build their empire without Russian interference).

"SYRIA: Conversations with Camille Otrakji on Eastern Ghouta and the Future of the Region" (Beeley).  Once Assad solidifies the Syrian government's hold on the 80% (which has already happened), the Syrian state can just wait out the Yinonized 20%, as the Yanks and Turks uselessly fritter away money and lives until they put their little tails between their legs and give up (see:  "Trump Asked Saudi King For $4 Billion So US Troops Can Leave Syria").  The Turks are the bigger problem, but extreme Turkish violence against Kurds in Syria, and possible (ironic) conflict with the American Yinonizers, will eventually cause the Turks big Kurdish problems within Turkey, the kind of existential threat which will cause the Turks to wake up.

It is funny how Turkey is already de facto out of NATO - another weakening of American power due to Khazars and their shekels - with most American planes moved to Jordan.

"Canada Struggles as It Opens Its Arms to Victims of ISIS".  ISIS is America's only real remaining ally (along, of course, with al Qaeda, famous for something that happened on 9/11), and a big, big favorite of the Khazar NYT, but there is still the need to virtue signal by pretending to care about the victims of ISIS!

"The Skripal Case: Stakes Up?" (Fomine).  WP helpfully lists the three things, but it is all really about Syria (the other two are on the list to hide the obviousness of the Khazar attack), and Russian success at blocking Yinon in Syria.

"The UK Blames Russia for the Spy Poisoning: It’s Time to Set Our Emotions Aside and Look at the Facts" (Gorka).  Of all the towns Skripal could have chosen to live in he picked the one in the center of the British chemical weapons industry.

"The Puzzling Putin-Trump Relationship".  Typical embarrassing low IQ junk from WhoWhatWhere.  What a waste!   More of the same, expressly on-the-nose tied to Syrian false flag attacks blamed on Assad and Russian assistance at de-terrorization:  "From Dead Spies to Dead Syrian Villagers, Russian Denialism on Chemical Attacks" (Whitaker).

Reminder of the Litvinenko frame-up:  "Litvinenko and the Demise of British Justice" (O'Neill).  In this series of odd deaths in Britain the only one I can see Putin doing, based simply on common sense and motive, is Berezovsky, described by British authorities as a suicide.

"The US Warns Damascus over the Use of Deadly Substances: Blaming Others for One’s Own Sins" (Savitsky).

"Israeli Parliament Endorses Final Version of “Jewish Nation-State Bill”" (Cook).  It is always amazing what the chutzpah (and shekels) of the Khazars lets them get away with.  The basic problem is that any semblance of modern human rights law in force in the world is utterly incompatible with the Khazar violent racist group supremacist state.  Another part of The Clarification.

'Hello, Newman' news:  "Kenneth Marcus, Trump’s nominee for civil rights, has a long history of working against them" (Ayoub/Agnew/Tobin).  The most striking thing, particularly given Khazar self-congratulation over how many of them are liberal and progressive leaders, is how much Zionism has forced the Khazars into stereotypical American anti-progressive and racist positions, as we've seen with recent pronouncement from Dersh (you're not supposed to notice).
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