Friday, March 23, 2018

Gloom and despair

"Boris Johnson A Categorical Liar" (Murray).  "Skripal case: DS Bailey leaves hospital; MSM still spinning casualty figures".  The clumsiness of the lying is striking.

"CCTV Footage From Las Vegas Reveals Stephen Paddock's Last Hours Before Massacre" (Durden):
"And yet, despite the CCTV footage of Paddock "acting normal" before to the shooting, we still don't know what his motive was - a vacuum which several conspiracy theories have filled, including speculation that Paddock was actually an arms dealer in a sale gone wrong. As the theory goes, this might explain the 23 firearms he had in his hotel room. When the deal went sideways - Paddock's buyers killed him, staged his body, and opened fire on the crowd."
The arms dealer part makes a lot of sense - it fits all the facts, including his mysterious source of income - but we need a wider conspiracy explanation for why the murderers felt they had to shoot the crowd, which only complicated matters for them.  Crooks in business don't look for more trouble.

There are some obvious sources in the conspiracy area that I never link to, as they give me the creeps due to some dark agenda which I can't quite put my finger on:  "defend vanessa beeley & eva bartlett against sibel edmonds & her crew (much like intercept or EI, they’re all pro-jihadi)" (Niqnaq).  Various Islamist terrorists are the proxy armies of choice in our world of crapified 'leadership', moron politicians who can't stop the obvious decline of their countries without dangerous help, which explains a lot.

Speaking of crapified leadership (she's clearly being blackmailed with the Stasi stuff):  "Germany’s Pivot From Russian Gas Will Be Costly" (Smith) (a too late and typically incompetent effort to block Nord Stream 2 is certainly the motive behind the Skripal shenanigans) and "Three Years after Guilt-Trip Ambush: Germany to Enhance Societal Destabilization on Path to Self-Destruction" (Steil) (self-abnegation is a curious, but real, form of supremacism).

"US Splurges More Cash on Balkans Arms for Syria".

"Turkey 'To Launch Wider Offensive Against Kurds' After Taking Afrin" (Cockburn).  It looks like Turkey will be happy to return Afrin to Syria once they have ethnically cleansed it of Kurds and replaced them with Arabs.  Whether they continue ethnic cleansing in the east almost comes down to an IQ test for the Kurds, which the Kurds are so far failing spectacularly (note how the irrational desire for a 'homeland' drives people stark raving mad to the point of self-destruction) .

I've started to link to many things today, and then withdrawn them as there was something 'off' about them, usually a big chunk of obvious propaganda buried within what appears to be larger woke pieces.

"Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country" (Antoon).  From time to time the NYT publishes pieces like this for laughs, perhaps to celebrate the return of the neocons to Washington.  It is more than a little striking that Bolton shows up, just now, like the Khazars are rubbing our faces in it.  Stupid goyim actually thought they had some power over the inevitable Wars For The Jews!

"It’s Disturbingly Easy to Buy Iraq’s Archeological Treasures" (Barford).

The Bolton thing is huge, as it represents a sea change in Trump's own reckoning of his place in the world.   He's been managing things remarkably well, steering between mostly Khazar-paid traitors like the never-Trumpers, the Clintonistas and various assorted Zionists, all with the help of some unseen American patriots, which help he now appears to feel he no longer needs, allowing him to take the shekels.  He really did need the help of those patriots, and I fully expect to see him entering a period of personal disasters.  The problem, as always, with the Khazars is that they never stop shekeling until the larger society reacts violently in self-defense.

"Jared Kushner, RIP: a Political Obituary for the President’s Son-in-Law" (Prins).  In a world of Bolton I can see President Jared hanging on, influence peddling and khazaring to the bitter end.

I'll bet you've never even heard of it, proving, as always, that the (((media))) is doing its job:  "Taylor Force Act about to sneak through Congress, perpetuating oppression of Palestinians" (Shihadah).

"The Political Vulnerability and Impunity of the Israel Lobby. The Intellectual Advocates of “Greater Israel”" (Johnson).  As we've seen from the commie bros bizarrely sticking up for rapists like Weinstein (and the list continues to expand in a certain direction), the tentacles are everywhere.

Speaking of over-confidence, the Brazilian right:  "Marielle Killing: An Imminent Military Coup in Brazil?" (Montesanti) and "Who Killed Marielle Franco?" (Mahony).

At this point we should no longer be shocked, as these groups are all just warmongering fronts (we should be happy, I guess, that they are not amongst the larger group of child raping charities): "Amnesty International Trumpeting for War… Again" (de Rooij).

"Mark Zuckerberg Is Calling for Regulation of Social Media To Lock in Facebook's Position".  Maybe this explains his striking incompetence at defending himself (the history of 'mistakes').  Also, lest we forget (and we wouldn't have any idea of this without WikiLeaks):  "Facebook COO Sandberg To John Podesta: "I Want Hillary To Win Badly"" (Durden).

Some amusing 'noticing':  "Jonathan Weisman In NYT: “Jews Need To Assert A Voice In The Public Arena”" (Sailer) (diy 'anti-Semitism if the goyim aren't up to doing it themselves!) and "9-Year Old Black Mississippi Boy Deliberately Shoots Sister, Story Illustrated With Stock Photos Of White Kids" (Fulford). Less amusing 'noticing' (I'm still liberal enough to feel that the do-it-yourself death penalty is a bit high, even for car theft, but it does place some unwanted responsibility on the victim's 'community', when we all know the 'communities' are above any criticism):  "The Young Cree Man from Saskatchewan. Without Truth There Is No Reconciliation: Two Colten Boushie Stories" (Repo).

This may be the big investigative break:  "East Area Rapist Linked To Rash Of Rancho Cordova Cat Burglaries".

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