Saturday, March 10, 2018

His tea without sugar

"Poisioned British-Russian Double-Agent Has Links To Clinton Campaign" (Moon).  If, as is likely, this is an MI6 false-flag attack to blame Putin using some British government chemical from Porton Down, then the Telegraph (!) input is almost certainly part of the plot (the mainstream media is always part of the intelligence plot), providing a motive for Putin by attaching Skripal to the Steele dossier and thus the War on Putin.  In the complete absence of any plausible motive for Putin to do this, especially now, the Independent tries out a more plausible story (sounds like they are going to dig up the whole family!):  "Sergei Skripal: Former double agent may have been poisoned with nerve agent over 'freelance' spying, sources say".

Dad writes the dossier, but son is a Putin agent!

"Thoughts on the Trump-Kim Summit" (Marshall).  Simply a terrible tragedy for Clintonistas, Democrats, and Khazars.

"Establishment alarmed as Trump threatens to gut US ‘democracy promotion’ racket". Again, a largely Khazar-run racket.  Will the anti-Semitism never stop?

"Was Christopher Steele Paid by Russian Oligarch and Putin Ally Oleg Deripaska?" (Smith). In a real way, the dossier has been most damaging to the Clintonistas/Democrats and those that suffer from Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome, so maybe four-dimensional chess player, that rascal Putin, set up the dossier!  Putin has been able to do pretty much what he wants, unopposed, while Americans run around stabbing each other in the back.  Given the bizarre Khazar domination of American politics, this kind of unexpected slight of hand may be just the trick.

"The Russian billionaire next door: Putin ally is tied to one of D.C.’s swankiest mansions".  "Meet the Russian oligarch who paid Trump’s former campaign manager to help Putin".

"The new Russian nuclear arsenal restores world bipolarity" (Meyssan).

"What the US Government Is Not Telling You About Those ‘Sonic Attacks’ in Cuba" (Kornbluh).  CIA, not 'diplomats' - everything suddenly becomes clear.

"Adelson-Funded Friends of Israel Excuse European Alt-Right’s Anti-Semitism" (Lobe/Clifton).  Friends of Israel Initiative, funded by Adelson, Marcus, Middle East Forum (Pipes), Rosenwald (Gatestone Institute) and Ellison, and spreading the usual Khazar warmongering propaganda using embarrassing washed-up political has-beens.  Also:  "Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Aiding Zionist Group’s Push to Oust McMaster" - Safra Catz, probably a little too on-the-nose - if you know what I mean - to sneak in there!

"The Only Jewish Ghetto in the Middle East " (Atzmon).
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