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The CIA is hard at work - just imagine the kind of threats they can make! - massaging the Haspel biography:  "On the Gina Haspel torture story: fake, but inaccurate".  Note how they get the story 'withdrawn', even though the essential fact that she's a psychopathic sicko hand's-on torturer remains true.  At the end of the day, the only person who went to jail is the whistleblower John Kiriakou.

"Trump Slams "Sanctimonious Comey" After Sessions Fires FBI's McCabe A Day Before Retirement" (Durden).  Excellent!!!  The first real message delivered to the traitors.  I imagine McCabe will now be rewarded with a stinktank job, but traitors down the line may not be so lucky.

"Sherman investigation initially focused only on Barry’s wife Honey as a murder victim".  Note how The Star swallows whole the laughably ridiculous story provided by the family.  Honey's murder by Barry will forever remain 'unsolved' as any chance of an honest police investigation is over.  Just in case you have any doubt how much power these people have.

"A source emailed me his life’s work. Then, he ended his life" (Korte).  The 'murder-suicide' of the US expert on Presidential pardons.

"Syrian War For Dummies - Three Versions" (Durden).  Some of us are getting really, really tired of Teh Stupid.

"Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat" (Shupak).  Not to notice, but it seems to be mostly a Khazar concern, just as you would expect, peace  being very 'anti-Semitic'.

"Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West Ready to Attack" (Vitchek).  There is something striking about the fact that the Khazar propaganda is always so late, we cycle through this series of baits for larger wars which are never taken up, allowing the Syrians to de-terrorize before anything is done to stop them.  So much solid good can be done simply by ignoring the whining for a while.

"Letter to the Z Man" (Quinn).  'Anti-Semitism' is their carefully crafted term, which is silly as the targets aren't even Semites, and we're not 'anti', just open minded to the dangers of unchecked violent racist group supremacism.  I like 'Khazar skepticism' as an appropriate term.

"Ali Abunimah: Israel Versus Russian Media Influence":
"What the Michael Flynn indictment showed, or the plea deal or the proffer – whatever it’s called in legal terms – was that Michael Flynn had talked to the Russian ambassador on behalf of Israel. What all the papers and the reporting show is that he had done this on behalf of Israel at the behest of Jared Kushner, who was doing it at the request of Binyamin Netanyahu. This Israeli interference was to try to undermine the policy of the sitting administration at the time, which was still the Obama administration – this was during the transition – in order to undermine the Obama policy of allowing – of course, Obama never had the courage to stand up to Israel, really, certainly not to vote for a resolution on Palestinian rights. But the Obama policy was to not veto it and to let it pass, and so to kind of give it a wink.

What Netanyahu wanted to do through Jared Kushner was to undermine the Obama administration policy. The evidence of the collusion is right there for all to see. What was so interesting, what came out in the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury as well, which again was filling the airwaves for a couple of minutes or days or weeks, or however long a news cycle is now, was that Steve Bannon said right there in Fire and Fury that the entire Trump administration policy on Jerusalem, on Palestine, on Israel was from the very beginning dictated by Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel billionaire, the casino billionaire, who now wants to pay for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Basically a total privatization, outsourcing, of U.S. foreign policy to a pro-Israel oligarch.

Nobody has found any Russian oligarch or billionaire who’s exerted anything close to that kind of influence on the Trump administration or any other U.S. politician. Sheldon Adelson is doing it to the point where he’s going to actually buy the U.S. Embassy. This is treated as something completely normal and unremarkable practically. Instead, we’ve got MSNBC going crazy about indictments of a few people at the troll farm in St. Petersburg – I still call it Leningrad – and who had zero impact on the U.S. election.

There are some serious implications to all of this Russiagate hysteria. I want to focus on one of them, because time is short. Actually the part that’s been relatively unexamined is that the Russiagate hysteria, which is being pushed by the so-called resistance and also by many on the left – unfortunately people go along with it because it’s kind of this easy no-cost way to oppose Trump – but it’s helping the Israel lobby in some very material ways. It’s reinforcing the Israel lobby. [Audience member asks “how?”] I’m going to just – give me a minute, I’ll get there.

Part of this Russiagate hysteria was to go after RT. It used to be called Russia Today, now it’s called RT. They’re just down the street. I was there at lunchtime, I gave them an interview. And as part of the Russiagate hysteria, they were forced to register under FARA – the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which, mysteriously, AIPAC has not done. This was generally applauded by a lot of liberals, a lot of Democrats. And, lo and behold, Grant mentioned this morning the Al Jazeera documentary.

The one that was done by Al Jazeera last year on the British/Israel lobby was very important. It showed the underhanded tactics. There was undercover film of an Israeli Embassy agent plotting to bring down a British government minister who was perceived as too critical of Israel. That he had criticized the settlements, so they wanted to bring him down. That plot, I don’t know how far they got, but Al Jazeera busted it with this undercover investigation. And the British establishment swept it under the carpet. But it’s very important for the public to know.

Then, back in October, Al Jazeera revealed that they had done a similar long-term investigation in the United States, an undercover investigation. We can glean some of the organizations that they have focused on because some of the names floated around. But the point is, they got into some of the key Israel lobby organizations. As Grant said, they’ve gone all-out to suppress this. Qatar reportedly promised top Israel lobby officials that they would suppress this film. Qatar has denied it. Who knows?

What we do know is that four months after Al Jazeera announced that the film would be broadcast very soon, it still hasn’t been aired. And what we know is that the Israel lobby and the pro-Israel members of Congress are now circulating a letter to the Justice Department demanding that Al Jazeera be forced to register as a foreign agent, and citing the registration of RT as the precedent.

So Russiagate created the precedent to suppress the Israel lobby documentary. We need to see that connection. We also need to see the connection that some of the top Russiagate pushers in Congress, like Sen. Ben Cardin – who is the main sponsor of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, who claims to be against Russian interference – is one of the main proponents of Israeli interference in American politics in this way.

We also need to understand the bigger picture around the Israel lobby documentary, which is that Qatar and the Gulf states see the Israel lobby as the way to Washington’s heart. So when you want to show yourself to be the best pupil in Donald Trump’s heavily armed classroom, you suck up to the Israel lobby. Qatar is doing that in spades, with inviting – They just had the head of the Zionist organization of America, how do you like that, on an all-expenses paid trip to meet with the emir of Qatar. Alan Dershowitz, who came back singing Qatar’s praises and comparing Qatar to poor little Israel boycotted and besieged.

Another thing about Russiagate came out a few days ago in The Washington Post: that Jared Kushner, that four countries discussed how to use his business interests and business problems as leverage to pressure him. Four countries. Guess what? One of them was Israel, and none of them was Russia. So there’s quite a toxic mix going on there. But this morning Grant said that he thinks this is going to work, that we’re not going to see the Israel lobby documentary. Grant, I’m going to say I bet you’re wrong. One way or another, we’re going to see it. We have to keep up the pressure. We have to keep demanding sunshine on this Israel lobby interference – Israelgate, let’s call it."
"Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support!" (Atzmon).  Another in the long, long list of Khazar abuse of the legal system to advance their violent racist group supremacist interests, an abuse called 'lawfare'.

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