Thursday, March 15, 2018

Long and messy

Gab (Radical Catholic):
"So, this is from three days ago, since deleted."
We don't, of course, really have a term for it, but this group supremacist nepotism is quite the racket, and we all somehow put up with it: "For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move" (Weiss).  They give each other jobs, and then spread the Khazar party line.

Ultra-related:  "A Very Jewish Scandal: The Newmark Affair as Paradigm of Jewish Corruption" (Langdon):
 "As you can see from the Jewish Chronicle’s story above, the JLC justified its silence by the Jewish principle of lashon hara, which literally means “evil tongue.” The principle tells Jews that it is a serious sin to reveal harmful truths about a fellow Jew unless doing so serves a good end, such as preventing crime or correcting misbehaviour. But that’s exactly why the JLC should have exposed Newmark, not least by reporting him to the police. He was a public figure who subsequently stood for parliament, asking for and winning the votes of people who did not have all the information they should have had about his character.

Would the JLC have protected a gentile who had behaved in the same way as Newmark? I find it impossible to believe that it would. I also suggest that the true motive behind the JLC’s leniency was not lashon hara, but the desire to avoid a shande far di goyim, “a scandal in front of the goyim.” Newmark’s behaviour evoked a classic anti-Semitic stereotype: that of the greedy, self-centred Jewish fraudster. Exposing his crimes would have been very embarrassing on that ground alone. More importantly, perhaps, it would also have shed an unwelcome light on the composition of the JLC, where Jews from supposedly hostile political traditions are happily cooperating in pursuit of shared Jewish interests."
". . . you will not see the Newmark Affair properly analysed in the mainstream media or by respectable academics. It will not be called a “Jewish scandal” and its specifically Jewish features will not be used to support a certain heretical conclusion. And what is that conclusion? Namely, that persistent aspects of Jewish culture and behaviour are very bad for British politics and for wider British society. Jeremy Newmark is not a unique anomaly or a rare exception: the dishonesty, selfishness and greed he displayed are both more common among Jews and more likely to be concealed by Jews from official scrutiny."
"Jewish Labour Movement reports “financial matters” to police" (Winstanley):
"Soon after, trustees met with Newmark, who then reluctantly agreed to step down over “health issues” – but only with a handsome payoff.

He would continue receiving his salary and “reasonable” expenses for three months as a “consultant,” which would then be followed by severance of another three months of salary.

Stephen Pack later wrote to Davis and other fellow trustees of his concern that “the true reason for [Newmark’s] departure will emerge, regardless of our attempts to keep it confidential.”

He agreed with Davis’ plan to pay Newmark with the additional three months of salary after his departure as “a full investigation would have cost at least that amount.”

Pack added that it did “not sit well to pay someone who has done what he has,” but that it was better than “a long and messy investigation in the public eye.”"
See also:  "Failed British politician hired by leading Israel lobbyist" (Cronin).  She had a soul, so they bought it.

"Gohar added that Facebook complies with “only” 85 percent of reports from Israel’s state attorney office."  "A new post containing incitement against Palestinians is uploaded every 71 seconds, the group has calculated."

"Seth Rich's Mom Cries As She Describes What Fox Did To Her Son's Soul".  I'm still anxious to see how spit balling possible truths about somebody else, who is (ironically) dead, gives you a cause of action to suppress free speech.  Fox didn't apologize for guessing that the dead guy might be an American hero?  That hardly seems worth crying over.  Also, Streisand effect?

"Novichok and Theresa May’s ’45 Minute Moment’" (TruPublica).  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice (or dozens of times with the same crap), shame on me.

"UN "reports" on casualties in Syria" (Angry Arab).

"Fake News Storm Clouds Gather Over Southeast Asia" (Thomas).  Cambodia and Thailand are woke, and are thus under a heavy attack of lies.

"Sex assault allegations force resignation of Quebec human rights commission head".  Ha!  "An introduction to the intersectional approach".
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