Thursday, March 29, 2018

No motivation

"The Skripal Affair" (Sakwa).  But hella-dumb in stating:  "Israel has a large chemical weapon inventory and is not a party to the OPCW; but it has no motivation for such an attack . . . ".  Needless to say, we're in the middle of a massive attack by the Khazars on Putin due to his interference with Yinon in Syria.

"Putin and the Skripal Affair – Cui Bono?" (Makinde).  Succinct statement of the overwhelming issue.

"REVEALED: Pentagon’s $70 Million Chemical & Biological Program at Porton Down in UK" (Gaytandzhieva).

"Some Further Thoughts on the Skripal Affair" (O'Neill):
"The Skripals were admitted to Salisbury Hospital on 4 March 2018 and it took until 14 March for the British government to invite the OPC W to assist in the technical evaluation of what had caused the Skripal’s illness.

The Judge did not comment on why it took 10 days for this invitation to issue, particularly as the Russian government had correctly pointed out that it should have been done much earlier in accordance with the article 9 of the Convention."
"What will Trump's 'ultimate deal' mean for Palestinians?" (Persson):
". . . earlier this month, it was reported in various media outlets that the PA's intelligence chief, Majid Faraj, has seen the latest version of the 35-page peace plan in Riyadh. According to Palestinian officials that spoke to the media on condition of anonymity, this version of the peace plan included the establishment of a Palestinian state with provisional borders on half of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, without Jerusalem, and with only humanitarian solutions to the refugee issue. The plan, moreover, calls for "building a new Jerusalem for the Palestinians from the city's surrounding villages" and also keeps Palestinian security and borders in the hands of Israel."
"The latest round of leaks also implies that Trump's peace plan will go ahead with or without the PA's approval. This would mean a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from parts of the West Bank if the Palestinians reject the plan, as they are widely expected to do. A unilateral Israeli withdrawal from parts of the West Bank is precisely what the INSS, the leading centre-left Israeli think-tank, has long advocated for.

In this context, it is worth remembering that a similar discussion to this one took place nearly 15 years ago, when Israel decided to unilaterally disengage from Gaza. Back then, when Ariel Sharon presented his plan to unilaterally disengage from Gaza, because he did not want to negotiate an agreement with Abbas, whom he called a "plucked chicken", many analysts said the Palestinians and the international community would not accept the legitimacy of the unilateral disengagement plan. But they all did. Gaza immediately became a valued prize for the rival Palestinian factions, the EU provided monitors for the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza, and Sharon's image was transformed in many parts of the world from a war criminal to a celebrated statesman. Could something like this happen this time as well? "
"Bolton’s plan to make Palestine disappear" (Brown).  "The last ‘peace process’ warrior: Abbas hanging by a thread" (Baroud).  Abbas is just finishing up the job he is paid to do.

The Israelis, in anticipation of Bolton disasters they will properly be blamed for, are preemptively distancing themselves by owning up to previous Bolton outrages, putting the fault for working for the Khazars all on Bolton, all as if the Israelis are victims of Bolton's insanity!!!:  "Bolton updated Israel to avert hostile UN moves" and "Former Israeli Defense Chief: Bolton Pushed Israel's Military Toward Preemptive Strike On Iran".

Why is it so difficult for people to accept the preeminent political act, bribery?  Lots to unpack:  "Major Israeli intelligence penetration of Trump campaign and administration discovered" (Madsen).

"What Russia Needs to Learn From Gaddafi’s Mistakes" (Lulko) (see here and here):
"What if Sarkozy, considering the material difficulties of his “Republicans” party (he lost both presidential and parliamentary elections), decided to take a slice of the sweet pie of frozen Libyan assets?

Sarkozy’s arrest made it clear that he should not open his mouth for that pie. In addition, it is very tempting for President Macron to make Sarkozy responsible both for the collapse of Libya and the influx of refugees to Europe. Yet, why would Sarkozy kill the golden goose?

It was France that unleashed the war against Libya before the United Kingdom and the United States supported it. The reasons for the aggression can be found in the leaked correspondence of Sidney Blumenthal and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the US officials, Gaddafi’s long-term plan was to replace France as the dominant power in West Africa.

It turns out that Gaddafi had saved 143 tons of gold and about the same amount of silver that he intended to use to form a Pan-African currency based on the Libyan gold dinar. As Blumenthal wrote, the plan was to offer French-speaking African countries an alternative to the CFA franc. That was one of the factors that pushed then-President Sarkozy towards a decision to launch military operations in Libya. Noteworthy, the CFA franc was pegged to the French franc.

Of course, Sarkozy could not lose such a lever of control of ex-colonies. Most likely he had discussed the freezing of Libya’s assets with allies. Western countries thus obtained nearly $60 billion and the control over Libya’s oil deposits."
Libya was obviously a War For The Jews (it is laughable to talk about 'control of oil'), which isn't to say there weren't other, more local, motives. What is most interesting is that billions disappeared into thin air, and nobody, until now, has expressed the slightest curiosity over who has it.

"Hawks Always Fail Upwards" (Larison).  I tire of these analyses that try to operate without Khazars, as if there is otherwise some peculiarity in the American Empire that causes it to do obviously ridiculously stupid things, over and over.  Sheldon bought Bolton into the Trump Administration, exactly as if he established a chair at a university.

"Bolton Means Another War for Israel is Coming" (Giraldi) (American troops are in Israel with the specific intention that they be killed):
"When Israel attacks Syria and/or Lebanon, as it clearly intends to do, Hezbollah will retaliate with its missiles, some of which will surely be directed towards the Mashabim Air Base, which will be targeted to inhibit the base’s ability to bomb Lebanon. And once Washington is well and truly engaged in what is referred to as “force protection,” Israel will undoubtedly widen the conflict by drawing Iran in through attacks on that country’s identified bases in Syria that are supporting the al-Assad regime. The bigger war will suddenly become America’s responsibility after Israel inevitably proves itself incapable of handling the escalation."
"Strange Things Happen to European Countries Resisting George Soros’ Assault" (Gorka).  "“Soros won’t get rid of Orban”".

"Germany Approves Russia-Led Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline" (Paraskova).

"The sharks circling around Corbyn scent blood" (Cook).  "Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour’s Israel lobby" (Winstanley).  "Enough is more than enough!" (Atzmon).  You can't negotiate with supremacists, as they can never give in on any point, due to the simple fact that their 100% victory is ordained by their deity.  They take every concession as the starting point for the next round of negotiations, which have to end in your giving in.  Corbyn can't win discussing their insane allegations with them, just as the 'facts on the ground' are the ratcheting of their land theft in Palestine.  This is why these things always end in pogroms and holocausts - there is literally no other way to manage the problem (the JQ) unless you decide to give them everything.  It is funny how the Khazars are so, so ostentatiously 'progressive', yet the effects of what they do is always the opposite of progressive.

"Settlers break 64-year-old Palestinian farmer's jaw".

"Antisemitism: The Questions that Require Urgent Answers" (Stehling).

Privilege. "'Jews Are Not Missionaries,' Rabbis Attack Israeli Plan to Reach Out to Tens of Millions of 'Potential Jews'".

"‘Covert’ tactics, more search warrants may be coming in Barry and Honey Sherman murder probe: Police" (The Toronto Star The Sherman Family - except Honey - News).    Obviously they are going to have to hire OJ, the world expert in this kind of investigation.  “Surreptitious or covert” techniques!

"Shakespeare said it best" (Blum).  "Voodoo or verifiable? Big Data’s ability to sway elections faces scrutiny" (Delacourt).  I suppose you've noticed that the most recent revelations are essentially an advertising campaign extolling the successes of, and necessity for, political back-room operators. The Trump win, employing much less money and up against what were supposed to be the greatest political schemers of out time, was bad advertising for these guys, so now were hearing wild stories about how Cambridge Analytica - not to mention that rascal Putin - are magicians at manipulation.

"Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: My Predecessor Was Poisoned" (Durden).

Sibel's defining tweet.

"Ann Coulter: 3-D Chess–It Only LOOKS Like Trump Is Throwing Away His Presidency!"  "Trump is so Incompetent that Impeaching Him Would Strengthen the Right" (Studebaker).  The funny thing is that the Ryan group seems to be the one getting everything it wants, so much so that Ryan may be stepping down, his life's work being done.

"Doubt cast on Saudi claims of Houthi missile interception".  "Two Failures In One Day - Missile Defense Is An Embarrassment - It Won't Work" (Moon).  The delusion of missile defense is bad as it tricks people into thinking they can risk war without consequences, but good as such people are going to get a wonderful comeuppance.

"Trump crime syndicate opening up Africa to grifters and mercenaries" (Madsen) (on Dennis Lennox, a particularly fragrant example of the type):
"Lennox’s scam is not much different from that of Tzvika Brot, the head of the Trump for President absentee ballot campaign in Israel that targeted dual U.S.-Israeli citizens in Israel and the illegally-occupied West Bank. Brot, a veteran of Israel Army Radio, who is now running for mayor of Ramat Yam, a center for the right-wing Likud Party, owing to its large Russian Jewish emigré and Orthodox Jewish population, runs BSI Public Affairs, a firm incorporated in Delaware.

BSI has managed to secure a contract to represent the government of Hungary in Washington. It also has an agreement with the Washington lobbying firm of Sanitas International, which represents Bahrain, Dubai, Afghanistan, Republic of Congo, and Trinidad and Tobago. BSI, which is represented legally in Washington by Marc Zell, the law partner of former Pentagon official and known Israeli agent-of-influence Douglas Feith, has also had contracts with the governments of Kenya, Japan, France, and Angola. Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, claims his predecessor in the firm died from likely poisoning in a Kenya hotel room after a deal with the Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube “went sour.” Black Cube was retained by disgraced Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein to dig up dirt on women who accused him of sexual assault.

Trump’s Washington has made it easier for scammers and fraudsters of every stripe to get rich quick as laws on ethics and propriety are cast by the wayside."
"Nickelodeon Parts Ways With TV Series Producer Dan Schneider".  One of the most notorious of the gossip alleged pedos.

"Protesters say restaurant owner made show of eating meat in response to animal rights demonstration".  It was vegetarians, and specifically vegans, who established the principal that you could rudely insist that everybody else fall in line with your own peculiar mental problems, which is why you now need to go to jail if you fail to use the requisite pronouns when addressing someone.  It is the establishment of bad manners as a form of politics.
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