Wednesday, March 14, 2018

No sense of humor

"Krieger: "It's Impossible To Overstate How Terrible Mike Pompeo Is" (Krieger).  "Tillerson out and Pompeo in: ‘From Exxon’s CEO to the Koch Brothers’ most loyal lapdog’" (Conely).  "‘Bomb Iran & execute Snowden’: Brief history of Pompeo’s foreign policy rhetoric".  Koch-up.

There's a treaty protocol for dealing with these chemical weapon issues which May completely ignored as she is only interested in the PR:  "Russia’s statement to the OPCW in response to allegation of complicity in alleged Skripal poisoning".

"Novichok – toxic questions about chemical at center of Skripal saga".

"Tillerson Fired by Trump Hours After Blaming Russia for Chemical Attack in U.K." (Mackey).  Bringing the Tillerson firing within the Russiagate narrative, with Trump again treasonously standing up for his secret pal Putin.

Tweet (Kelechi Okafor):
"All jokes aside, I knew this country was a mess when that spy got killed and folded into a hold-all and news outlets told us that he put himself in the bag (that was in the bathtub) and padlocked it from the outside."
"How Zionist is the New World Order" (Guyénot).  Useless nattering about the 'Jews', when it is the Khazars who are the problem.  Citing Biblical history just plays into their identity theft game.

"Neocon Specter of John Bolton Looms over Trump White House" (Madsen).  The (((media))) is floating that name again, as (((they))) do.

"Why is NATO Air Force Moving from Turkey to Jordan?" (Vltchek).

"Venezuelan Opposition Protests Proposed UN Electoral Observer Mission".  The opposition is preparing for its loss.

"Former Black Panther Herman Wallace dies days after judge overturns murder conviction that saw him serve 41 years in solitary confinement".  Phony Black Panthers are topical, but 41 years in solitary means that somebody was really, deeply threatened by the real Black Panthers.

"Family of slain DNC staffer sues Fox News over retracted story".  The cause of action is a real stretch; the real story is that somebody is tired of hearing about the Killary assassination of Rich.

"US Political Meddling is Very Real, Spans the Globe" (Gunnar).  "National Endowment for Democracy".  Always led by the same ultra-Zionist, what a shock!

"The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller".  "American Jews need Israel to be safe — megadonor Paul Singer" (Weiss).

"What’s in Al Jazeera’s undercover film on the US Israel lobby?" (Winstanley).  "We Made A Documentary Exposing The ‘Israel Lobby.’ Why Hasn’t It Run?" (Swisher).  Everybody's waiting for it, but it appears it is being held up in a kind of protection racket while World Jewry promises to give Qatar its country back - restored from the MbS threats - in return for hiding it or emasculating it:  "Alan Dershowitz demands censorship of Al Jazeera Israel lobby film" (Abunimah).  Is that the real reason why Dersh has been in Qatar?

No sense of humor:  "Dem senator: Why is Trump silent on Putin blaming Jews for election interference?"

"Syria’s War of Ethnic Cleansing" (Cockburn).  Completely bizarre Kurdish propaganda which somehow equates the secular Syrian government in Ghouta with the Islamists in Afrin working for the Turks.  Just about every word is completely fucked up.

False-flag lab of the saintly human organ eaters.

"How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet" (Weir).  Jewtube.  We shouldn't be surprised - if we were truly woke we wouldn't let the (((bad guys))) constantly control the PR.

"ACADEMIC BLOODSPORTS: Slippery Jew Nathan Cofnas vs. The Legendary K-Mac!" (Garland).  Curious, as the official way to deal with MacDonald is to pretend he doesn't exist, a very successful strategy if (((you))) control all major media outlets.

Commie bros are at it again:  "New York Times celebrates Metropolitan Opera dismissal of James Levine".  Usually when I see inexplicable patterns, like commies versus metoo, or commies for pedobear, there is a twisted explanation.  "In Met Conductor James Levine Sex Charges, MSM Doesn’t Want To Say Victims Are Teen Boys" (Fulford).  "Did James Levine’s Sexual Predations Target BLACK Teen Boys?" (Fulford).
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