Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palace intrigue / Israeli teen

"Jared Kushner's Dreams of Mideast Peace Are Alive" (Feldman).  By 'White House palace intrigue over security clearance' he's referring to, amongst no doubt other things, Jared's influence peddling and turning over classified information to MbS.

I'm linking again to this Mark Perry article, which I think should be memorized, as it explains most everything:  "The Political Forces Behind Rex Tillerson’s Firing".  It appears clear that Dahlen is going to be 'leading' the Palestinians to their destruction (see also). The sheer speed with which the Palestinians are being dust-binned seems to have focused their attention a bit.  Even the grifters running the PA seem to realize that the loot well may run dry if they all end up as 'Jordanians' or in some kind of Sinai exile

"Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018" (Mackey).  Bolton and the MEK nuts.

"Hawks Resurgent in Washington" (Giraldi).  As noted by the comments, Bolton doesn't require confirmation (not that the beshekeled Democrats would have provided any real opposition).

A sighting, in the wild.  I always assumed they would have him trussed up with an old-fashioned hockey mask like Hannibal Lecter when out and about, just for the sake of  public safety.

"War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give ‘pieces’ of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt" (Weiss).  A part of the Adelson/President Jared/MbS plans for the Palestinians

"Iraq +15: Accumulated Evil of the Whole" (Parry).  Who can remember such things and learn from them when they happened so, so far in the distant past?  The Holocaust, however, was yesterday.

"What the Alt-Right and Regressive Left Have in Common" (Anomaly).  The Khazars suddenly seem to be greatly threatened by MacDonald and the alt-right, despite the fact the alt-right is completely marginalized and essentially powerless (most obvious now that their hero Trump has completely sold them out), and nobody knows who MacDonald is.  What I find amusing is that the Khazars find the scientific racism prevalent in the alt-right very attractive, as it supports their supremacism by always emphasizing the importance of Khazar intellectual superiority (which the Khazars argue is the sole explanation for why they keep showing up in conspiracy contexts, oh and did you know the Khazars had nothing - absolutely nothing!!! - to do with the attack on Iraq?).  I don't know how clever MacDonald is, but this almost seems like a trick to suck them in to spreading a story they simply can't resist!  My view is that Khazar 'intelligence' is mostly, if not entirely, based on their acting as a conspiratorial supremacist group to raise each other in desirable occupations and fields of endeavor (which nepotistic scheming is arguably an important form of the essentially ridiculous concept of 'intelligence').

"Then They Came for the Globalists" (Hopkins) and "The "Globalists" Love Gefilte Fish" (Shamir)  People like me, who call a Khazar a Khazar, are beyond the pale, but there are interesting limits to the code words the 'respectable' people can use to sniff around the same concepts!  The trick is that the code words keep shifting, so you have to be right on top of the lingo to stay kosher.  I find these efforts to be embarrassing and fundamentally dishonest, but that's just me.

"Why Berezovsky’s Death in Britain Leaves More Questions Than Answers" .  It often appears that the only chance we have is when the bad guys squabble amongst themselves.  When an obvious murder is described as suicide it means the murderers have clout.

"Skripal case: “closely related agent” claim closely examined".  Is it a coincidence that the plot of the current iteration of the Sky One series 'Strike Back', aired this past fall, turns on a Russian chemical agent called Novichok?  The whole series, starting with the name, is pure neocon propaganda, but the first five years had a charm due to the chemistry of the two lead actors, both now gone, leading one to wonder if the now greatly inferior production was aired simply to put this Novichok name in the mind of the public (it also features as chief villain a Jihad Jane character, with murky connections to the British government).  In terms of laughably obvious propaganda, Strike Back is right up there with the Israeli production, Homeland (itself on a plot this season turning on Russian bot interference in American politics, and a dangerous isolationist President, if you can believe it!).

The latest from O'Hare:  "SCL and the Phantom Contract".  One thing I can't help but notice is that Mercer's name doesn't appear in the coverage of this story.  When CA was 'brilliantly' leading Trump's victory, Mercer's name was everywhere.

Lest you forget who the boss is:  "Offensive Jokes: The UK's Latest Absurd National Security Threat" (Greer).  Sometimes the story is so spot on you just have to gasp.  We're simultaneously supposed to notice this enough to take warning, but not notice it enough to complain!  Also:  "Labour fury as it emerges Jeremy Corbyn once defended 'anti-Semitic' public mural showing a group of 'hook-nosed' men around a Monopoly board"!

Where is the outrage over this ugly act of anti-Semitism?" (Angry Arab).  The best part is that this will certainly make it to the list of Jew-hatred incidents for which we will all be required to pay reparations, just as we all have to pay for the actions of that autistic, brain damaged, brain-tumor-ridden Israeli teen Mossad asset.  The terror, and expense, of the 'Israeli teen'.

Congratulations to the real heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, who should (and I'm completely sincere) win the Nobel Peace Prize for successfully de-terrorizing the suburbs of Damascus in the face of a massive British Intelligence PR operation (including the threat of yet another false flag chemical attack).  We can all enjoy the ridiculousness of this distillation of Saudi tears:  "In Harasta, force overpowers freedom—for now".

It appears that there will never be a Yemen peace deal until the Houthis up their missile game to the point of providing a real peace incentive to MbS.

Warren, and now another pretendian!:  "The Story Behind Jordan Peterson’s Indigenous Identity".  This kind of grifting is inevitable in a world policed by identity politics.

"Water is Life" (Koenig).  Not news.
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