Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Perfect villains

Tweet (Julian Assange) (I've combined two tweets into one):
"With Pompeo taking over State from Tillerson, we now have:

1) CIA taking over State
2) CIA/NSC/etc influx making 25% of 2018 Democratic candidates in competitive areas
3) CIA former heads, officers influx to NBC, MSNBC
4) CIA fake news journalist Ken Dilanian sheltered at NBC
5) CIA contractor Jeff Bezos ($600m in just one CIA contract) has already taken control of the Washington Post ($250m)"
I know I throw the word 'pyschopath' around too much, but Haspel [corrected] is the real deal, a pure psychopath under any medical definition. "Five Fast Facts About Trump's New CIA Director" (Miller).

"Trump Votes For Rexit - Torture Girl To Become CIA Director" (Moon).

"Trump fires secretary of state via tweet". There is some dispute about this (see the Moon update, and, as much of an asshole as Trump tries to be, I think he would treat the ex-CEO of Exxon with a little more deference), that perhaps Trump told Tillerson within the last few days (remember how he cut short his African trip because he was 'sick'), which makes Tillerson's very hard-nosed anti-Russia Skripal comments interesting (Tillerson has been thought to be more nuanced about Russia due to his history of oil deals with Russians).

Gab (Jared Wyand):
"Trump fired Tillerson. CIA Director Pompeo is new SoS. Gina Haspel is new CIA director. She's jewish. Countdown to grand scale false flag attack courtesy of CIA and Mossad. She ran a black site and has been charged by multiple courts as a result so perfect villain to take heat."
"Skripal case: Theresa May now demands Russia prove itself innocent" (Mercouris).

"Russian to Judgement" (Murray). Israel.
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