Sunday, March 11, 2018

Putin laughs

"Russian Billionaire Claims Fusion GPS Funded By Soros" (Durden).  "Soros? "Follow the money."" (Lang).  The source is Deripaska, so it might be is that rascal Putin sewing seeds of doubt.  On the other hand, somebody funds Fusion GPS, and its politics follow those of Democrat Silicon Valley and Soros.

So you could have the following scenario:
  1. Blumenthal and Shearer write up a dossier, at the request of Clinton or her campaign (as we've seen with ginning up for the murderous attack on Libya, Blumenthal has strong and direct connections to Killary), to serve as serious anti-Trump oppo should it be required if Trump starts doing well (it was never used as no Democrat seriously thought Trump had a smidgen of a chance until around midnight on election day);
  2. Fusion GPS, an operation funded by Democrat-leaning never-Trumpers, was given the dossier both to provide credibility for it  - a document written by Blumenthal would have no credibility - and to generally liaise with the IC (of course, we've seen multiple examples of ultra-pro-Clinton/never-Trump operations within the IC, particularly Brennan and many FBI problems);
  3. Fusion GPS, with the collusion of the British government and MI6 (both never-Trumpers) finds Steele, a 'respected' IC operative, to be the front man to provide credibility for the dossier (and possibly to find the most salacious bits from Ukrainian sources, although the Clinton campaign had its own Ukrainian sources so Steele may have had no input at all); and
  4. as an added fillip, and unknown to all, Putin may have been paying Steele.
What is the big-picture reason for Putin involvement? If Putin was trying to block Clinton, why would he be involved with the marketing of the dossier? Putin has no real interest in the identity of the American President. What he wants is to tie up whoever won in the usual Washington partisan wrangling, so he is free to operate without the concentration of the Americans.  I would be curious to see what he had in mind if Clinton won (as everybody expected) - perhaps we would be involved with some new information on the Killary assassination of Seth Rich - but the dossier, and all the neo-McCarthyism of the Russiagate nonsense, is what we're seeing now that Trump won (with the information on Rich being held back in case Killary tries another run).  The genius of the Russians is that they knew the American IC and (((media))) wouldn't be able to resist the dossier, leading to the irony that Putin and Russia are the big beneficiaries of it.  What's clear is that Putin's successes keep piling up, with nothing but rhetorical American opposition (a state which the Clintonistas call Trump treason, while Putin laughs).

As, perhaps, an aside, there is an insane (((SPLC))) attack against Blumethal's son going on now.  "Update: The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment".  The original article was holocausted, but here it is!:  "The Multipolar Spin: How
Fascists Operationalize Left-Wing Resentment".  Note the concern over Putin's 'multipolar world order'.  I find this extremely interesting as the details are (mostly) correct, with the (((SPLC))) problem, necessitating withdrawal of the article,  being that it is too obviously coming down on the side of American dominance, WWIII, Death and Destruction, and the usual Khazar khrap. A most interesting question is why are obvious Zionists like Max operating on the 'multipolar' side.
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