Saturday, March 31, 2018


The Israelis, of course, could have ignored the Land Day protests, but, as violent racist supremacists they can't tolerate any questioning of their theft, and so turned it into target practice, and thus a massacre.

"Israeli Snipers Murder 17, wound dozens of Trapped Refugee Protesters at Gaza Border" (Cole).  This is shockingly good, if a little vague on the emigration of the Khazars to Europe.

"This is The March of Return" (Atzmon).  To be fair to EI, it did eventually get around to covering it.  You have to feel for the EI editors, who might have to forgo a spot in a Khazar 'peace' conference at a cushy hotel if they push the truth too much.

A massacre described by the Khazar-controlled media as 'clashes', with the implication that it is some kind of fair fight.  This massacre, and spin, is exactly the kind of thing that symbolizes why nobody else has ever been successfully able to live with the Khazars.  Ever.  In a world where Dershowitz manages to convince people that it unfair, and an example of traditional 'anti-Semitism', to 'single out' Israel, it is stunning that the Khazars, alone amongst all the monsters of the world, can get away with this kind of obscene target practice.

Ha!:  "Tamimi verdict divides opinion".

"MBS feted in the US despite war atrocities in Yemen" (Escobar):  "multi-million-dollar post-truth public relations".  Lots of content - you simply can't overstate the evil of the Saudis and their neck-preserving manipulation of Islam.

"Escobar: China Taking The Long Road To Solve The Petro-Yuan Puzzle".  "The Geo-Political Poker Game: Where’s the 'Off-Ramp'? by Alastair Crooke" (Crooke).  We're at the point where the Chinese, Russians and other sane people are treating the American Empire, and its pathetic lapdogs like May and Johnson, like a psychological problem in a juvenile delinquent that needs to be managed.

"Cambridge Analytica scandal 'a gross violation,' Ottawa data firm's CEO says":
"Erin Kelly, CEO of Ottawa's Advanced Symbolics Inc., said she heard of Cambridge Analytica's self-marketing well before the scandal erupted.

"We've had quite a few customers approach us over the last 18 months sending us stuff on Cambridge Analytica and asking can we do something like Cambridge Analytica," Kelly said on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning.

"We have been telling our customers for 18 months, if you go down this route you are going to regret it in the future because we feel they are a gross violation of privacy."

Britain's information commissioner is investigating whether Cambridge Analytica improperly used personal data to target voters with ads and political messages during the 2016 presidential election.

But Kelly said there's no proof the company influenced the election, and believes the claim could be a marketing strategy that backfired.

"There is no evidence to support that claim, [and] as far as we are concerned that's marketing for Cambridge Analytica," said Kelly. "They have never once commissioned a study to prove that they were instrumental in getting Trump elected, and it is very [easily] provable."

Kelly said the central issue is the privacy violation of taking the personal information, regardless of whether the election was influenced.   

"They still violated people's personal privacy, and that still needs to be addressed regardless," she said. "Knowing that someone has your file, that is still a gross violation.""
It is funny that unwarranted CA puffery and boasting landed them in this mess.

Greenwald tweets on McCabe's obscene GoFundMe!
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