Thursday, March 01, 2018

We tip our hats to you

"“We know who, and we know where” – Russia warns of new plot to set off chemical attacks in Syria and blame Assad".

"Russia ‘threatens our ability to dominate’ – US general to Congress".  Votel is your LeMay-du-jour.

The all-in-one (((NYT))) story:  "Assad, Kim & chemical weapons: NYT ties in all the ‘villains’ in story on leaked UN report"!

""War Is Coming To Southern Lebanon" - Lindsey Graham Warns Israel Is Planning An Invasion" (Durden).  The most hilarious of limp-wristed American blackmailees establishes the casus belli, an imaginary Iran-funded guided-rocket factory being built in Lebanon by Hezbollah.  Watch for this 'factory' to start to become an obsession in the American (((mainstream media))).

Speaking of the hilarious blackmailee, remember that unprecedented, world-historical $38 billion gift - now embarrassingly insufficient:  "Bipartisan Lawmakers Push to Boost Israel's Defense Aid, Already the Largest in U.S. History".  Americans, if you don't want to be accused of wishing all Jews dead and buried, just stop being so anti-semitically stingy!

"When Will Congress Investigate All Interference in Elections?" (Giraldi). Blackmail, shekeling, (((media))) ownership . . . .  Actually, the Saudi riyaling is mostly wasted money, with the politicians falling in line only when the Saudi positions overlap with Israeli positions.

"Hate Hoaxes and Hate Hypochondria" (Sailer).  There is something utterly awe-inspiring in the fact that the increase is due to an Israeli teenager from the illegal settlements, but is counted anyway.  Khazars, we tip our hats to you!

"Extract: A Journey Through Oligarch Valley" (Levine) (from 2013, some serious 'Chinatown'-style stuff).  Steal public resources and use the profits to monger for war against Iran (also note the 'China White' heroin part of the story, and, if you have your tinfoil hat on, the ownership of the photocopier used by Russo/Ellsberg!).  Some companies to boycott:  POM, Teleflora, Fiji water, California pistachios and almonds.  Nuking Iran would ruin the Iranian pistachio crop, with its infinitely superior pistachios to the California crap.  Khazars, we tip our hats to you!

"Voice of America claims Israel seeks to help Gaza" (Brown) linking to "As Conditions in Gaza Worsen, Israel Turns to World for Help"!!!  Khazars, we tip our hats to you!

Shekeling, chutzpah:  "Universities that censor speech on Palestine pose as champions of protest" (Barrows-Friedman).  "Engage in dialogue" with the people who helped the poor terrorist who damaged his skull when he fell off his bike!  Khazars, we tip our hats to you!

"Trump-linked crime syndicate to world: “Ignore us!”" (Madsen):
"The crime syndicate responsible for putting Donald Trump in the White House is no less impudent than its fictional counterpart. One of the now-defunct corporate contrivances that has links to the Manafort and Trump Organizations is Ignorus, LLC of Palm City, Florida. While Ignorus’s corporate masters want the public to ignore it and other artifices now being investigated by Mueller’s prosecution team, the special counsel has other ideas, as seen with his list of Manafort companies detailed in successive federal indictments. Firms like Ignorus represents the type of corporate glue that links together the networks of Trump, Manafort, and Trump presidential campaign financier and Ukrainian-American real-estate magnate Alexander Rovt.

Linked to Ukrainian fertilizer magnate Dmitry Firtash, ordered extradited to the United States by Austrian authorities, Rovt, who self-identifies as a “Carpathian Jew,” bought Lower Manhattan’s Bankers Trust building, damaged in the 9/11 attack, for a bargain price of $303 million in cash. Along with Trump, Kushner, and Larry Silverstein, Rovt is now considered one of New York City’s top real estate magnates. The dubious dealings in which these and other members of the global syndicate engaged are no longer being ignored, as the name of the former firm in Florida strongly implied."
"It's Feeling Like The 1930s In Spain And France" (Madsen).  I don't see the Catalonian separatists as heroic at all, just the tools of some rich industrialists who don't want to share the wealth with the darkies of southern Spain.  The bad faith is obvious in the way they intend to treat non-Catalonian majority areas within what they call 'Catalonia'.  The problems are recognized in Catalonia in the failure of separation to gain majority support.

"School shooting raises red flags in Broward County" (Madsen) (my emphasis in red):
"A major red flag in the incident has been raised with comments made by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel [pictured, right]. County sheriffs in Florida are elected positions. Israel, a native of New York City, began his police career with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. In 2012, Israel was elected as Broward County Sheriff as a Democrat. However, Israel, a former registered Republican, is no ordinary Democrat. In his 2012 race, Israel received the backing of Republican dirty tricks operative Roger Stone, a resident of Coral Springs in Broward, whose sleazy work extends back to the Richard Nixon administration and encompasses the campaigns of Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Donald Trump. Stone was involved in dirty tricks operations against CBS anchorman Dan Rather and New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. In many ways, Stone makes longtime GOP operative Karl Rove, himself no stranger to dirty tricks, look like a saint by comparison.

No sooner had he been elected Broward County Sheriff, Israel hired Michael Colapietro, Stone’s co-author of the books “The Man Who Killed Kennedy—The Case Against LBJ” and “Nixon’s Secrets,” as a Sheriff’s Department community affairs specialist. Another community affairs specialist hired by Israel was Stone’s book publicist, Jennifer “Jen” Hobbs. Together with his friend Andrew Miller, who runs the blog Broward, Stone has backed Israel politically. Stone and Miller have defended Israel against charges of excessive force by police officers in Broward County.

Israel also hired chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County and Miami Tea Party co-founder Dianne Thorn as the sheriff’s assistant chief of staff. It just so happened that Thorn was Stone’s longtime personal assistant and Miller’s former step-mother.

Israel’s close connections to Stone do not end with Colapietro, Hobbs, and Thorn. Israel’s general counsel is Stone’s longtime friend Ron Gunzburger, an early supporter of Israel for sheriff. Topping off the Israel-Stone connection is the fact that Stone’s stepson, Scott Stone, was transferred by Israel to a detective job even though he only had two years on the police force. Israel told the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, “if his name was Scott Jones, he would still be [a sheriff's deputy].”"
"Israel’s membership of the Parkland Chabad House (known as a front for Mossad activities) and his endorsement of the teachings of the Talmud have ensured that he is immune to political pressure in Broward County, which has a politically-influential Jewish community."
"Stoneman High School was not the first major shooting incident on Israel’s watch. On January 6, 2017, just fourteen days before Trump’s inauguration, a former member of the Puerto Rico and Alaska National Guard, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, arriving at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on a Delta flight from Anchorage via Minneapolis, unpacked his luggage in the baggage claim area. In a restroom, Santiago-Ruiz loaded a 9-millimeter automatic pistol he declared in his checked in baggage in Anchorage and proceeded to open fire on other passengers in the baggage area, killing five and wounding six. Santiago-Ruiz was known to the FBI office in Anchorage as a mentally disturbed individual and he was eventually fired by his private security firm employer, Signal 88 Security, which is based in Omaha. In 2007, Signal 88′s CEO was featured on Fox News [pictured, left] after Richard Hawkins entered Westroads Mall in Omaha—whose owners have strong Israeli connections—opened fire, killing eight shoppers. There were immediate calls for metal detectors to be installed at entrances to shopping malls across the United States.
The Fort Lauderdale airport investigation was stymied by the leak of an airport videotape of the shooting to the media. Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Dingman was discovered to have leaked the video to TMZ. Although Dingman was suspended—with pay—considering the number of Stone cronies working within the Broward Sheriff’s office, the videotape leaking points to a consistent problem with videotape tampering in Broward. The airport incident in Fort Lauderdale resulted in calls for enhanced security at outer perimeters of U.S. airports, a business that Israeli-owned aviation security companies are all-to-eager to accommodate. In the Fort Lauderdale airport incident, Trump’s supporters pointed to the shooter’s Hispanic ethnicity, even though Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. The shooting merely fed into the repeated anti-Hispanic gaslighting by Trump.

When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Stoneman High School they were confused by what was billed as real-time security video streaming from inside the school. The real-time video images, broadcast by Broadcastify, an audio streaming website, were “delayed 20 minutes.” The Coral Springs cops believed Cruz was still shooting inside the school when he was long gone and sitting at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant.

Broward County serves as a nexus for Israeli intelligence and “Eurasian Mafia” and it hosts the Trump Hollywood Condo complex, which has attracted as buyers several dodgy characters with ties to Eastern European and Israeli organized crime. Broward and Hollywood, in particular, also served as a center for suspicious pre-9/11 activity, as previously reported by WMR.

Hollywood [pictured, left, along Dixie Highway main thoroughfare], Fort Lauderdale to the north, and Hallandale and Aventura to the south lie in the heart of Broward County, which is heavily populated by Jewish transplants from New York City, like Sheriff Israel. Our sources in Broward continue to pose one major question: Why would alleged lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta and his team have been cruising bars and causing scenes in a city with a large Jewish population, just four days before the Arabs were to carry out the “crime of the century”—the hijacking of four passenger planes in order to fly them into the World Trade Center, Pentagon or White House, and the U.S. Capitol building?

And why would Atta and his team have chosen to use a mail drop at a rental mailbox store in a shopping center catering to Jewish residents, next door to a kosher restaurant? In fact, the mail drop was practically located across the street from the apartment complex that housed at least one of the Israeli “art students” believed by U.S. intelligence to have been part of an Israeli intelligence team. Hollywood was one of several cities where the addresses of the Israeli art students closely matched up with those of the alleged hijackers.
"Israel and Poland Find It Difficult to Acknowledge the Facts of History" (Fisk). Hold your nose and fight through the Khazar Holocaust virtue signalling and you'll find some extremely important new historical research on the Armenian Holocaust, and some wild ironies:
". . . that most brave of Turkish historians, Taner Akcam, was publishing a short but revelatory book (Killing Orders, published by Palgrave Macmillan) which proves, finally and conclusively, that the extermination orders of Talat Pasha, a leader of the Young Turks and one of the Three Pashas who ruled the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, to destroy the entire Armenian Christian population in 1915 were real.

Not forgeries as Turkey’s apologists and denial historians would have the world believe. Not concocted by Armenian counterfeiters, or fiction created by a non-existent Ottoman official, as these wretched people would have us think. But as copper-bottomed and terrible as the Nazi documents which prove Germany’s responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust – and the evidence that proves Poles sometimes joined in the slaughter.

The facts of the Armenian Holocaust – for “Shoah” (holocaust) is the very word that many honourable Israelis use for the Armenian genocide – are well known but need, however briefly, to be repeated. In 1915 and in the immediate years that followed, the Ottoman Turks deliberately set out to liquidate a million and a half of their Armenian Christian citizens, sending them into the desert on death marches, butchering the men, raping the women, spitting the children on bayonets or starving them to death with their mothers and other family members in what is now northern Syria.

The Kurds, sorry to say, assisted in this barbarity. Taner Akcam has written extensively and with immense authority on this appalling period of Turkish history – which the Turkish government, to this day, shamefully denies – and has as a result been abused by hundreds of right-wing Turkish extremists who have even tried to place him on an American “terrorist” list (he teaches at Clark University in the US).

Akcam’s new book contains a dark and haunting – almost frightening – geography, for most of the 1915 massacres he writes about took place in or near towns which carry their own fearful message of slaughter and horror to us today: Mosul, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zour and, yes, Aleppo.

It was in the Baron Hotel in Aleppo – still standing today, the descendants of the then owner Mazlouiyan still (just) occupying its lobby – that a set of original telegrams from Talat Pasha, along with other liquidation messages memorised by an Ottoman official, Naim Bey, were handed over to an Armenian Holocaust survivor called Aram Andonian. He paid cash for the documents. We don’t know how much.

Until now, Turkish historians and their supporters in the West have regarded these vital papers as false. They claimed that Naim Bey did not exist, that Andonian was a forger, that the cypher in which Talat’s telegrams were written did not match the Ottoman cypher system of the time. They ignored the mass of evidence presented to the existing but quickly suppressed post-war trials in Istanbul, archives which subsequently went missing. And they held up telegrams – real enough but deliberately misleading – that “proved” Talat had the best interests of the Armenians at heart when he deported them.

Akcam’s unravelling of the truth is both a detective story and a volume of sudden, inconceivable horror. He proves the cypher numbers were real, that Naim Bey did indeed exist; an Ottoman document on a corruption investigation – in which Turkish officials accepted bribes from Armenians in return for their lives – identifies him as “Naim Effendi, the son of Huseyin Nuri, 26 years of age, from Silifke, former dispatch official for Meskene, currently the official in charge of Municipal Grain Storage Depots”. And more powerfully than any previous historian, Akcam proves – along with papers from the archive of a dead Armenian priest – that the Ottoman authorities were sending two sets of telegrams about the Armenians. One set expressed the government’s insistence that food and tents should be provided for Armenian deportees and that their confiscated property should be recompensed. The other set insisted upon their secret liquidation, preferably away from the cameras of prying US diplomats (America was neutral until 1917) and German officers allied to the Turkish army.

The Nazis told their Jewish victims that they were going to be “resettled” in the east rather than gassed. They also tried to cover the traces of the gas chambers of Treblinka before the Red Army arrived. But the “double” instructions sent by Talat Pasha and his 1915 genociders demonstrate that the pretence of humanitarian resettlement was conceived even before the organised genocide began. Some of the young German officers who witnessed the killings of 1915 turned up 26 years later in the Soviet Union, overseeing the slaughter of Jews.

And here is one very short account (courtesy of the Turkish historian Akcam) of an Armenian witness to his people’s destruction, which could – if the identities and locations were changed to the Ukraine or Belarus – have been written during the Second World War: “In order to eliminate the last remaining Armenian deportees…between Aleppo and Deyr-i Zor [sic] who had managed to survive…Hakki Bey…evicted all the deportees along the Euphrates, starting from Aleppo… Close to 300 young men and boys…surviving in the camp Hamam were sent to the South in a special convoy… Solid reports about them arrived that they had been killed in Rakka [sic]… Elsewhere, we learned in no uncertain terms that in the area around Samiye, 300 children were thrown into a cave opening, gas was poured in and they were burned alive.”

So here’s the real hypocrisy of this story. The Israeli government, so outraged by Poland’s Jewish Holocaust denialism, refuses to recognise the Armenian Holocaust. Shimon Peres himself said that “we reject attempts to create a similarity between the [Jewish] Holocaust and the Armenian allegations. Nothing similar to the Holocaust occurred. What the Armenians went through is a tragedy, but not genocide.”

The Americans, I should add – Trump included, of course – have been equally pathetic in their failure to acknowledge the Armenian truth. But oddly, not Poland.

For 13 years ago, the Polish parliament passed a bill which specifically referred to the “Armenian genocide”. The speaker of the Polish parliament, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, said at the time that the Armenian genocide did indeed take place, that responsibility fell on the Turks, and that Turkish documents – though not yet those which Akcam has just revealed – “confirm” this."
"New Legal Action is a Path to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Freedom, But a Re-ignited International Mobilization is Critical for Victory" (Wolkenstein):
"Now, unfolding in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas is the latest legal battle for Mumia’s freedom. It is a constitutional challenge to his conviction, pursuant to a precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court case, Williams v. Pennsylvania (2016), based on the due process right to an impartial appeal process which is violated if a prosecutor who had a significant personal involvement is later a judge in the same case.

The prosecutor who aggressively fought and prevailed in getting the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to uphold Mumia’s conviction and death sentence in 1989 and to prevent the U.S. Supreme Court from considering Mumia’s case was District Attorney Ronald D. Castille. Then as a justice in the Pa. Supreme Court, Castille participated in the Pa. Supreme Court’s deliberations, agreed with the arguments he had made as District Attorney (DA), and denied those and numerous new legal challenges made in Mumia’s appeals from 1998-2012.

If Mumia wins this court action the Pennsylvania state court appeal denials from 1998-2012 upholding his conviction are vacated and appeal rights restored; his conviction is open to be reversed in new appeals. This is now the legal path to Mumia’s freedom.

All last year the District Attorney’s Office (DAO) insisted documents evidencing DA Castille’s personal involvement in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal process and death sentence did not exist.

Since January 2, 2018 Mumia’s case and fourteen other similar cases have been in the hands of District Attorney Larry Krasner, newly elected on a “progressive program.”  Notably, retired Justice Castille was appointed to DA Krasner’s post-election advisory board. In court on January 17 and again on February 26 Krasner’s DAO continued the stonewalling. The DAO requested time for “further investigation” and “to “formulate an office policy for their approach to these cases.”

At the conclusion of the court hearing on February 26, 2018 Judge Leon Tucker once again ordered the DAO to produce a critical document and curtailed the requested time for the next court proceedings. Another status report conference is set for March 27, 2017. A full court hearing will be April 30, 2018.

In fact, Judge Tucker already has in his hands—released from the DAO files—the evidence that District Attorney Castille was pushing to ensure that capital cases, including Mumia Abu-Jamal’s, were expedited and that death warrants signed by the governor.  This is the proof required under Williams v. Pa.

April 30, 2018 is set to be decisive point in Mumia’s legal fight for his freedom."
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