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The best short summary of the use of DNA in the EAR-ONS arrest, and its privacy implications: "Don’t Get a DNA Test" (Anglin).  For more classic Anglin, see:  "T-Mobile CEO Agrees to Buy Sprint, Refuses to Get Haircut".

Bibi keeps pissing on Putin's leg, and telling him it is raining, so if somebody is teaching somebody a lesson, it is not Putin teaching Bibi:  "Syria: Russia Is Teaching Israel, “The Naughty Boy”, A Lesson And Iran Is Watching" (Magnier).  At some point Putin is going to have to throw his famous caution to the wind and man up, or the Khazars will walk all over him and his sane plans for the Middle East, putting in jeopardy the wildly successful results of all his efforts. 

"Russia’s S-400 Air-Defense System Proves to Be Red Rag for the US Bull" (Savitsky).  'Defense systems' that don't work, and everybody knows don't work, are a big American thing these days.

"HRW slams Israel’s demolition of Palestinian schools in West Bank as ‘war crime’".  HRW!  As we've seen with Portman, there really is a battle going on within the Khazarian hordes about how best to manage the PR being delivered to gentiles along the process of killing people and stealing their lands.

We're really in the period of the Great Intersectional Wars.  First we had the Great Shiksa Pogrom of 2017-2018, where some pretty white 'anti-Semitic' women bitched and moaned about how they disliked being raped by troll-like Khazar men (while they should have been thanking their good luck).  Then we had Joy Reid, a proud woman of Caribbean heritage expressing the honest, normal, uncontroversial views of her people, resulting in her being beaten to death by Teh Gays wielding huge dildoes as clubs.  Finally, the Khazar traitors in Labour lynching - just like out of the Old South - a dedicated and real socialist, a black man, just so they, in a convoluted conspiracy, can eliminate any possible opposition to their program of killing people and stealing their land:  "Bogus “Labour anti-Semitism” campaign secures expulsion of leading activist Marc Wadsworth" (Marsden).

Niqnaq assembles some tweets on the changing spin on the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk, and by Vanessa Beeley on 'whataboutery'.

Successes in Syria, and some problems caused by Israel and Turkey:  "Syria Sitrep - Turkey's War In Idleb" (Moon) and "And the beat rolls on ..." (Lang).  See also:  "Breaking: Syrian Army snatches 4 towns from US-backed forces in Deir Ezzor amid surprise offensive – Syrian state media" ("Sources in the area claim that the Syrian Army assault comes immediately after Kurdish fighters withdrew from the above-mentioned towns, handing them over to second-rate Arab units.") and "Update: Map showing reported Syrian Army advance against US-backed forces in east Deir Ezzor" ("Unconfirmed information exists claiming that all four settlements witnessed a popular uprising against US-backed forces after which the Syrian Army moved in per the request of locals.").  You have to wonder if the American-proxy Kurds have overextended themselves by occupying traditionally Arab-occupied villages.

Did you notice that at the big Michigan rally, the one Trump held in lieu of being insulted by an alleged comedian, the crowd chanted 'Nobel' when he mentioned North Korea?  The MAGA people, in stark opposition to the Khazars and their bribed politicians, really want peace, and are fully aware of what is going on.

"The Inter-Korean Summit" (Ask A Korean!).  The South needs to start massive investment in the North - not a bad thing for them due to really cheap labor! - to build up the North enough in the next ten years to make reunification economically plausible.

You have to admire how the Jew York Times can cover a completely illegal assassination of a scientist - a renewable energy researcher described as a drone expert - and make the whole thing about some alleged Hamas skullduggery from which the poor Khazars are defending themselves:  "Behind a Roadside Hit in Malaysia, Israeli-Palestinian Intrigue".  This is just the retyping of a Mossad PR release, indicated by the tell-tale sourcing from "Middle Eastern intelligence officials".

I'm noticing that the new version of Opera, besides its neato integration of tabs with phones, also renders web sites much more faithfully, a big problem with recent iterations of Opera.

"The UK Government's Skripal Conspiracy Theory (Or How To Hold A Mass Of Contradictory Thoughts In Your Head)" (Slane).  Ten huge problems with what is literally the Official Story of the British government, any one of which is completely fatal to the narrative.  It is a whopper of breathtaking proportions.

The parallel 'bot' story:  "The Guardian/Sky News Team Up to Promote Fake News About Fake News".  There is a consistency in that the story continues even after it all falls apart, and the 'journalists' act as if nothing happened and nothing is wrong.  It's more Clown College than Orwell.

"Canada’s dual role in Yemen: Arms exports to Saudi coalition dwarf aid sent to war-torn country" (Kennedy/Shephard):
"When Global Affairs Canada announced another aid package to war-torn Yemen in January, it boasted that Ottawa had given a total of $65 million to help ease what the United Nations has called “the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time.”

What Justin Trudeau’s government did not mention in its news release is that since 2015, Canada has also approved more than $284 million in exports of Canadian weapons and military goods to the countries bombing Yemen.

“It’s a bit like helping pay for somebody’s crutches after you’ve helped break their legs,” said Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares, a research and advocacy organization that studies Canada’s arms trade."
A very confused example of what riyals will buy you these days:  "You aren’t antiwar if you aren’t anti-Assad’s war" (Mukhamedov).  Related:  "Dubai firm commissioned Qatar-smearing film from American who made fake news for Iraq war".

Somehow, Germany has become the world leader in ostentatious, self-satisfied, virtue-signalling, censorship:  "Facebook's Censorship In Germany" (Frank).  There is still this idea that Germans will all immediately turn into raving Nazis should they catch a glimpse of even the slightest Wrongthought.

"Over 100 Years Ago Chilean and British Imperialism Cut Bolivia Off From the Sea. Today, Evo Morales Could Lead the Country Back to the Coast" (Vargas).

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Personally warned

"What is concering is that the attacks take place after Putin personally warned Netanyahu against further strikes in Syria."  I wonder what would get through this hearing problem that Bibi has.

No one really knows

Standard (((media))) operating procedure:  "Western Press Descend into Insanity as Syria Narrative Collapses" (Kit):
"Yesterday the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed what many of us had already deduced – there were no chemical weapons present at the sites targeted by the US/UK/French missiles.

That’s not been reported in the Western press, at all. Exemplified by the eternally on-message Guardian, who haven’t had a headline regarding Syria in over a week. The Royal Baby and ABBA’s new song and a stuffed anteater, all apparently too important to be bumped from the front page."
"The west closes its ears to Douma testimony" (Cook):
"The first strange thing to note is that the US, UK and France boycotted the meeting, denouncing Russia for producing the witnesses and calling the event an “obscene masquerade” and “theatre”. It suggests that this trio, behaving like the proverbial three monkeys, think the testimony will disappear if they simply ignore it. They have no interest in hearing from witnesses unless they confirm the western narrative used to justify the air strikes on Syria.

Testimony from witnesses is surely a crucial part of determining what actually happened. The US, UK and France are surely obligated to listen to the witnesses first, and then seek to discredit the testimony afterwards if they think it implausible or coerced. The evidence cannot be tested and rebutted if it is not even considered.

The second is that the media are echoing this misplaced scorn for evidence. They too seem to have prejudged whether the witnesses are credible before listening to what they have to say (similar to their treatment of Fisk). Tellingly, the Guardian described these witnesses as “supposed witnesses”, not a formulation that suggests any degree of impartiality in its coverage.

Notice that when the Guardian refers to witnesses who support the UK-UK-French line, often those living under the rule of violent jihadist groups, the paper does not designate them “supposed witnesses” or assume their testimony is coerced. Why for the Guardian are some witnesses only professing to be witnesses, while others really are witnesses? The answer appears to depend on whether the testimony accords with the official western narrative. There is a word for that, and it is not “journalism”."
Mackey can be all over the place in quality, but he is usually one of the most embarrassing 'journalists' working:  "Twitterati challenge journalist who bemoaned Douma testimony as ‘bizarre & underwhelming’".

"Ignore, deny, downplay: Accounts of Syrians from Douma have no place in Western narrative".  All 'journalist' hands are on deck in this code-red emergency, an illegal attack based on conclusively proven lies.  What the hell are we going to do to start wars once the false-flag concept becomes the standard normie understanding?

Macron's big swinging dick had ED:  "France Had Some Big Problems Firing Missiles at Syria". "Syrie : après les ratés de l'armée française, "il y a une crise de crédibilité"".  Macrons's 90-year-old wife says:  'don't worry baby, it can happen to anyone'.

"The Silence Of The Skripals - Government Blocks Press Reports - Media Change The Record" (Moon).  A D-notice, a perfect silencer, as it is illegal to mention its very existence, might explain some oddities in the coverage, and is certainly evidence of guilt by the British government.  If it is just to protect Miller's status as an under-cover operator, which would be an understandable 'national security' request, it is a little late!

It is still unclear - perhaps intentionally so - but it appears the California police may have not been acting on a specific tip, but just threw their EAR-ONS DNA evidence into the privately-held database, looking for hits or familial hits, and then compared last names to their own list of possible suspects.  When they got a possible familial match, they then dumpster dove his beer cans until they got a DNA sample which conclusively matched.  Really good police work, but why didn't they do it sooner?  A possible answer is that until recently there just wasn't a big enough database to cover enough of the population using familial matches.  To me it seems a lot more of an invasion if they do this kind of mass search, rather than using the database to confirm an individual tip, though both raise big privacy issues which won't be addressed as the authoritarians so love to catch the 'bad guys'.  See:  "Cops hunting the Golden State Killer got the WRONG MAN by using a free genealogy site and ordered innocent sickly 73-year-old to give DNA to clear himself - then his daughter helped nail 'real killer'" (GEDmatch is a sort of social media site where you can share your DNA results from DNA testing sites, with a view, I guess, to find relatives you didn't know you had):
"To track down DeAngelo, investigators used GEDmatch, which has around a million users and is based in Florida.

The site, a no strings attached operation which has never advertised, allows users who have obtained DNA profiles from companies such as to upload them to expand their search for relatives.

Investigators uploaded the crime scene DNA profile to GEDmatch using a fake profile and pseudonym. They then found a distant relative of DeAngelo before narrowing this down to the grandfather himself, reported CBS.

It is unclear exactly how cops managed to do this but it was most likely through traditional detective methods. 

Paul Holes, the lead investigator on the case, said his team did not need a court order to do this and was making use of information people had chosen to share publicly.

GEDmatch insisted it was not aware its database had been used during the investigation and said it does not 'hand out data'."
If you look at him in court, DeAngelo seems to be pulling a 'billcosby' (how could that decrepit old man have done all those horrible things?).  Some serial killers display considerable charm, and are almost likeable, but EAR-ONS was a total asshole throughout.

Joy Reid's admission/confession, after her insane hacking conspiracy theory falls apart, is described as 'powerful'!!!: "Joy Reid Offers A Heart-Felt Apology To LGBT Community" (Madrak).  These scoundrels are all in the same virtue-signaling identity politics grift where they take money from the 1% to pass off words (and even pronouns) in lieu of concrete material benefits, so they have to stick together.  "I'm not getting into the details of what Joy Reid allegedly did, because no one really knows"!!!  Some of the commenters grasp the levels of bullshit flying here.  One thing that nobody is permitted to notice is that Reid's father is African and her mother British Guyanese, and her opinions, while totally out of line with White - well, Jewish - Official Thinking, are very much in line with normal views from, say, the Caribbean.  It is a shame she can't say that out loud.  "Joy Reid will stay on air at MSNBC amid outcry over alleged anti-gay posts".

I never knew Merton was assassinated, but you can see why they would want to shut him up:  "Speaking the Unspeakable: The Assassination and Martyrdom of Thomas Merton" (Curtin):
"Merton died on the afternoon of December 10, 1968 when those sinister special interests snuck up on him. He had just given a talk, had lunch, and returned to his cottage shortly before 2 P.M., accompanied by Fr. Francois de Grunne, O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict) from Belgium, who shared the cottage with Merton and two others, Fr. Celestine Say, O.S.B. from the Philippines, whose room was across from Merton’s on the first floor, and John Moffit, a journalist editor whose room was directly over Merton’s on the second floor adjacent to de Grunne’s.

The walk from the dining hall to the cottage took 10-15 minutes. Say and Moffit were walking a good distance behind Merton and de Grunne and arrived at the cottage about 5-7 minutes after them. When they entered the unlocked building, they did not see Merton and de Grunne and presumed they had gone to their respective rooms.

Shortly after de Grunne and Merton entered the cottage, Merton was killed. The actions of de Grunne, a mysterious figure who, according to the authors, “seems to have fallen off the face of the earth” and whose “abbey will not even respond to our questions about him,” clearly make him a prime suspect in the crime. His actions and story are not believable and are contradicted by the most reliable witness, Fr. Say, whose statements have been absolutely consistent.

Beyond speculation, however, are the facts gathered by the authors that clearly prove that from the start there was a concerted effort to make a crime look like an accident.

These efforts were initiated by de Grunne, who was the first to call it an “accident,” but ably assisted by many others, including the Thai police or their surrogates, whose police report was released by the U.S. Embassy seven months after Merton’s death and has no title, author, date, photographs, laboratory reports, or investigators’ memos, and omits the testimony of the first two witnesses on the scene, Fr. Say and Fr. Egbert Donovan, who viewed Merton lying in a position and dressed in shorts totally inconsistent with the accidental death scenario."
"The JFK Cover-Up Continues" (Hornberger).  Trump punts.  It is funny that Trump is similarly regarded by the IC as a threat to 'national security'.

No need for new documents, an examination of the autopsy:  "JFK Assassination: The Tell-Tale Brain" (Cranor).

"EXCLUSIVE: Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation" (Ross).  Using Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS!

Yes, jumping with both feet right into the 'dialectic'!: "Chomsky Among “Progressives” Calling for US Military Involvement in Syria " (Webb).  'Progressives' for Yinon!  You just have to laugh!

"Are Jews Turning Against the SPLC?" (Sol) (the 'dialectic' meets 'friendly fire'):
"Ok, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on with Tablet mag’s criticisms here.

Basically, the SPLC has gone off the reservation. They forgot their mission and just started randomly enforcing SJW ethics on society, with no thought of how it affected the Jews and their agenda.

In other words, the SPLC’s current behavior pattern is no longer good for the Jews

Presumably, the Jews expect that the SPLC will get this message and correct course. I’m not sure this is possible anymore, though. These organizations all had to hire brown people and SJW millenials, who are “true believers” in these stupid ideas.  So I’m not at all certain that this kind of human material could be disciplined to serve the Jews efficiently.

There’s a good chance that this conflict could end with the SPLC losing a lot of its funding and media support. Good."
You know, goyim, we 'progressives' - 'fellow white people' - need to fight against American militarism and violent colonialism, but Assad isn't quite right for the job, so every Syrian needs to be under the rule of head loppers and human organ eaters:  "Syria and Chemical Weapons: Debating the Regime-Change War in Syria" (Annis).

"The Balfour Declaration Was Written by Arthur Balfour" (Stehling).  Shouldn't there be a 'not' in that title?  Added:  after I posted, they've added the 'not'.

"I hereby accuse the Israeli occupation government" (Angry Arab).  When is the Angry Arab going to realize that you won't receive any special advantages for playing by the Khazar rules?  If they are going to censor everybody anyway, why not tell the whole truth?

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"Qatari FM Denounces Saudi Calls to Send Troops to Syria".

"What Mysteries Lie in the Ruins of the Scientific Studies and Research Center in Damascus?" (Fisk).  If the Syrians faked it they did a hell of a job!

"Syrian children should be seen, not heard" (Sellers).  This is a particularly vital cover-up, both because of Trump jumping the gun and illegally attacking Syria before there was any evidence, and to keep the PR operation of the White Helmets functioning for future false flags.

"ISIS has No Trouble Raising Funds in France" (Batty).

"Hillary's aides called the Clinton Foundation 'Chelsea's nest egg', reveals new book whose author is being trolled on Twitter by former  first daughter for writing 'fiction'".  Chelsea's tweets aren't helping her, which is funny considering the usual Democrat line about Trump's tweets.

"Landmark Bill Restricting Criticism of Israel Sneaks Through South Carolina Senate" (Weir).  Don't worry goyim, as Weiss will tell you, the 'liberal' Khazars have everything under control.

"Jim Comey, Liar or Fool? by Publius Tacitus".  "In Explosive Interview Comey Grilled Over Memos, FBI Bias And Steele Dossier" (Durden). "Byron York: Is Comey telling the truth about his memos?".  "Clapper Busted Leaking Dossier Details To CNN's Jake Tapper, Lying To Congress About It" (Durden). Here's another Clapper lie to Congress:  "Ex-spook Clapper celebrates 5yrs since lying to Congress, as statute of limitations expires" -  a lie under oath to Congress should be called a 'Clapper'.  "Facebook Blocks Daily Caller Story On FBI Texts — Blames ‘Spam’ Algorithm" (Hasson).  Even by Washington standards, there is a lot of lying going on.

JewTube news:  "This video was too embarrassing for Israel" (Atzmon). Just recently, 'the goyim know, shut it down' has gone into hyper-drive across all major social media platforms.

"Amnesty demands arms embargo to end Israel’s “murderous assault”" (Abunimah).  Striking to see Amnesty express a concern over human rights, a subject they usually stay well away from!

"Why does Trump want to Sabotage the Iran Deal but to Negotiate with North Korea?" (Nuruzzaman).  Oh, oh, let me guess:  shekels!  The neocons like all American wars, of course, but if they have to do a Sophie's Choice between their lovelies they'll take the War For The Jews against Iran.

"How Anti-semitism Row MPs turned Lynch Mob" (Cook).  "Activists outraged at Labour’s expulsion of Black campaigner Marc Wadsworth" (Winstanley).  The Khazars lynch the black guy.  No matter how ridiculous this is, the Khazar goal is to keep Corbyn from winning the next election, so this constant turmoil suits them just fine.

"Joy Reid Backpedals On Internet Archive Hack, Cyber "Expert" Can't Produce Proof" (Durden).  She's going to have to claim she was on the crack pipe the whole time, from the original slurring right up to the 'hacker' story, with all of this being 'the drugs talking', and go into 'rehab'.

"Eric Lundgren gets 15 months in jail for selling Windows restore CDs to help stop e-waste. Government lawyers put $700k value on the CDs, which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft".  Microsoft has a scam going, vital to their profitability, where they keep reselling you the same product, which you are supposed to have bought for life, because you lose the ability to activate it.  It is as if you had to buy a new car every time you misplaced the car keys.

"Patton Oswalt Responds to Police Who Didn’t Credit Michelle McNamara’s Work Catching Serial Killer".  There is a big debate whether 'websleuths' and amateur detectives are a help or hindrance to the police.  In this case, the police solved the crime without the tiniest smidgen of 'help' from outside, and some are butt-hurt about it.  The police techniques used to solve it are quite Orwellian:  "The Golden State Killer Suspect's DNA Was in a Publicly Available Database, and Yours Might Be Too" (Skwarecki).  It looks like they got a tip from a relative, and used a DNA search from that person - btw, you are completely out of your mind if you voluntarily give your DNA to any of these DNA databanks! - to confirm a last name (see "Surname DNA project") which matched somebody who had been on the list of possible suspects for some other reason, then stalked his house to swipe a DNA sample off some garbage which matched the EAR-ONS DNA they had on file.

Friday, April 27, 2018


"FBI Investigates Joy Reid Homophobic Blog Posts As Daily Beast Suspends Column" (Durden).  I think the FBI should form a joint task force with the Toronto police, still diligently searching for the killer of the Shermans,  a task force of course headed by OJ Simpson, to solve all these unsolvable mysteries.  The best part, of course, is that people responded to Reid's original posts on various social media at the time of the original gay-bashing postings by Reid, so this brilliant hacker didn't have to hack just the Wayback Machine, he or she had to hack the entire internet!  "goofy tweets" (Niqnaq).

"Marc Chagall painting will not be sold, National Gallery says".  They're going to fire the director of the National Gallery for blasphemy/lèse majesté, and rename it the National Museum of Shtetl Illustration, a fitting conclusion for visitors to Ottawa spending the full day visiting Holocaust museums and memorials.  Sadly, goyim, people still need these constant reminders of who actually runs things.

"What Mass Killers Tend to Have in Common" (Swanson).  Americans have been fighting Wars For The Jews for so long they've forgotten that it is possible to have a society not entirely based on turbo-militarism.  The gun nuts have a point - the real issue isn't guns, it is an entire society that has gone mad (with easy access to guns).

"Is the U.S. government evil? You tell me" (Whitehead).

"Douma: Part 2 – ‘It Just Doesn’t Ring True’".  Thorough evisceration of the false-flag attack and its warmongering apologists.  These apologists are morally worse than serial killers, and should be treated as such.

"Russia ‘won’t allow’ another US military action in Syria based on false flag – OPCW envoy".  "No attack, no victims, no chem weapons: Douma witnesses speak at OPCW briefing at The Hague (VIDEO)".  Maybe I'm too optimistic, but the striking combination of the two incompetent false-flags, Douma and the Skripal poisoning, is too powerful for even the (((media))) to spin to the average person.

""Just War" Theory And The US Attack On Syria" (Gordon).  To be strictly and scrupulously legalistic, international law doesn't apply to Jews, and the Americans are just acting under Khazar orders, so all this fancy analysis is completely irrelevant.

"How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today" (Giraldi):
"The lesson that should be learned from Syria and Skripal is that if “an incident” looks like it has no obvious motive behind it, there is a high probability that it is a false flag. A bit of caution in assigning blame is appropriate given that the alternative would be a precipitate and likely disproportionate response that could easily escalate into a shooting war.  "
There is no reason in any of these cases not to wait for an objective examination of all the evidence, and the only reason reaction is so precipitous is that the traitors fear the results of any sober analysis.  Note that the attack will dominate the (((media))) coverage, but the debunking will receive only the most cursory treatment, if any.

"The Noisy Frenchman" (Murray).  Note the reference to Weinstein.

"Western Media Complicit in War Crimes".  A striking contrast in coverage by the (((media))) of the false-flag attack and the real attacks.

"The League of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists" (Hopkins).  Veers way off track at the end, an embarrassing blame-shift to 'capitalists', which makes as little sense as the program of the (((media))) he is sarcastically attacking.  Half-woke is as bad as unwoke.

Their own boasts are legally damning enough to put them in jail for the rest of their lives:  "Did You Really Drop Bombs on a Chemical Weapons Facility Mrs May?" (Slane):
" If we take her statement at face value, then it appears that she authorised a cruise missile strike on a number of depots that she believed contained chemical weapons, thus risking the dispersion of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. It hardly needs to be spelled out what this could have led to, especially as some of these sites were close to residential areas.

On the other hand, if she authorised the bombing of these facilities knowing full well that they did not contain chemical weapons, then her public statement made after the bombing was false.

There really are no other options. Either she believed that these facilities contained chemical weapons, in which case her authorisation of the bombing of them was a deeply reckless and irresponsible act, which could have had horrendous consequences for the people near those locations. Or she knew that they did not in fact contain chemical weapons, in which case her statement was deliberately misleading."
The turkey shoot continues:  "“Gaza is about to explode,” warns UN envoy" (Murphy).  "The ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 years ago" (Baroud).

"Supporters of Israel’s war crimes give “Human Rights Prize” to EU official" (Abunimah).  I like how everybody, including the recipient, acts as if this were a great honor!

"New York Times embraces tactic of segregationist South in Gaza" (Brown).  This suggestion is an example, goyim, of the deep compassion and humanity of the Khazars. Is there a Khazar breed of vicious dog, as dog attacks were also a big part of the 'Bull' Connor response? 

Also, levels of compassion for the child soldiers of Hamas that gentiles simply can't grasp:  "Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They’re not in school" (Weiss).

"The growing threat of an Israeli war against Iran".  "Israeli Defense Minister: "The Iranian Regime Is In Its Final Days"" (Durden).  Another way Putin could send a clear message to Israel of Russian displeasure at Khazar stunts is to allow Iranian troops full access to the Syrian lands bordering the stolen Golan Heights.  This would also ease an Iranian defensive response to any utterly illegal Israeli attack on Iran.

"Asia Shutting Down US-Turkish Ugyhur Terror Pipeline" (Cartalucci).  They may be terrorist bastards, but like ISIS and al-Qaeda, they're our terrorist bastards, dammit! You have to love how Asians are still able to operate in the real world, an ability we have lost.

"SITREP: A false flag attack on a USN ship next?" (Nick).  Once you start going down the road of accepting false-flag attacks at face value, the false-flaggers - well, to be completely honest, Khazars - have to keep upping the ante.

"Hannity cash-washing network mirrors Trump’s, Cohen’s, Manafort’s, and the Kushners’" (Madsen).  Less an indictment of Hannity, specifically, than an indictment of how the sleazier part of the 1% parks their loot.

"Ken Loach should be denied doctorate, says Belgian PM in antisemitism row".  "Man who toppled Jewish gravestones says he wasn’t motivated by antisemitism" (If Americans Knew).

"Barbara Opall-Rome: defense specialist or war industry stooge?" (Cronin). The less subtle end of the (((media))) spectrum which goes all the way from utter violent militaristic racist Khazar supremacism to utter violent militaristic racist Khazar supremacism.

"Corbyn Prevailed" (Atzmon).  The strangest thing about the never-ceasing Khazar orders is that you can simply not follow them.  Their power is entirely bluff.  Of course, politicians always want to take the shekels, so they act as if they had no other choice.  What can any politician do under the shrill requests of one or two percent of the population?

"Canadian Truck Master Accused of Being Part of Incel Rebellion" (Anglin).  The 4chan pranksters always try to insert themselves into every conspiracy, but in this case the (((media))) has swallowed the 4chan theory whole in order to deflect from any discussion of real political terrorism.

"Charlie Rose Will Reportedly Host a Show About Men Brought Down By #MeToo".  I would have paid good money to see a show where Charlie Manson interviewed various serial killers.  Actually, if you've watched Mindhunter, the perfect guy to do the interviewers would be Edmund Kemper, brilliantly portrayed by Cameron Britton.

Gab (Mister Wazzo).  Don't laugh, they are laying the framework for the ineffective assistance of counsel defense!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bizarre stories

This is a wonderful, heart-warming story, from the world of identity politics and virtue signaling, especially the preposterous lies when she is caught!  "MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Her Website Was Hacked and Bigoted Anti-LGBT Content Added, a Bizarre Story Liberal Outlets Ignore" (Greenwald).  "Joy Reid Says Old Homophobic Blog Posts "Hacked"; Hits Back" (Durden).  "AM Joy Reid, a Negress Who Regularly Promotes Islamic Terrorism, Exposed as Hating Faggots" (Anglin).  "Joy Reid in Full Damage Control After Hoaxing Blog Hack to Cover Fag Hate" (Anglin).  "The Internet Archive Trashes Joy Reid's Dubious Claim That Hackers Made Her Look Homophobic" (Krueger). The 'outing' of Crist, replete with snide gay slurs, is particularly choice (though I have to say the vast majority of actual human beings outside the virtue-signaling centers would have no problem with any of what she said - it is basically the way people talk)!   These virtue-signalers aren't good people, not one of them, and when they make their living pretending to be moral paragons, lording in their self-righteousness over the 'deplorables', while everybody knows that they can't be as good as they say they are, eventually disasters will occur.  Of course, the battleground that they choose, using the right words, or even pronouns these days(!), is silly, and deeply immoral as it is in lieu of actually doing good.  In fact, it is a cover for all the evil they do.

"Whether it’s Russiagate, Skripal or Syria, the Media Have Lost Their Grip on Reality" (Mansfield).

An excellent, meticulous, 'naming the warmongers' article:  "Douma: Part 1 – Deception In Plain Sight".

"No Remorse For Hillary" (Murray).

"‘Expert on Russian disinformation’ exposed for spreading disinformation about Twitter users".  "Twitter bots are bad...unless they’re pushing the ‘right’ narrative?".  Remember that the 'Russian bots' were people trying to sell stuff, not affect an election or the moral state of American race relations (!), so they picked topics that would elicit an emotional response, thus leading to the clicks that were their real motivation.

"I Predict: The CIA’s JFK Cover-Up Will Continue Tomorrow" (Hornberger).

People are noticing that the 'the goyim know, shut it down' crowd are on overdrive:  "Zionist war on freedom of expression" (Angry Arab).  Part of The Clarification is the removal of the last vestiges of all the intellectual paraphernalia that cover the abuses, things like 'free speech'.  Note the lock-step uniformity/unanimity of the (((media's))) loss of grip on reality, and the attempts to suppress the Joy Reid story.

It is funny how 'shut it down' is no longer a metaphor, but is now literally somebody running over and pulling the plug!:  "maybe god is pissing on the public" (Niqnaq).

"The Resumption of Russian-“Israeli” Free Trade Talks Proves “Ties Are Fantastic”. Implications for Syria?" (Korybko).  Korybko is in the crowd who are frustrated at Putin's ultra-diplomatic and cautious approach to everything, but I think that recent Israeli actions have sent a clear message that was received.  We'll see if and when these missile defense systems are delivered to Turkey, Syria, and Iran (I assume these won't actually be delivered if Putin receives some kind of promise from Bibi not to directly attack Russians).  Turkey still appears to be in play.

The 77th Brigade, Tilley, and le Mesurier, what is really going on couldn't be any clearer:  "Harper: Unmasking The White Helmets".

More orders:  "Lieberman, commander of Gaza snipers, arrives in D.C. to take on Iran Deal" (Mondoweiss).  It is interesting in this electronic world that the big orders are still delivered in person (part of that is the arm twisting, and part of that is the security fears that the arm twisting will get out).

"The idea of replacing the US contingent in Syria with Saudi troops is doomed to failure" (Minin).  I doubt that the proposed 'Saudi' army will contain many Saudis, bur will consist of paid mercenaries.  "Saudi FM Jubeir: Qatar has to pay for US presence in Syria"!

"Israeli lawmaker stands by call to shoot Ahed Tamimi" (Nassar).  Dissing the Khazars is the crime, and it is still, and will always be, a form of blasphemy.

"Island of Fire" (Goodrich).  Note how recent American atrocities are just part of a longer history, a history which has been largely suppressed (there is similar repression of what happened in Europe, particularly revenge attacks against Germans).

The Clintonistas, exposed:  "'You may shut the f*** up': Shocking video shows a Port Authority commissioner and ex-Clinton aide flashing her golden badge during a traffic stop and telling cops they had 'ruined her holiday' by pulling her daughter's friend over".  The holiday was not Easter!

'Fellow white people' news:  "NYT: Unbearable Whiteness of Everything" (Sailer).

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


More on the Armenian Van of Peace:  "A Velvet Revolution Turns Bloody? Ten Dead in Toronto" (Bentley).  People who happily live in the countries not currently under color revolution attack by Soros naively think they can live peacefully with no blow-back.
"With regard to events in Armenia, in fact, the Canadian government has been a very active supporter of the political protest movement aimed at unseating its socialist government, as it has also been in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Syria. The claim of Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has been that these governments are authoritarian tools of Russian plots against Western democracy, and “free markets”.

The same day that Minassian attacked, Freeland’s office had issued the following statement of support for the “Velvet Revolution” in Armenia:

“Canada recognizes the bravery of Armenians who have exercised their ‎freedom of expression over the past several days, in the face of threats of harsh punishment,” Adam Austen, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, said in a statement to Radio Canada International. “Their courage is to be applauded.”

It is to be noted here that Sargsyan was a senior member of the Communist Party during the Soviet era, and his government rules with the support of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), a democratic socialist party, and received over 55% of the popular vote in the 2017 elections.  His government is perceived as Pro-Russian.

Of course, Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the “Civil Contract” Party is a neo-liberal politician campaigning for greater integration of Armenia with the EU.  He claims that the success of the protests mean that the current government should surrender power and call new elections."
"The “Ukraine Issue” and Canada’s “Foreign” Minister Chrystia Freeland" (PaulR).  Ukrainian Nazis bizarrely join the G7 under the kind auspices of their Nazi-in-Chief.
"The future of Ukraine is hardly a vital Canadian national interest; not only is it far, far away, but bilateral trade between the two countries is a pathetic $260 million a year. The decision to promote the topic can only reflect Ms Freeland’s own personal connections to Ukraine and her consequent desire to get the G7 to take action against Russia. This becomes clear in the phrases above which say that, ‘Freeland wants the disruptive influence of Russia on the West to be a top agenda item … Freeland views the clash of the forces of democracy and authoritarianism as a defining feature of our time, and she has singled out Russian President Vladimir Putin as a major disrupter.’"
As the alt-right so colorfully, but accurately, puts it, we've reached levels of Jewing I didn't think was possible, with the Rothschilds calling in their markers on Macron:  "US, French presidents call for changes to Iran nuclear deal" (Bibi's wish list; my emphasis in red):
"Macron noted that a new deal should incorporate three additional elements, including Iran’s ballistic missile program, the Islamic Republic’s regional influence and what happens after 2025 when Tehran will restart part of its nuclear program under the accord."
 "Al Jazeera denies it canceled US Israel lobby film" (Winstanley).  Qatar is still holding it back ready to can it so Dersh and Klein can arrange to get them back in with the Gulf States!  The ZOA is already boasting that they've won, as well as setting out a longer list of demands.  I suspect we'll eventually see something that focuses on the wonderful special relationship of two peaceful countries dealing with the horrors of 'terrorism'.

"Dubai-based Company Hired Iraq War Black Ops Exec to Smear Qatar in Film" (Purkiss/Fielding-Smith).

"“Sensational” Incitement Video Removed By YouTube" (Desertpeace).

"Condemned By Their Own Words" (Murray).  On the child-shooting protocols of the IDF.

"Corbyn set for showdown with Jewish groups that led protests against him".  I hope British gentiles fully comprehend how appalling it is for the Khazars to call Corbyn on the carpet, again, and subject him to this mistreatment.

"A Gift from the Russian People: Syria to Receive S300 “Stealth Killer” Missiles Free".  Free?  Now that's how you send a message!  Unfortunately, the Russians are so cautious I doubt we'll actually see it, despite the fact more will die, including Russians, until it happens.

"Syria-Iraq - U.S. Cuddles ISIS - Others Plan For The Final Fight" (Moon).  The war, and non-war, on America's best ally, ISIS.  I think most Americans understand, on some level, that there is something deeply wrong with playing this game of footsie while the country spends billions fighting a 'War On Terror' ostensibly to protect Americans from the menace of groups like ISIS.

"Is Trump the New Clinton?" (al-Gharbi).  Interesting reminder of the Chinese election meddling scandal, unlike the Russian nonsense, a real thing that happened, that Lewinsky replaced.

"Craig Murray: Why Mainstream Media are Attacking Indy Media" (Murray).  It is obvious the (((media))) has lost control of the information war and is panicking.

"Saudi Arabia’s Drone Scare Might Have Really Been a “Coup Attempt” against Crown Prince Bin Salman (MBS)" (Korybko).  The Saudi reaction indicates that MbS thought it was (though I doubt MbS would have gone on a two month foreign trip if he didn't feel really secure at home).
". . . his military and security services have already proven their loyalty to him last year in executing his mostly flawless “deep state” “anti-corruption” coup, during which time they could have easily turned against him or accepted what can be assumed were impressive bribes offered by the arrested royals to let them escape. They didn’t do this, and therefore demonstrated that not only do they support the Crown Prince, but that they may have even been the “brains” behind the sweeping operation in the first place and simply allowed MBS to be the public face of what happened for matters of mutual convenience. The military-intelligence axis of the Saudi “deep state” sees MBS and his “Vision 2030” as the Kingdom’s “last hope” amidst rising socio-economic pressures that are bound to explode in the next decade if radical action such as what the Crown Prince has been proposing isn’t undertaken."
I was prepared to be disappointed with more destructive truther fantasy, but this isn't bad at all: "Ten Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts" (Davidsson/McKee).

"Chagall family rebukes National Gallery over decision to sell La Tour Eiffel".  I wonder what the David family thinks.  Seriously, this kind of nonsense, that the family has a right to weigh in, would only happen with a Khazar artist (with incompetent paintings of Khazar subject matter), and I wouldn't be surprised if some politicians were shekeled and the sale was cancelled.

Added (huge if true):  "East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker OFFICIALLY CAUGHT - everything we know so far".

Also:  "Clues link serial killer to Mr Cruel".

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Van of peace

I haven't seen it noted anywhere but the alleged 'van of peace' driver was Armenian and . . . "Armenian genocide anniversary marked with Ottawa rally, march".

Shut up and obey

"String Theories: Tucker Carlson And The Unspeakable" (Siebert).  Off being waterboarded, and, as in the old Soviet Union, nobody dares notice his conspicuous absence.  His removal removes all mention of dissent from the Official Story in the (((media))).

"Dozens killed in Saudi-led air raid on Yemen wedding: medics". Yet, if you can believe it, not one 'deterrent' cruise missile sent into Saudi Arabia.  "Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists" (Larudee):
". . . there is a plethora available to show that the Syrian army has been unusually respectful of civilian life. The claim is that Syria and its Russian allies have obliterated entire neighborhoods, raining bombs on the civilian population.  The facts are somewhat at odds with this description.

First, there are the civilian casualties themselves.  The UN stopped keeping casualty statistics in early 2016, but even the anti-government Syrian Observatory for Human Rights concedes that less that 1/3 of all casualties are civilians.  No other war on record has had such a low ratio. By comparison, 2/3 were civilian casualties in Vietnam, WWII and most other wars.

Second, the Syrian army liberation of Homs, Aleppo and other areas has followed a typical progression that is quite the opposite of “just kill them all”.  First, the army surrounds the area and lays siege. At this point, if the army wants to flatten the area and bring an end to the resistance there, it has the perfect means to do so.  But it does not.  Instead, it positions relief supplies at the perimeter and makes them available without prejudice to the inhabitants.  It also offers sanctuary to all who wish to leave.  Amazingly, this includes even the fighters.  Syrian fighters willing to lay down their arms are offered amnesty.  But many are not initially willing to accept amnesty, and many are not Syrian.  To these, the government offers safe passage to other parts of Syria under opposition control, even permitting the fighters to keep their small arms.

If they refuse, the siege and the fighting continue, often for more than a year, and bombing is often a part of the campaign, especially toward the end, after multiple unilateral ceasefires from the government side, to try to conclude a peaceful end, as in Aleppo.  The bombing is typically in the least inhabited areas, in order to remove cover for fighters, so that the army will incur fewer casualties when it goes in.  The strategy doesn’t always work, but the low ratio of civilian casualties is a testimony to its relative success.

Why does the Syrian government do this?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just level the entire area, civilians and all, and be rid of the fighters once and for all?

Not really.  The government is aware that families are split, with some fighting on one side and some on another. One of the reasons so many Syrians remain loyal to the government is that it is seeking to protect all Syrians on all sides, with the intention of regaining their allegiance.  The government also recognizes that many of the opposition fighters are, in effect, mercenaries, for whom fighting is a way to put food on the table when there are no other sources of income.  Such fighters are not really enemies, just desperate people.  Given an opportunity, they will easily return to the government side.

Then there are the hyped bombing casualty statistics. As I pointed out in 2015, even if we accept the statistics of the highly biased anti-government Human Rights Watch, the number of casualties per bomb is only two, including combatants.  If we apply the ratio of civilian deaths, that is less than one civilian casualty per bomb, a clear indication that the Syrian air force is being far more respectful of civilians than the US was, for example, in its bombing of Raqqah, where twice as many civilians as fighters were killed."
The only criticism you could possibly make of the actions of the Syrian government is that its extreme solicitude for civilian life is allowing some real monsters to escape.

"‘Liberal democratic values’ exist only on paper" (Heard) (but major points removed for citing Monbiot):
"Journalists refrain from asking hard questions and interviewees, including Major General Jonathan Shaw and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, who dare to go off script are often cut-off mid-sentence.

There are a few exceptions. Robert Fisk of the Independent went unescorted to Douma to speak with residents and hospital staff who maintained there was no chemical attack. Fisk was asked by a Radio 4 show host about the “ethics” of his reporting.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson questioned the regime’s motives when it was winning and the ‘rebels’ had agreed to leave on buses. He was branded as unpatriotic. Many in the mainstream media want sceptics to “shut up and obey,” he concludes.

Shockingly, a 56-year-old Briton called Ian interviewed on Sky News has been identified by the British government as “a Russian Bot” for “pushing a Russian narrative and spreading lies” on his popular Twitter feed.

“That is a total lie and complete fabrication by the UK government,” he charged, adding that he knows no Russians and has never been to Russia. When asked why he had been singled out, he said it was because his opinions, articles, videos, etc., on Twitter had gained a lot of traction.

Shut up and obey is right. Newspeak moulds public opinion. Surveillance of social media is increasing. Big Brother is watching. Ask the wrong questions and you risk being labelled a traitor as Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn discovered to his cost. McCarthyism is alive and well. Orwell must be turning in his grave."
"US CENTCOM Chief Makes "Secret And Unprecedented" Visit To Israel As Russia Mulls Arming Syria" (Durden). Votel arrives to get his orders. The Americans are always getting orders, so these are orders (((they))) want us to see the Joint Chiefs are getting.  Peak Khazar - they will use the threat of an actual defense from their illegal attacks as an excuse for more illegal attacks to remove the defense!

"Scarier Than John Bolton?" (Giraldi).  Her entire shtick is a 100% Likudnik line on everything, to the point of self-parody.  This isn't entirely bad - her position is essentially powerless, so her bloviation allows Trump to burn off some of the worst Khazar pressure in a cloud of rhetoric.

"Merkel Caught In Energy Conundrum Over Germany's Future" (Luongo).  What do, what do, Wars For The Jews or freeze in the dark?

"‘Media used my son for their purposes’: CNN’s Amanpour challenged to go talk to ‘Aleppo boy’".  Amanpour lying starts at 2:17.  The father discusses the White Helmets at 3:29.

"Russia and the War Party" (Boggs).   Isikoff and Corn.  From January:  "Unpacking the Shadowy Outfit Behind 2017’s Biggest Fake News Story" (Elaison).  Good internet forensics naming the secret PropOrNot players and linking them back to Ukrainian intelligence.

"US Decries Chinese High-Speed Rail in Laos" (Thomas).  Goyim, how can the US possibly compete with the Chinese with their 'development' and 'wealth creation' and 'human progress' when you have all these expensive Wars For The Jews to fight?  It is even more ironic that they are using the 'debt trap' criticism that comes right out of IMF standard operating procedure.

"Starting Washington visit, Macron pledges endless war in Syria" (Lanier).  "France’s President Macron Says He Wants to Build “The New Syria” Together with the US" (South Front).  So helping with Yinon in Syria with some weird half-assed French imperialism is supposed to be the Khazar-management trade-off to keep the deal with Iran. 

"US to Build World’s Largest Consulate Facility in Iraqi Kurdistan – Reports".  What do they need all that space for?

"The Corruption and Deceit of the FBI by Publius Tacitus".  The case against McCabe.  It is funny that one of Comey or McCabe might end up in jail, dependent on which one's story is believed.

The Toronto attack wasn't a 'van of peace', and therefore not 'terrorism' as the driver seems to have not been a Muslim, just autistic.  We obviously need a War On 'Tists.

"Accusations of UK Labour anti-Semitism see Tory-Blairite gang-up" (Shaoul).  The fact that this kind of thing still continues is quite the demonstration of Khazar power (i.e., shekels).  Corbyn just lets this wash over him, on the theory that voters will know that he must be as good choice if these (((monsters))) hate him so much.

Monday, April 23, 2018


"Skripal case developments further discredit British government lies" (Wehlan).  BZ points to false flag.  The idea would be to create a situation serious enough to warrant getting the Skripals into a hospital with critical symptoms that could be played up in the (((media))) into a nerve gas attack by a sophisticated actor.  If this was an attack by gangsters, or even intelligence gangsters like the Mossad, this fastidiousness at keeping them alive would not be necessary.  British intelligence would want to limit the chemical exposure to the general public, and may have liked the guy, and his service to them, enough not to outright murder him (also, murdering your assets tends to interfere with the recruitment of new assets).  The poison would likely have been added to the meal they had, and if anybody was seriously interested in what actually happened, an investigation of cooks and servers and James Bond loitering in the kitchen would be a good start.  Of course, anybody who would suggest an honest forensic investigation must be a Russian bot.

"How An Obscure British Blogger Became Russia's Key Witness Against The White Helmets" (York).  I wouldn't offer this advice if I thought there was any danger in the bad guys taking it, but publicizing the success of the critics of your faltering lying PR campaign isn't really a good idea.

"A Shocking Lack of “Intelligence” in Our Missile Strike on Syria" (Ritter).  A very fine reading throughout of the facts as we have them.  The warmongers needed to propose sarin was used to make a state actor, rather than some ragged human organ eaters, as the perp, but the only evidence of any kind of attack was a slight chlorine gas smell, so they threw both sarin and chlorine into their mix of lies, with the problem being that they would never have been mixed by a sophisticated gasser.

More facts, with the thesis that the US tried to do much more real damage than it accomplished, but failed:  "Lies and Deception in the Failed US Strike on Syria" (Pieraccini).  Remember that the targets were actually given to the Americans by the Israelis (described as intelligence assistance, but we know it was actual orders), so the striking complete failure - how likely was it really that not one missile got through to Syrian military targets? - seems to be more likely to be a scheme cooked up by Trump and that rascal Putin, to make it look like the Americans were trying, and thus fool the Khazar overlords.

"US State Department Report Slams Ukraine’s Human Rights Record" (Gorka).  Any country suffering from Sorositis should always bear in mind the cautionary tale of Ukraine.  No matter how bad and corrupt things are, if you follow George's commands things will get worse.

"The False-Flag Attack at Douma (2)" (Shrimpton).  Submarine stories.

"Stumbling into Big War: Hands on the Trigger in Syria’s South" (Korzun):
"A group of over 12,000 militants known as the Southern Front, along with armored vehicles, have amassed in southern Syria, bracing for an assault on the government forces. If they do so, that will be a breach of the agreement governing the de-escalation zone. Their mission is to capture the city of Daraa, which would become the capital of a US-controlled quasi-state outside of the Syrian government’s control. The convoys providing arms and logistics are crossing the Jordanian-Syrian border under the guise of delivering “humanitarian aid.”

The attackers may use the “violation of the de-escalation zone agreement” by the Syrian government forces as a pretext for launching an assault. The militants may be plotting a chemical attack. Such a provocation would justify their actions and spur the involvement of the US and its allies."
"Portman and Corbyn" (Atzmon).  The 'recent events in Israel' that distress Portman are not, of course, the slaughter and maiming of Palestinian children in Gaza.  She's quite clear that her problem is with Bibi.  'Hollywood' regards the current Israeli turkey shoot as a Hamas PR stunt, and the problem with Bibi for people like Portman is that he fell right into it. It is hilarious that anybody would believe the weissian story that Portman is against the murdering of Palestinian children!!!

Tweet (Electronic Intifada):
"Israeli general explains challenges of shooting children: "Sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher.""
The Jew-hating goyim think that the Khazars are shooting to kill Palestinian children. This is yet another terrible 'blood libel' - the Khazars aren't trying to kill Palestinian children, they are trying to permanently maim them so the Palestinians will have the burden of supporting them forever.

"French President Macron urges Trump to protect Iran nuclear deal".  You have to wonder if Macron's (verbal) participation in the illegal attack on Syria, like Trump's Libby pardon, was an attempt to buy him some wiggle room from his Khazars, in this case in dealing with Iran.  I joke about the fine art of gentile management, but there is also a fine art in managing Khazars.

"Russia-Iran ties soar high under US pressure" (Bhadrakumar").  Sending some modern Russian defense missile systems to Iran would really send a message to Israel that the Russians know exactly who is behind all the attempts at Russian regime change.

"Trump hires mobbed-up Giuliani for his legal team" (Madsen).  The title is misleading - Trump's 'team' seems to protect only Jewish gangsters, a problem for him as it is Jewish gangsters who are setting him up.

"US lawmakers urge Pentagon to buy Israel's Iron Dome missile system"!  A) it doesn't work; and B) the US has already fully funded it.  So by all means send another $500 million to the Khazars! I take great joy in seeing such obvious instances of the success of bribery.

"Mehdi Hasan, beautiful soul, and his diatribe against the consequential Left" (Gowans) (one of the lessons of The Clarification is that these 'beautiful souls' don't have souls at all, and are just manipulating concepts like human rights and their imaginary 'feels' for despicable Ziowahhabican ends):
"Yet what alternatives might the Syrian government have adopted to face the crisis and emergency that rapacious US foreign policy, Saudi-inspired extremism, and Israeli opportunism inflicted upon it? Even the US constitution makes provision for concentration of authority in the executive branch and abridgement of political and civil liberties under conditions of internal rebellion and threatened invasion. From the mid-1960s forward, if not earlier, Syria has faced permanent crisis and emergency, including an ongoing official state of war with Israel, foreign occupation of its territory (now by the United States and Turkey in addition to Israel), and the fostering of internal rebellion by Western states with imperial ambitions—comparable conditions to those which the architects of the US constitution envisaged would require extraordinary powers for US presidents. Are not comparable powers required for a Syrian president? Any realistic assessment of the challenges Syria faces leads inevitably to the conclusion that harsh and quite disagreeable measures are called for if the Leftist project of defending the equality and sovereignty of Syria within the international network of States is to be achieved against the determined opposition of “rapacious U.S. foreign policy,” “Saudi-inspired extremism” and “Israeli opportunism.”

So, faced with these enormous challenges, what should Assad do? Whatever it is, Hasan can’t say."
Funny rant:  "Whirling Whirling" (Kunstler):
"It was rather a shock to see the photo lineup of all those familiar faces — Comey, Hillary, McCabe, Loretta Lynch et. al. — in the criminal referral “matters” sent over to the DOJ by congress on Wednesday, as if they were some mob of goombahs caught running a waste management kickback racket in the Hackensack mud-flats. But the evidence trail has been in plain sight for more than a year that Justice Department officials of various ranks and stripes colluded to bring off a legalistic coup d’etat against the loathed and despised winner of the 2016 election — with a little help from (of all things and personae) Russia, as in that political smallpox blanket known as the Steele Dossier.

Mixed metaphors aside, it looks like all the clones of Ricky Ricardo and Lucy engineered in some CIA black lab will never satisfy the amount of ’splainin’ that needs to be done, and that the ensuing trials may last longer than the lifetimes of millennials still struggling on campus with their gender presentation. There may be even more line-ups to come. I’m thinking players like Susan Rice, the Podesta brothers, Huma Abedin, John Brennan, James Clapper, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and perhaps the gentleman who preceded the Golden Golem of Greatness in the oval office. This melodrama will make The Lord of the Rings look like a knock-knock joke."

Sunday, April 22, 2018


"Gunmen shoot dead Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia".  No attempt to disguise themselves.

"How Shoddy Reporting and Anti-Russian Propaganda Coerced Ecuador to Silence Julian Assange" (McGrath/Greenwald):
"Evidence has now emerged that the cutting off of Assange’s communications with the outside world is the byproduct of serious diplomatic pressure being applied to the new Ecuadorian president, pressure that may very well lead, perhaps imminently, to Assange being expelled from the embassy altogether. The pressure is coming from the Spanish government in Madrid and its NATO allies, furious that Assange has expressed opposition to some of the repressive measures used to try to crush activists in support of Catalan independence."
"Democratic National Committee's Lawsuit Against Russians, Wikileaks And Various Trump Associates Full Of Legally Nutty Arguments".  Julian will be able to see the contents of those DNC servers the FBI didn't want to see!

 "How EU pretends not to see Israel’s calculated slaughter in Gaza" (Abunimah).  "Israel kills child and crushes bones in Gaza" (Murphy).  All this eye-averting must be hard on the eye muscles.

"Anti-Semitism and the Silencing of Debate on Palestinian Human Rights" (Corrigan).  Lawfare news.  It is funny how Shakespeare utterly nailed typical Khazar behavior in The Merchant of Venice.  The exact same form of legal manipulation was used, and is being used, in the ongoing Khazar land-theft project in the Middle East.

"Germany's Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack "Most Likely Staged"" (Durden).  Germans are the only people in the 'West' who get to hear the truth; the (((media))) truth barrier is up everywhere else.

"Another look at “that” Guardian article" (VT). It is symptomatic of deep problems with the Official Stories in both the UK and the US when any criticisms are turned into Russian bots, even in cases where we know the critics are real people.  It is a pure ad hominem attack, a deflection from the merits of the opinion to its possible conspiratorial source, similar to the idea, say, that the US had no race problems until Putin decided to use BLM to stir things up.  Of course, back in the day, the average human being had very little outlet for opinion, so the combination of Twitter and severely insane public policies is deadly for the bad guys.

"Doctor Death from Damascus?" (Margolis).  "Demonization of Assad and His Government. Syrians living in Syria know that President Assad is not a “Monster”" (Taliano).  Assad is very badly miscast in the 'madman' role.

"Barcelona, Roger Waters, White Helmets" (Roddis).  Waters is super-woke.

"Russia Exposes British Lies On Skripal, But Trail Leads To US" (Bhadrakumar).  Blaming McMaster is, at best, misleading.

"A Curious Incident Part XI" (Sushi).  There is a phenomenon in conspiracy theory of trying to connect all the conspiracies into one Big Conspiracy, and it is completely evidenceless speculation to try to connect Skripal to Steele.  It is possible (the connection might be Skripal's British intelligence handler), but the most likely motivation for the false-flag attack would be to implicate Putin, requiring somebody like Skripal (to give Putin an angry 'madman' motive), so it is most likely Skripal was chosen simply because he was the right kind of victim living near where the Brits keep their poisons.  Everything about this, especially including the post-attack accusations, was sloppy and lazy, demonstrating a typically British pattern of crapification.

"‘Unfair competition’: Russian foreign minister blasts US attempts to thwart Turkey S-400 deal".  They seem to be trying to force Turkey out of NATO. "Washington Forces its Allies to Accept a Bipolar World" (Meyssan).  The theory of all the oddness, in both Washington and London, is that it is symptomatic of imperial collapse.  Probably, but the real issue is allowing your country to forgo its own national interests for those of another country, through (((media))) control, and bribery and blackmail of politicians.

"Thomas Frank: Trump Could Win the 2020 Election".  The paradox of the unacceptable buffoon who gets positive results.

It is a terrible shame that there are not severe legal consequences for bureaucrats and politicians who abuse the law to cover up for their personal incompetence:  "Nova Scotia Arrests Teen Who Discovered Massive Government Data Breach".

Is Utz publishing this train wreck as a parody of the usual level of 9/11 'research'?:  "Revisiting 9/11, Betty Ong, and the Mystery of “Black Betty”" (Revusky).  Note the grudging doxxing threat apology at the beginning.

"23 Years Later: The Oklahoma City Bombing Story You Were Never Told About" (Gibson).  Another 'suicide':
"The officer’s body was found the next day in a field one mile from his abandoned vehicle.

He had been bound, repeatedly cut, strangulated, brutally tortured and killed execution style with a single bullet that entered his right temple at a 45 degree angle.

No gun was found at the scene."
"Why does an Ontario Anti-Racism Subcommittee Include Individuals Tied to an Explicitly Racist Organization?" (Engler).  Violent racist supremacists have planted themselves in all 'anti-racist' institutions for the obvious reason that they need these institutions to avoid noticing what they always do, while attacking their enemies.  As we've seen over and over again, the Khazars have always known that the sheer enormity of the atrocities they would be committing would require full control over all possible avenues of complaint (see, e.g., HRW).  This shouldn't be any kind of surprise at all. 

""White Privilege" vs. "Jewish Privilege"" (Sailer).

"Column One: Time to cut JVP down to size" (Glick).  Heavy 'dialectic' here:  burnish our false 'peace' movement by pretending to attack it.  The moron goyim won't be able to keep up!

"A Metaphor for the Planet" (Downey) or "Homo Lawyer Burns Himself to Death in Protest"(Sol)?  Perhaps we know why it is called The Baffler.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


"First Joust" (Shamir):
"An interesting bit of data, proving that preparations for the strike were carried out before the alleged attack, has been published by the Cyprus banking community blog. They say the British air base of Akrotiri on Cyprus had its perimeter urgently strengthened (by the British company Agility) on April 5, that is before the alleged Douma gas attack. The second British air base, Dhekelia, carried out similar works on April 12, a week later, before the decision to strike had been adopted by the British government. The Dhekelia works were done with great speed and urgency, and road-constructing equipment had to be taken from the nearby villages of Xylotympou and Ormideia. The payment to the local workers had been routed via HSBC bank in Hong Kong, they say. And indeed these bases (forcibly retained by Britain) were used for the strike on Syria."
Note the suggestion that Haley and Bolton are there to serve as a kind of hazmat suit to protect Trump from Sheldon.

"Commenter Delusions" (Lang):
"The prevailing complaint about me was that I am not an anti-Semite and am just a "toy boy goy" for the The Lobby, someone who fears the Zionists will cut off my access to media money.  This is amusing since I was long ago driven from the public square by AIPAC  black list operations.  I have long opposed the illegal interference of the non-PAC AIPAC in US policy decisions but I will NEVER equate the Zionist project with American Jews as a group.

A further complaint against me is that I supposedly do not acknowledge the control over US foreign policy exercised by the "MIC" and/or a desire to seize the natural resources of sad little countries.  Well, that accusation is valid.  I do not accept either of those propositions.  Military materiel manufacturers respond to competitive government bidding processes.  They do not create such requirements.  If you wish to think they do, then you should push the idea that the manufacturers somehow participate either openly or covertly in the Quadrennial Defense Review where the structure of future defense forces is decided.

As for the seizure of resources notion, show me where.  Show me!  The Philippines? What? Pineapple?  The American Indian?  What?  Buffalo hump and hides?  Beaver pelts?  The land itself?  Yes we took that from the Indian and I am unapologetic about that. It was them or us.  Iraq?  Whoever made money in Iraq, made it from looting US funds, not Iraqi oil.  Syria?  Perhaps you can persuade yourself that the US wants the small amount of oil that Syria owns east of the Euphrates.  If you can do that, you are truly delusional.  The US is sitting on a ocean of oil and gas with yet more for sale in Canada."
I have noticed the usual Zionist tricksters trying to explain the mystery of why the British, in particular, are so involved in the current series of conspiracies (Steele, Skripal, the most recent illegal attack on Syria) by bringing up the hilarious 'War For Oil' deception.

"Macron’s Syria Game" (Kampmark).  Macron is another mystery, here explained by some unlikely nostalgia for French imperialism. It is particularly odd for Macron to be doing the same kind of Zionist-inspired warring that currently seems to have Sarko in trouble over Libya.  There was some reporting that the French didn't actually participate in the illegal Syria attack.

"The Guardian, “Russian bots” and the dehumanisation of dissent" (Knightly).  There is a history of western anti-Russia propaganda that plays on various penetrations of the body or mind, interfering with our precious bodily fluids, and bots feel like tiny machines invading our heads.  Botflies are internal parasites.

If you read some of the horror stories about Yelp, which is basically run as a protection racket (pay us or the bad reviews will pile up!), taking moral instruction on the internet from this guy is funny:  "Full transcript: Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman on Recode Decode".

"Ruling Class Operatives Say the Darndest Things: On Devils Known and Not" (Street).  These are examples of the technique of establishing the limits of possibly conceivable choices through rhetorical tricks.

Sorositis:  "Will Armenia Be The Next Victim Of Western-Backed Regime Change?" (Sellers).  So much like the disastrous mistake made by the Ukrainians.  It is a wonder there isn't some Khazar handing out cookies.

"Undermining Brazilian Democracy: the Curious Saga of Lula" (Prashad).  Brazil is the textbook case of the gross misuse of legal and political tricks to allow the 0.1% to take over a country.  The audacity of the crooks is unbelievable.

"Anti-semitic 'Jews control the weather' DC lawmaker makes a disastrous 'conciliatory' visit to the Holocaust museum which sees him DEFEND the Nazis and then leave early".  'Gated community'.  This is telling:
"New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait tweeted about the visit: 'Free advice for any pol who has to visit the Holocaust Museum to prove he's not anti-Semitic: Just assume the Nazis are the bad guys in all the exhibits.'"
Have you been watching 'Atlanta'? Glover has been doing some really innovative stuff with the concept of a half-hour 'comedy' TV show. The last four episodes, from season 2 episode 5 to season 2 episode 8, have all been pushing envelopes, particularly episode 6.

It is obvious that the Americans have no interest in regulating Facebook.  "How the EU could change the world through Data Asylum" (Robb).  I'm hoping this is satire, and not an endorsement of automated doxxing:  "Moral Warfare: Packetizing Shame" (Robb).