Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Basic bitch

"An Alternative Explanation to the Skripal Mystery" (Porter).  It seems awfully unlikely that somebody had access to degraded nerve agents that were stolen 25 years ago, without knowing they would be ineffective, like some gangster saying 'hey, I've got this old vial lying around, let's try it out on the Skripals', compared to somebody using the available BZ, whose symptoms match the Skripals exactly.  Of course, the larger point is that there are non-Russian sources, the exact opposite of the statements of the British government.

"Eight Takeaways on Boss Tweet’s Latest Syrian Missile Spasm" (Street) and "Rand Paul Gives Obvious, Basic Bitch Talking Points on Assad Gas Hoax to Blitzer Wolf" (Anglin) (watch Wolf at his most comically Khazariest here, as he attempts to nip at Paul's logic).  Trump had just announced, rather loudly, that he wanted US troops out of Syria.  Even if Assad is a 'madman', as (((they))) keep telling us, why would he take the only step that would keep US troops in Syria just at the time Trump was pondering withdrawal?  It is so crazy it definitively proves the Syrian government could not possibly be behind the alleged gassing.

Of course, the remainder of the American proxy army in East Ghouta is making it dangerous for the inspectors to arrive, and the Americans are blaming the Syrian government for not letting them in (when they should have gone in to find facts before Trump issued his missile attack order!), and are even suggesting that the Syrians are buying time for the Russians to clean up the crime scene!

"Western media cover tracks of Trump, May and Macron's war crime in Syria" (Cunningham).  Exactly as with the illegal attack on Iraq, they rush into the attack before a proper investigation is possible because they know the investigation won't support it.

"Who is James Le Mesurier?" (Wight).  It is simply amazing how obvious the White Helmets/British intelligence PR scam is.  Seriously sloppy work by the British.

May didn't want to go to Parliament before the illegal attack as there were questions she feared having to answer:  "UK PM’s husband’s Capital Group is largest shareholder in BAE, shares soar since Syrian airstrikes".

"Decisive Failure Of US Forces" (South Front).  It is a shame the Pentagon wasn't surrounded by similar jamming equipment on 9/11 when a cruise missile was flown into it.

It is interesting that Trump countermanded (and thus embarrassed) Haley in her rush for new Russian sanctions.  She's working for a government, but it is not the American government. 

"Whose Wars?" (Giraldi):
"And Israel is not at all shy about what it wants to happen, namely a war in Syria targeting both Damascus and Tehran, leading to a much bigger war with the Iranians. Fought by Uncle Sam, to be sure, as Jewish lives are far too precious to waste."
"“Canadian Journalists for Free Expression” Fires Guy for Saying Jews Should Stop Slaughtering Palestinians" (Anglin).  I mentioned this story on April 11.  Journalist employee of 'Canadian Journalists for Free Expression' fired for, um, free expression of his stated views on one particular issue.  "BUT REMEMBER GOYIM: “JEWS CONTROL THE MEDIA” IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN ANTI-SEMITIC CANARD."  You rarely see the problem so clearly defined.

"Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Gagged As Death Penalty Appeal Grinds On" (Henry). Don't Americans have a Constitution which talks about things like this?

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