Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bizarre stories

This is a wonderful, heart-warming story, from the world of identity politics and virtue signaling, especially the preposterous lies when she is caught!  "MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Her Website Was Hacked and Bigoted Anti-LGBT Content Added, a Bizarre Story Liberal Outlets Ignore" (Greenwald).  "Joy Reid Says Old Homophobic Blog Posts "Hacked"; Hits Back" (Durden).  "AM Joy Reid, a Negress Who Regularly Promotes Islamic Terrorism, Exposed as Hating Faggots" (Anglin).  "Joy Reid in Full Damage Control After Hoaxing Blog Hack to Cover Fag Hate" (Anglin).  "The Internet Archive Trashes Joy Reid's Dubious Claim That Hackers Made Her Look Homophobic" (Krueger). The 'outing' of Crist, replete with snide gay slurs, is particularly choice (though I have to say the vast majority of actual human beings outside the virtue-signaling centers would have no problem with any of what she said - it is basically the way people talk)!   These virtue-signalers aren't good people, not one of them, and when they make their living pretending to be moral paragons, lording in their self-righteousness over the 'deplorables', while everybody knows that they can't be as good as they say they are, eventually disasters will occur.  Of course, the battleground that they choose, using the right words, or even pronouns these days(!), is silly, and deeply immoral as it is in lieu of actually doing good.  In fact, it is a cover for all the evil they do.

"Whether it’s Russiagate, Skripal or Syria, the Media Have Lost Their Grip on Reality" (Mansfield).

An excellent, meticulous, 'naming the warmongers' article:  "Douma: Part 1 – Deception In Plain Sight".

"No Remorse For Hillary" (Murray).

"‘Expert on Russian disinformation’ exposed for spreading disinformation about Twitter users".  "Twitter bots are bad...unless they’re pushing the ‘right’ narrative?".  Remember that the 'Russian bots' were people trying to sell stuff, not affect an election or the moral state of American race relations (!), so they picked topics that would elicit an emotional response, thus leading to the clicks that were their real motivation.

"I Predict: The CIA’s JFK Cover-Up Will Continue Tomorrow" (Hornberger).

People are noticing that the 'the goyim know, shut it down' crowd are on overdrive:  "Zionist war on freedom of expression" (Angry Arab).  Part of The Clarification is the removal of the last vestiges of all the intellectual paraphernalia that cover the abuses, things like 'free speech'.  Note the lock-step uniformity/unanimity of the (((media's))) loss of grip on reality, and the attempts to suppress the Joy Reid story.

It is funny how 'shut it down' is no longer a metaphor, but is now literally somebody running over and pulling the plug!:  "maybe god is pissing on the public" (Niqnaq).

"The Resumption of Russian-“Israeli” Free Trade Talks Proves “Ties Are Fantastic”. Implications for Syria?" (Korybko).  Korybko is in the crowd who are frustrated at Putin's ultra-diplomatic and cautious approach to everything, but I think that recent Israeli actions have sent a clear message that was received.  We'll see if and when these missile defense systems are delivered to Turkey, Syria, and Iran (I assume these won't actually be delivered if Putin receives some kind of promise from Bibi not to directly attack Russians).  Turkey still appears to be in play.

The 77th Brigade, Tilley, and le Mesurier, what is really going on couldn't be any clearer:  "Harper: Unmasking The White Helmets".

More orders:  "Lieberman, commander of Gaza snipers, arrives in D.C. to take on Iran Deal" (Mondoweiss).  It is interesting in this electronic world that the big orders are still delivered in person (part of that is the arm twisting, and part of that is the security fears that the arm twisting will get out).

"The idea of replacing the US contingent in Syria with Saudi troops is doomed to failure" (Minin).  I doubt that the proposed 'Saudi' army will contain many Saudis, bur will consist of paid mercenaries.  "Saudi FM Jubeir: Qatar has to pay for US presence in Syria"!

"Israeli lawmaker stands by call to shoot Ahed Tamimi" (Nassar).  Dissing the Khazars is the crime, and it is still, and will always be, a form of blasphemy.

"Island of Fire" (Goodrich).  Note how recent American atrocities are just part of a longer history, a history which has been largely suppressed (there is similar repression of what happened in Europe, particularly revenge attacks against Germans).

The Clintonistas, exposed:  "'You may shut the f*** up': Shocking video shows a Port Authority commissioner and ex-Clinton aide flashing her golden badge during a traffic stop and telling cops they had 'ruined her holiday' by pulling her daughter's friend over".  The holiday was not Easter!

'Fellow white people' news:  "NYT: Unbearable Whiteness of Everything" (Sailer).
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