Saturday, April 07, 2018


Israel, the only 'state' - I don't grant it that title, it is just a crime scene - not subject to international law, recently admitted to bombing a random building in Syria in 2007, no doubt as part of a psych-op against Iran.  "What Did Israel Bomb in the Syrian Desert in 2007?"  Note the alleged North Korean connection, which they are now using against Iran, stating, if you can believe it, that the reason international inspectors never find anything in Iran is that Iran is getting the work done in North Korea (this is explicit in the Israeli propaganda tv show Homeland).  As is usual in Khazar trickery, they establish a story based on their illegal actions, along the lines of 'it must have been an illegal nuclear reactor as we wouldn't have blatantly breached international law and bombed it if it wasn't', even though all the evidence shows it was just a random building.  These insane violent supremacist monsters need to be removed from the scene.

Every two weeks or so, to buy time for murder and land theft, Weiss writes this article on how the 'Jews' have finally come around to morality!:  "Israel just lost American Jews".  We should see Weiss as part of Guyénot's Chomsky dialectic (perhaps ironic, as it is Weiss who noted the connection between Zionism and extreme American militarism).  If you added up all the times Weiss has written this over the years it would just be funny.

"An Extremely Boring Video. Do Not Watch It." (Murray).  Sky produces Strike Back which introduced the concept of 'novichok' into the public last fall (a fairly obvious part of the larger conspiracy).  See:  "Disney Offers to Buy Sky News to Aid Rupert Murdoch’s Bid for Sky".  As always (sigh!), "Early life".  I'm not sure why the careful Murray concedes the Litvinenko assassination was Russian.

"Washington and Riyadh's Terror Enterprise" (Cartalucci).  It is funny how MbS' fumbling attempts to justify Wahhabism - see also the interview with the concentration camp guard - reveal some deeper truths about the use and abuse of Islamist 'terrorism'.  As an example, if the Saudis or Israelis did 9/11, theories proposed by various parties with an agenda, they were only acting a subcontractor.

"Revealing the Ploy That Drew MLK to Memphis" (Pepper).  "The Multi-Level Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King, The 1999 Memphis Court Judgment. Will Justice Prevail?" (Mathisen).  Fitting the MLK assassination into an example of the much wider assassination/PR model (of course, Skripal is another example).
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