Sunday, April 15, 2018


"WE’RE BACK – Letter to 21WIRE Readers" (Henningsen).  Concerted Denial of Service attacks during the last week against websites telling the truth about Syria.

"Turkey welcomes US-led strikes targeting Assad regime in Syria".

"We need to go big in Syria. North Korea is watching." (Thiessen)!

The 'coolest photo'.  You'd think he would be summarily fired, but this is his job!
A very meta tweet.

"Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar 'in a coma' at Paris hospital".  "Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar hospitalised in Paris - spokesperson".  Stroke/coma or normal checkups?

"Mystery over missing Dubai princess deepens after claims she was abducted by commandos 'enforcing Islamic law'".  "Dubai princess will be 'drugged and held against her will' after her failed escape from the Arab state, claims the blonde Finnish friend who tried to help her flee". Guys like MbS and MbZ are the new moral arbiters of the world.

"'The Spy' is Netflix's chronicle of Israeli secret agent Eli Cohen".  Israeli 007, goyim, from a producer of the pure Zionist propaganda, 'Homeland', starring, appropriately, Borat, and from the iffy network Netflix.

"How Israel Postponed  WW3 (inadvertently)" (Atzmon).  Not an inspiring display of might, with the bonus that the generals are afraid if they put all their ships in one place the Russians will just sink them.  "Are We Over the US/UK Fomented Crisis In Syria?" (Roberts):
"How was the feared conflict between the US and Russia avoided? From what I have been able to learn, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff would not accept the risk of conflict with Russia. The reason is not that the Joint Chiefs are more moral, more caring about the deaths and injuries that would result, or less inclined to go to war based on lies. Their objection was based on the lack of protection US Navy ships have from the new Russian weapons systems. An attack that brought a Russian response could sink the US flotilla and present the US with a humiliating defeat that would discredit American military prowess.

Bolton’s position was that Putin is a pussy who, as in every previous case, will do nothing. Bolton’s position is that the Russians are so scared of US military might that they will not respond to any US attack on their forces and Syrian forces. The Russians, Bolton says, will do what they always do. They will whine about the crime to the UN, and the Western media will ignore them as always.

The US Secretary of War, Mattis, represented the Joint Chiefs opinion. What, Mattis asked, if the Russians have had enough and do what they are capable of and sink the US flotilla? Is Trump prepared to accept a defeat engineered by his National Security Adviser? Is Trump prepared for a possible wider conflict?

The Joint Chiefs would rather use the orchestrated “Syrian crisis” to argue for more money, not to go to war that could be terminable of their retirement plans. The Joint Chiefs can tell Congress: “We couldn’t risk conflict with Russia over the use of chemical weapons in Syria because we were outgunned. We need more money.” The older American generation will rementer the fantasy “missile gap” of the Nixon/Kennedy presidential campaign that was used to boost US defense spending.

It would be a mistake for anyone to conclude that common sense has prevailed and the conflict has been resolved. What has prevailed is the Joint Chiefs’ fear of a defeat. The next crisis that Washington orchestrates will be on terms less favorable to Russian arms.

Bolton, the neoconservatives and the Israeli interest that they represent will go to work on Mattis and the dissenting generals. Leaks will appear in the presstitute media that are designed to discredit Mattis and to foment Trump’s distrust. The neoconservatives will advance military men more in line with the neoconservatives’ aggressiveness to positions on the Joint Chiefs."
Tweet (Shaun King):
 "112 tomahawk missiles launched at Syria.

Each costs $1.87M to make.

That's $224M total.

Estimated cost to replace Flint's pipes? $55M."
But the problem, goyim, is that you are starving the poor cash-strapped Pentagon of money.

"Poison Gas: Weapon of Choice for “False News”" (Koenig).  Now we have a situation where, whenever a War For The Jews, up to and including WWIII, is required by the Khazars, it can be engineered by having the human organ eaters, part of the Ziowahhabican proxy army, kill a bunch of women and children and then have British intelligence and its PR 'rescue' teams claim there was a Syrian government chemical attack.  You don't want that kind of easy on-off switch for WWIII.

"Too Many Questions" (Wood).  The randomness of choosing chemical weapons as the 'red line'.  You need something you can simply allege without immediately having to produce proof, and something other than the reality, which is the Khazars have bribed and blackmailed the US and its most embarrassing lackeys into requiring regime change in a sovereign country.  Of course, the level of chutzpah behind Americans or Israelis complaining about chemical weapons is simply obscene.

"US Launches Impotent Attack on Non-existent "Chemical Facilities"" (Cartalucci).  The paradox of blowing up random chemical factories and storage facilities to 'protect civilians' from exposure to toxic chemicals.

"Pentagon replied to tough questions on Syria strikes… but didn’t really answer".

"Video: There Are Some ‘Problems’ with the Gas Cylinders Videos Used by the White Helmets as “Evidence” of Douma Attack" (South Front).

"An Empire Built on Fear at Home and Abroad" (Petras).  The fear model versus the economic development and prosperity model of the Chinese and Russians.  It is not a difficult choice.

"Syrian Army Declares Victory Over Rebels In Eastern Ghouta, Just Hours After Airstrikes" (Durden).  It is funny how much mileage, and how many Wars For The Jews, the Khazars got out of the 'War on Terror', only to turn it into the 'War on Those Who Fight Terror'.

"Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency" (Davidson).  Details of the blackmailing.  The fact that Trump had sleazy business associates, mostly a revolting collection of Khazars, and a sleazy personal life, was known to voters and factored into voting decisions.  Still missing is any evidence of Russian political control over Trump, but seizing Cohen's files is an obvious way of getting around lawyer-client confidentiality to pressure Trump for more war.  I'm sure there's lots of stuff in Cohen's files that isn't evidence of a Russian political problem but is deeply embarrassing and financially problematic for Trump.  The blackmailers will continue to have a big lever over Trump whenever they demand a war.

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