Thursday, April 05, 2018

Disgusting schemes

"All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud" (Vos).  Mifsud, the enigma.  A strangely large amount of Russiagate turns on direct evidence provided by people associated with British intelligence (Misfud should have stayed away from cameras).  Talk about interfering in American elections!  Also:  "It is notable that, of all the people swept up into the ever-burgeoning RussiaGate investigation, it is only the UK-linked witnesses – Mifsud, Steele, Goldstone – who have felt the need to go into hiding when their role has been exposed."  Also, it is British intelligence who either did the Skripal false-flag attack themselves, or are covering up for those who did.

"The Three Most Important Aspects Of The Skripal Case... And Where They Might Be Pointing" (Slane).

""It's The Cover-Up" - UK Foreign Office Deletes Tweet, Posts False Transcript, Issues New Lies" (Moon).  Half-assed and incompetent revisionism.  I'm surprised they bother, as the (((media))) still wants regime change in Russia through WWIII and won't even competently report on the lying.

"Mueller probe: Who is George Nader, convicted paedophile?" (Newton).  Hilariously obvious protection in the US courts for his proclivities in return for shenanigans for the American government.  Ha!:  "Sandeep Savla, a lawyer representing Nader in the Mueller probe, told the AP revelations about his past are a "disgusting scheme" to keep his client from testifying."

"Tycoon who pushed Magnitsky Act warns EU minister of ‘career ruining’ opposition to Russia-bashing".  Canada went directly from having a good man as foreign minister to having a literal Nazi, and Bill Browder wants everybody to take heed of the lesson.

"FBI Lies and Cover-Up Derail Biggest Terrorism Case Since 9/11" (Bovard).  They've got this thing going where it is a crime to lie to them, but they never record their interviews, meaning they can pressure you by threatening to charge you with lying to them based just on their notes.  They've also got a scam going to make their careers by catching 'terrorists' that they manufacture using actual terrorists as CIs and patsy guiders.  It's nuts!

"Muhammad bin Salman in the Atlantic" (Angry Arab):
"Clearly, the interview did not go well in the estimation of the regime.  Okaz, the fiery mouthpiece of the Prince printed the whole interview but took out the section on Jews and Israel."
"Trump wants out of Syria within 6 months, Seeks Saudi Aid: AP" (Cole).  Fully deranged (Cole sometimes tries to pass himself off as a believer in international law, but I guess the CIA really wants to stay in Syria):
"One possible explanation for his haste is that the Russian government wants the US out of Syria, which Moscow now views as a Russian sphere of influence. Vladimir Putin appears to have some sort of hold over Trump."
"Turkey, Russia, Iran call for 'lasting ceasefire' in Syria".  Erdoğan calling for Syrian territorial integrity.

"Why Did Bibi Welsh on Deal to Dump 16,000 Africans on West? Because It Would Make It Harder To Send The Rest Back To Africa!" (Sailer).

"Barry Sherman’s cousin to undergo ‘disability’ assessment as billion-dollar appeal continues".  Overheard the wrong thing so he must be a nut-case.

"National Gallery of Canada puts Chagall masterpiece on the auction block". Very interesting. Chagall is one of the most notorious of the over-promoted second-raters famous because of the PR of the Jew-controlled art critic industry (see also, Rothko and most of the post-war 'American' abstract artists made famous in the 50s and 60s).
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