Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Emergency meeting

"‘Son of a Whore’: Video Shows Israeli Troops Cheering After Shooting Unarmed Palestinian".  "Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian through rifle scope– and celebrates" (Ofir/Weiss).  "Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine" (Baroud). It's the problem of a unified group of human beings getting between a Khazar and something the Khazar wants to steal. I'm sure many think I am terribly unfair when I refer to the (((media))), but the facts are actually much, much, much worse than I can possibly convey - e.g., Canadian 'journalists':  "Canadian journalists hold emergency meeting over statement condemning Gaza violence" (note the specific reference to fear of a particular kind of criticism, essentially you can't state an obvious truth because of the career-ending problem in the (((media))) of being labeled a 'truth-teller' on one particular issue):
"Jonathan Kay, the Canadian Editor at Quillette Magazine, called the statement “one-sided,” adding that it was an “unusual time” to put out such a statement.

“The narrative wasn’t that different,” Kay said. “It wasn’t one of these incidents … where one side was saying there had been a massacre of hundreds of Palestinians and the Israelis were saying no,” he said.

Jesse Brown, host and publisher of Canadaland, said the statement condemned Israeli policy in a way that would put journalists covering the conflict in a compromised position.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is “probably the issue under which journalists are most scrutinized by all sides,” Brown said.

“Any evidence or perceived evidence of bias is seized upon to prove that, either the journalist is in the pocket of the Israel lobby or that they’re just crusading for the Palestinian cause,” Brown said. “People who cover this have to be incredibly mindful. "
It is simply not possible to convey how deeply evil, and committed as an utterly unified group to violent racist supremacism, these Khazars are. The only way to defeat this pure distillation of Evil is to make it clear that everybody knows, and hates them for it.  2% of the population simply can't scheme against the committed and woke opposition of the 98% no matter how much blackmail and bribery and control of the (((media))) they are able to muster.  These dark days of Wars For The Jews should wake everybody up to the real problem the 98% faces, which is now coming closer to actual nuclear annihilation all because truth-tellers are afraid of being called names.

"Trump Tweets Deranged Threat Against Russia, Says Ready to Bomb Syria [UPDATE: Weird Followup Tweet]" (Anglin):
"Trump just announced he’s planning to bomb Syria.

This is, effectively, the end of his presidency.

I genuinely believed he had stalled this long and was going to be able to avoid this.

But I guess Trump doesn’t give a fuck about the people, and is willing to just be bullied by Jews."
The irony is that Trump is taking steps that will guarantee he loses his Presidency, and he probably will end up in jail, assuming there is a functioning post-nuke US government to jail him.  Did you notice we're about to enter WWIII and there is almost no coverage of it in the (((media))).  (((They))) are trying to sneak it by!

"Nonsense about Syria gas attacks reveals US ideology of tyranny" (Gowans).  Linked to solely as an excellent example of the 'dialectic'.  Noam could have written it (and no doubt will).  No mention of the actual (((problem))), but lots of talk about the Empire.  The use of 'nonsense' in the title must be ironic, or perhaps a signal to the cognoscenti.

"Britain and its Deadly Chemical Games" (Berger).  Reminder of Britain's sordid history of using chemical weapons, and then the kicker:
"But, in addition to the documented use of chemical weapons, Britain is well known for its false-flag provocations in this field. Among them is the so-called White Helmets organization in Syria. When Britain needs to blame Russia, Iran or the Syrian armed forces for the ongoing bombing of allegedly peaceful international radical terrorists, it orders them to destroy hospitals and schools, while using alleged chemical weapons in the process before carrying out “rescue operations” under direct supervision of British special services. Injured children are always on hand as props, with professional cameramen capturing the staged events. It is noteworthy that the founder of this group was James Le Mesurier, a British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record. He’s a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, who saw deployment in some well-known military operations, including in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In general, he’s been everywhere the West needed to stage a humanitarian catastrophe, with a subsequent “humanitarian intervention” leading to long sought after Western geopolitical objectives. He is still in the service of Her Majesty, to be more specific –  British military intelligence."
Isn't it interesting how everything is coming together conceptually, as if it were an IQ test for those with an IQ over, say, 75, impossible for any honest person to miss:
  1. Trump's public statements of wanting to get out of Syria;
  2. immediately followed by the latest achingly obvious Syrian gas false-flag (an attack predicted by the Russians for some time);
  3. the recent turkey-shoot Israeli massacres of Gazans, coupled with a slight problem in controlling the narrative outside, of course, the (((media)));
  4. the 'moral' Israeli 'retaliation' for the gas attack, coincidentally at an Iranian drone base;
  5. added, and important:  the parity of populations between Arabs and Jews (actually, a fair count, which nobody seems to want to make, would show more Arabs), together with the stalling and reversal of the Yinon program, demonstrating the hopelessness of the Khazar land thieving project, requiring a Hail Mary ruination of the world to save it;
  6. Skripal, and the false-flag and subsequent political lying spree falling apart so embarrassingly;
  7. the 'anti-Semite' attacks on Corbyn;
  8. Trump's Stormy-Cohen problems; 
  9. Sheldon buying Bolton - who shows up, remarkably, at just the right time - by having his shekel-schlepper Schlomo schlep a big bag of shiny shekels to Trump, telling him not to be a schmuck and refuse the schlepped shiny shekels because if you don't we'll use Stormy-Cohen to embarrass and replace you at which point the next President will take the schlepped shiny shekels and give us the WWIII we demand;
  10. the (((media))) conveying every single fucking obvious lie as if it was uncontested truth; and
  11. the preparation for WWIII by the US and various lackeys.
It's a test, goy, are you smart enough to pass it?  Will you join the woke to fight Pure Evil?   WWIII is evidence of Khazar panic.

"The Russians Are Flabbergasted" (Shamir) (fitting these pieces together is so obvious everybody immediately sees it - but how to stop it?):
"President Trump is so pissed off by the Stormy affair that he is likely to prefer a good old war to another humiliation. This suits his enemies and friends (though not his voters) to a tee. He has a choice of doing a difficult manly act that needs all his courage, but which one? Should he put the well-being of his country at stake and brave Russian missiles, or risk the displeasure of the elites and sack Mueller? He is tempted to do the easy thing. Thus he has been maneuvered into deep waters by a powerful coalition of Brits and Jews, the same people who delivered you the last two world wars.

His attempt to make sense and drop the Syrian hot potato (“I strongly wish for the withdrawal of our forces from Syria”, he tweeted) has been rebuffed by the indomitable Mr Netanyahu. Don’t even think of doing it, the big man from Tel Aviv said to Donny in the tense telephone conversation. Don’t leave Syria, you still have to fight the Iranians and Russians. And don’t forget the Syrian kiddies, added the man still covered with the gore of 2,500 Palestinians shot on his orders last week. The Pentagon and US intelligence agencies take their orders directly from Tel Aviv, or via AIPAC; they are already preparing for an extended stay in Syria, despite Donny’s declarations.

The Jews went ballistic when they heard of Trump’s intention to leave Syria. The scribes of WaPo and NY Times condemned the step as playing into Russian hands. “Washington Post columnist and CNN commentator Catherine Rampell said that “Putin must be ecstatic” with Trump’s instructions to begin planning for withdrawal from the region. Forget the fact that it’d be odd for a president to base all of his foreign policy decisions on what would bother Russia — why isn’t Rampell focusing on how delightful it must be for American soldiers to finally reunite with their families, or how the resources this country has spent overseas can now be used domestically?”, – noted a media reporter. This was the cue for Mueller’s raid of Cohen’s office. The old fool has to be pushed, if he does not want to go by his own will, they decided.

America with its Puritan background is the only country where sexual mores are so strict that they lead to war. Clinton went to war in Yugoslavia because of a blow job, while Trump will possibly destroy the world because of a one-night stand."
Note Shamir's reference to the 2013 missile attack by Israel, an earlier similar effort to jump-start WWIII.  Always the same (((assholes))), never punished for it.

 "Syria - A U.S. Attack Would Be Futile - But Serve A Purpose" (Bhadrakumar):
". . . Trump has been on record that he wants the American military presence in Syria to end. That stance and the present threat to launch an attack on Syria are contradictory. Because, a US attack on Syria will have serious repercussions, including possibly a showdown with Russia, which would mean a US drawdown in Syria may not be possible in a conceivable future.

Perhaps, Trump is indulging in doublespeak and the backdrop could be the criticality that has arisen over Robert Mueller’s investigation into his collusion with Russia, which has now dramatically expanded in scope. The FBI raid on the office of Trump’s attorney in the White House is a very serious development. Trump is just inches away from being implicated in the charges against him leveled by porn star Stormy Daniels. The CNN says, “There could be dark and unprecedented times ahead.” A US attack on Syria can distract attention from the stormy controversy that may arise if at this point Trump axes Mueller and derails the investigation against him. There are precedents when beleaguered American presidents resorted to diversionary tactic. Bill Clinton fired cruise missiles at Kandahar when the scandal over Monica Lewinsky peaked and he was facing the prospect of impeachment.

A US That brings us back to the alleged chemical attack in Douma last weekend. Who would have staged a false flag operation? The finger of suspicion points toward Israel’s role. Israel is desperately keen that the US should have a permanent military presence in Syria. To that end, Israel is fueling tensions that will take matters to a point that a US withdrawal from Syria somehow gets stalled. This is also the impression conveyed by DebkaFile, the Israeli website with links to the intelligence, which specializes in disinformation tactic.

The coincidental Israeli attack on a Syrian air base on Sunday had all the hallmarks of a deliberate act of provocation. Four Iranian military advisors were killed in the Israeli raid. Israel must be hoping against hope that the Iranians will retaliate, leading to a flare-up where the US would get pitted against Iran at some point. Such subterfuges are typical of Israel’s strategy. The point is, Israelis lacks the capacity on its own to tackle the challenge of the expanding Iranian influence in next-door Syria."
Yikes!:  "Who the hell is the prince of this world?" (Guyénot).  The religious basis for our sorrow.  I add a reminder that the Khazars have all the enthusiasm of recent converts.

"Western-Eurasian standoff coming to a head in the Syrian theatre" (Kadi).  How does Putin avoid looking like a pussy while avoiding WWIII?  There is literally no hope from the losers and moral cretins and beshekeled crooks running the West (btw, since WWIII will start by turning all of Europe into a hell worse than Chernobyl, where are the Euro-trash politicians in the discussion? oh, yeah, they are getting ready to start the attack!), but Putin's - actually, probably Lavrov's - demonstrated cleverness may offer a sliver of hope in saving the world from Evil.

"Hopefully the US military, the last and constantly besieged source of honor in the US, understands this and would not comply with a suicidal order from an insane war cabinet."

Pro tip - read what the (((media))) tells you carefully, then believe the exact opposite.  I'm not kidding, it never fails (as an example, actual Syrian government care over civilians in the suburbs of Damascus bears no relationship whatsoever to reports from the (((media))), and (((they))) keep telling us the same lies, over and over, as if (((they))) think we really are morons!).  "Taking the World to the Brink" (Sterling):
"The manipulation of western opinion about the Syrian conflict using fake events is not theory; it has been proven. A good example is the fake kidnapping of NBC reporter Richard Engel in December 2012. Engel and his media team were reportedly kidnapped and threatened with death by “shabiha” supporters of the Syrian president. After days in captivity the American team was supposedly rescued by Free Syrian Army “rebels” after a shootout. In 2015 it was confirmed this was a hoax perpetrated by the FSA and their American supporters. The entire charade was carried out by the “rebels”. The goal was to demonize the Assad government and its supporters, and to romanticize and increase support for the armed opposition. Neither Engel nor NBC confessed to the reality until it was about to be exposed years later, pointing to duplicity and collusion in the deception.

Four and half years ago, on August 21, 2013, the most famous chemical weapons incident occurred. The Syrian government was immediately accused of launching a sarin attack which killed hundreds of children and civilians. Over the next six months investigations were carried out. The conclusions of Seymour Hersh, Parry and the research site concluded that the attack was almost certainly not from the government but actually from one of the ‘rebel’ factions with support from Turkish intelligence services. Two Turkish parliamentary deputies held a press conference and publicly revealed some of the evidence. The intent then, as now, was to provide justification and provocation for the US and NATO to bomb Syrian government installations."
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