Friday, April 13, 2018


"Major Papers Urge Trump to Kill Syrians, Risk World War III" (Shupak).  The (((media)))!  We've got a guy in Assad with no motive to do this, and every motive not to (of course, as always, the motive is that he is a 'madman' who just likes slaughtering women and children), having just de-terrorized East Ghouta, and not needing to provoke a Zionist attack against him, we've got victims consisting of women and children though any possible motive would have to be fighting Islamist fighting men, we've got terrorists in the area who we know have committed just this kind of chemical attack in the past as part of their fighting Assad and competing terrorist groups, we've got an information source known to be associated with both radical Islamists and British intelligence, and another information source funded by the US government run by an vehemently anti-Iranian operative with MEK connections (see link below), we've got Russians warning of just this kind of false-flag, with these same propagandists previously having led us through the same accusations against Assad, now known to be false, and the (((media))), with nary a protest or call for sober reflection or even the slightest investigation, end up all calling for WWIII based on what we are certain, at the very least, is unverified reports.  It is simply amazing.  (((They))) are so desperate for WWIII they are no longer even attempting to hide what they are up to.

"“Al Qaeda’s MASH Unit”: How the Syrian American Medical Society Is Selling Regime Change and Driving the US to War" (Blumenthal; I know, I know, the 'dialectic', but there is good info here!).  The Syrian American Medical Society.

"Syrian Army Captures British Military Men in Eastern Ghouta".  Unverified, but we know there are Brits fighting in Syria as one of them got croaked:  "British soldier killed by explosion in Syria".

It is funny how Skripal and the gas baby hoax are part of the same epistemological problem - in both cases, massive claims and consequences are based on things that might have happened, but which we know, with certainly, that those making the claims can't know.  Even after the OPCW specifically did not blame the Russians, Boris the Clown continues as if he is still certain that it was.  Since Boris the Clown can't know what he claims to know, we know he is lying. 

There is also the striking lack of motive - and in fact the extremely strong motive not to do it - in each case.

And of course, the (((media))) unanimity in each case, without actual evidence or even questions about evidence.

It is premature to think the WWIII threat is over, as Trump's warships won't arrive for weeks - in many ways, it is like the slow-motion wars of the 19th century - so Sheldon's bribery-blackmail play may still be in full operation.  We've seen this trick before - get everybody to back down on war opposition by claiming the threat is over, then spring it at the last minute.

One of the issues about the warships is, if the shit hit the fan, the Russians could sink them all, easily.  Since the MIC scam is based on bribing American politicians into spending hundreds of billions building these white elephants with big targets on them, you have to wonder if they really want a demonstration that this money is completely wasted.

"US Aggression Towards Syria Escalates As Assange Remains Unable To Speak" (Vos).  Assange does have the bad habit of pulling choice bits from his leaks, bits which contradict the Official Story, so it is probably a good idea to mute him if you are scheming for WWIII.

"How We Were Misled About Syria: George Monbiot of The Guardian" (Hayward).  More epistemology, and the moral and intellectual deterioration of Monbiot, I have to assume directly connected to the position of Israel.  This has been disappeared from OffGuardian (?).

"Jewish Labour Movement worked with Israeli embassy spy" (Winstanley).  Speaking of Khazar corruption of the political process, I wonder what happened to that Aljazeera documentary on the Lobby in the US.  Dersh is running the same scam simultaneously, a protection racket, offering Qatar a return to normalcy with the Gulf States if it shoahs the doc, and offering Trump not to be turned into a lampshade if he gives Sheldon WWIII.

"Netanyahu says Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’" (Deger).  The Khazars have build a new religion which consists in the worshiping of their supremacy, and the obsession with real and imagined slights against them.  Students of religion should be all over this as the religion gets more and more bizarre.

I'm reading this, and none of it makes any sense, til I get to the end!:  "Lawyer who attacked family in St. Thomas with a baseball bat won't be going to jail".  Fucking outrageous, and obvious, corruption.

"Today's Blind Items - They Don't Exist" (CDaN).  Cook!
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