Sunday, April 01, 2018

Falling off bikes

"Israel admits, then deletes, responsibility for Gaza killings" (Abunimah):
"Times of Israel reporter Jacob Magid commented that the Israeli army is “gonna have a hard time saying this guy fell off his bike.”"
"‘NY Times’ continues to whitewash Israel’s crimes on the Gaza border" (North).

I feel sorry for the UN employees who are going to throw their backs out schlepping the bags of shekels delivered by Shlomo, bags they have to take unless they want to be known as shmendriks or schmucks.  To be fair, they at least pretend to care, unlike the bribed politicians and (((mainstream media))), who either look the other way or outright lie about what the Israelis did and do.

"They want Corbyn dead! He is an obstacle to War." (Rogers).  Similar Khazar eliminationism, an obvious trait of supremacists.

"France To Send Military Forces To Syria As Trump Prepares To Withdraw; Turkey Furious" (Durden).  France?

"Moscow confronts London with 14 questions on ‘fabricated’ Skripal case".  I gather from the pointed nature of most of the questions that the French were heavily involved in the false flag.  France?  With the Sarko truths coming out, France appears to be in a bit of an uneasy state!

"Ominous cracks show in the West’s united front against Russia" (((Applebaum))).  Tl;dr?  Not all the goyim accepted the shekels, so we're still far from the necessary WWIII to stop that rascal Putin from interfering with (((our ))) Empire.

Assange tweets on Mifsud, who has appeared in selfie-type photos with, separately, May and Johnson, and has lots of other connections to British intelligence (and various other dodgy things - he appears to make his living as a professional scoundrel!).  Reading between the lines, his job, working directly or indirectly for British intelligence, and as part of the wider British campaign to interfere in American elections, was to create a Russian connection to Trump, perhaps for future blackmail use or to create a favor with the never-Trumpers in the American IC, using peripheral player Papadopulos.  Steele is the obvious candle on top, but it appears the cake has layers!

"Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats To Suppress 'Novichok' Discussions" (Moon).  Very curious cables revealed by WikiLeaks.  The only obvious reason for Killary's involvement is an American attempt to keep these chemicals off any proscribed lists, so the Americans could continue to develop them without having to ignore the complaints of annoying trouble makers.  This kind of thing after the book was published is remarkably like the CIA buying up and pulping copies of Prouty's book, even after the book was in the hands of some people, the message being that 100% secrecy isn't necessary for the bad guys as long as the info isn't everywhere.
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