Monday, April 23, 2018


"Skripal case developments further discredit British government lies" (Wehlan).  BZ points to false flag.  The idea would be to create a situation serious enough to warrant getting the Skripals into a hospital with critical symptoms that could be played up in the (((media))) into a nerve gas attack by a sophisticated actor.  If this was an attack by gangsters, or even intelligence gangsters like the Mossad, this fastidiousness at keeping them alive would not be necessary.  British intelligence would want to limit the chemical exposure to the general public, and may have liked the guy, and his service to them, enough not to outright murder him (also, murdering your assets tends to interfere with the recruitment of new assets).  The poison would likely have been added to the meal they had, and if anybody was seriously interested in what actually happened, an investigation of cooks and servers and James Bond loitering in the kitchen would be a good start.  Of course, anybody who would suggest an honest forensic investigation must be a Russian bot.

"How An Obscure British Blogger Became Russia's Key Witness Against The White Helmets" (York).  I wouldn't offer this advice if I thought there was any danger in the bad guys taking it, but publicizing the success of the critics of your faltering lying PR campaign isn't really a good idea.

"A Shocking Lack of “Intelligence” in Our Missile Strike on Syria" (Ritter).  A very fine reading throughout of the facts as we have them.  The warmongers needed to propose sarin was used to make a state actor, rather than some ragged human organ eaters, as the perp, but the only evidence of any kind of attack was a slight chlorine gas smell, so they threw both sarin and chlorine into their mix of lies, with the problem being that they would never have been mixed by a sophisticated gasser.

More facts, with the thesis that the US tried to do much more real damage than it accomplished, but failed:  "Lies and Deception in the Failed US Strike on Syria" (Pieraccini).  Remember that the targets were actually given to the Americans by the Israelis (described as intelligence assistance, but we know it was actual orders), so the striking complete failure - how likely was it really that not one missile got through to Syrian military targets? - seems to be more likely to be a scheme cooked up by Trump and that rascal Putin, to make it look like the Americans were trying, and thus fool the Khazar overlords.

"US State Department Report Slams Ukraine’s Human Rights Record" (Gorka).  Any country suffering from Sorositis should always bear in mind the cautionary tale of Ukraine.  No matter how bad and corrupt things are, if you follow George's commands things will get worse.

"The False-Flag Attack at Douma (2)" (Shrimpton).  Submarine stories.

"Stumbling into Big War: Hands on the Trigger in Syria’s South" (Korzun):
"A group of over 12,000 militants known as the Southern Front, along with armored vehicles, have amassed in southern Syria, bracing for an assault on the government forces. If they do so, that will be a breach of the agreement governing the de-escalation zone. Their mission is to capture the city of Daraa, which would become the capital of a US-controlled quasi-state outside of the Syrian government’s control. The convoys providing arms and logistics are crossing the Jordanian-Syrian border under the guise of delivering “humanitarian aid.”

The attackers may use the “violation of the de-escalation zone agreement” by the Syrian government forces as a pretext for launching an assault. The militants may be plotting a chemical attack. Such a provocation would justify their actions and spur the involvement of the US and its allies."
"Portman and Corbyn" (Atzmon).  The 'recent events in Israel' that distress Portman are not, of course, the slaughter and maiming of Palestinian children in Gaza.  She's quite clear that her problem is with Bibi.  'Hollywood' regards the current Israeli turkey shoot as a Hamas PR stunt, and the problem with Bibi for people like Portman is that he fell right into it. It is hilarious that anybody would believe the weissian story that Portman is against the murdering of Palestinian children!!!

Tweet (Electronic Intifada):
"Israeli general explains challenges of shooting children: "Sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher.""
The Jew-hating goyim think that the Khazars are shooting to kill Palestinian children. This is yet another terrible 'blood libel' - the Khazars aren't trying to kill Palestinian children, they are trying to permanently maim them so the Palestinians will have the burden of supporting them forever.

"French President Macron urges Trump to protect Iran nuclear deal".  You have to wonder if Macron's (verbal) participation in the illegal attack on Syria, like Trump's Libby pardon, was an attempt to buy him some wiggle room from his Khazars, in this case in dealing with Iran.  I joke about the fine art of gentile management, but there is also a fine art in managing Khazars.

"Russia-Iran ties soar high under US pressure" (Bhadrakumar").  Sending some modern Russian defense missile systems to Iran would really send a message to Israel that the Russians know exactly who is behind all the attempts at Russian regime change.

"Trump hires mobbed-up Giuliani for his legal team" (Madsen).  The title is misleading - Trump's 'team' seems to protect only Jewish gangsters, a problem for him as it is Jewish gangsters who are setting him up.

"US lawmakers urge Pentagon to buy Israel's Iron Dome missile system"!  A) it doesn't work; and B) the US has already fully funded it.  So by all means send another $500 million to the Khazars! I take great joy in seeing such obvious instances of the success of bribery.

"Mehdi Hasan, beautiful soul, and his diatribe against the consequential Left" (Gowans) (one of the lessons of The Clarification is that these 'beautiful souls' don't have souls at all, and are just manipulating concepts like human rights and their imaginary 'feels' for despicable Ziowahhabican ends):
"Yet what alternatives might the Syrian government have adopted to face the crisis and emergency that rapacious US foreign policy, Saudi-inspired extremism, and Israeli opportunism inflicted upon it? Even the US constitution makes provision for concentration of authority in the executive branch and abridgement of political and civil liberties under conditions of internal rebellion and threatened invasion. From the mid-1960s forward, if not earlier, Syria has faced permanent crisis and emergency, including an ongoing official state of war with Israel, foreign occupation of its territory (now by the United States and Turkey in addition to Israel), and the fostering of internal rebellion by Western states with imperial ambitions—comparable conditions to those which the architects of the US constitution envisaged would require extraordinary powers for US presidents. Are not comparable powers required for a Syrian president? Any realistic assessment of the challenges Syria faces leads inevitably to the conclusion that harsh and quite disagreeable measures are called for if the Leftist project of defending the equality and sovereignty of Syria within the international network of States is to be achieved against the determined opposition of “rapacious U.S. foreign policy,” “Saudi-inspired extremism” and “Israeli opportunism.”

So, faced with these enormous challenges, what should Assad do? Whatever it is, Hasan can’t say."
Funny rant:  "Whirling Whirling" (Kunstler):
"It was rather a shock to see the photo lineup of all those familiar faces — Comey, Hillary, McCabe, Loretta Lynch et. al. — in the criminal referral “matters” sent over to the DOJ by congress on Wednesday, as if they were some mob of goombahs caught running a waste management kickback racket in the Hackensack mud-flats. But the evidence trail has been in plain sight for more than a year that Justice Department officials of various ranks and stripes colluded to bring off a legalistic coup d’etat against the loathed and despised winner of the 2016 election — with a little help from (of all things and personae) Russia, as in that political smallpox blanket known as the Steele Dossier.

Mixed metaphors aside, it looks like all the clones of Ricky Ricardo and Lucy engineered in some CIA black lab will never satisfy the amount of ’splainin’ that needs to be done, and that the ensuing trials may last longer than the lifetimes of millennials still struggling on campus with their gender presentation. There may be even more line-ups to come. I’m thinking players like Susan Rice, the Podesta brothers, Huma Abedin, John Brennan, James Clapper, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and perhaps the gentleman who preceded the Golden Golem of Greatness in the oval office. This melodrama will make The Lord of the Rings look like a knock-knock joke."
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