Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I mean it’s just… you can’t even process it

"Nasrallah: US offered money for ending resistance to Israel":
"Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah says the United States under President George W Bush offered his group reconciliation and money on the condition the Lebanese movement relinquish its resistance to Israel.

In a televised speech on Sunday, Nasrallah said the offer, made by former Vice President Dick Cheney, also included removing the group from international terror watch lists and funding to help rebuild southern Lebanon.

He added that the offer was made through George Nader, a controversy-stricken US businessman of Lebanese origin.

"We thought he was a Lebanese journalist, but he turned out to be an American citizen with a message from Dick Cheney", Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah leader said the offer came on the condition that his movement enhances security cooperation with the US and cease its resistance to Israel."
"John McCainiac Blames Trump for Syrian Chemical Attack Hoax!" (Anglin):
"So there are four basic options of what happened here:

  1. Assad did it because he is insane
  2. Assad did it because he wanted the US to stay in the region longer (for some reason)
  3. Someone other than Assad did it
  4. It didn’t actually even happen
Based on the fact that Assad has managed to do what the leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia failed to do and remain in power in the face of the Jewish assault that has taken place over the last decade and a half, it seems unlikely that he is insane.

So the only remaining option is that he wanted the US to stay in Syria.

That is the narrative that the Jewish media is going to be forced to run with here.

Because at this point, the people are war-weary enough that they are going to ask “why did he do it?”

And they can’t have people looking at the false flag option.

So they have to figure some way to explain how Assad benefits from the US staying in the country and attacking him.

I don’t know man.

Any single person can grasp the reality of this situation."
"US Isn’t Leaving Syria—but Media Lost It When Possibility Was Raised" (Shupak).  (((Media)))!  Lucky Assad picked just the right time for another of his gas attacks!  Fuck ((they))) think we're stupid!!!

"Another Chemical Attack in Syria: But Why Is the Corporate Media Missing Crucial Points?" (Antonopoulos).  "Douma Chemical Attack: Another Link in the Chain of Staged Provocations" (Korzun).  No evidence, but will 'retaliate' anyway, just to be sure (I guess):  "US Says No Evidence Assad Behind Chemical Attack; But Will Retaliate Regardless Of UN Decision" (Durden).

Superb Magnier tweets. Note Israeli avoidance of Russian radar, and the three-part motive - destroying Iranian drones and the drone base, pleasing MbS, and dragging the US into war. The biggest motive is Israel attempting to stop the war ending, with its consequent loss of Yinon (as always, being on top of Khazar motivations is the only route to understanding), the real deep-politics motive for the gas attack.  It is also interesting that Russia has its own 'red lines'.

Both Khazars, and Greenwald has a lot of useful things to say (Goodman is consistently a dangerous joke), but every single fucking time you get between a Khazar and something the Khazars have decided to steal, they instantly transform into full-fledged lying monsters (in this case, headed directly for their desired WWIII):  "Glenn Greenwald: Evidence That Assad Used Gas 'Overwhelming' - Amy Goodman Agrees!"  Every single fucking time! - just as with Weiss, the good they do is just part of the trick (see Guyénot's dialectic and how Greenwald uses Gaza to buy him credibility on the gas lies, it is a clinic in this kind of manipulation, completely following Chomsky's template, to shift blame for the whole thing to American imperialism!).  Greenwald is smart enough and informed enough to be aware of the ridiculousness of the whole Assad gas story, so he is just cashing in his credibility chips - note what he wears on his suit jacket! - as World Jewry feels WWIII is necessary to get what it needs to steal.

"The Rush to War" (Murray):
"I have never ruled out the possibility that Russia is responsible for the attack in Salisbury, amongst other possibilities. But I do rule out the possibility that Assad is dropping chemical weapons in Ghouta. In this extraordinary war, where Saudi-funded jihadist head choppers have Israeli air support and US and UK military “advisers”, every time the Syrian army is about to take complete control of a major jihadist enclave, at the last moment when victory is in their grasp, the Syrian Army allegedly attacks children with chemical weapons, for no military reason at all. We have been fed this narrative again and again and again.

We then face a propaganda onslaught from neo-con politicians, think tanks and “charities” urging a great rain of Western bombs and missiles, and are accused of callousness towards suffering children if we demur. This despite the certain knowledge that Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had consequences which remain to this day utterly disastrous.

I fear that the massive orchestration of Russophobia over the last two years is intended to prepare public opinion for a wider military conflict centred on the Middle East, but likely to spread, and that we are approaching that endgame. The dislocation of the political and media class from the general population is such, that the levers for people of goodwill to prevent this are, as with Iraq, extremely few as politicians quake in the face of media jingoism. These feel like extremely dangerous times."

"Emotional Propaganda 101: Chemical Attack in Syria Appears to be a False Flag to Justify Regime Change" (MacMillan).  Using the very means of attack documented to have been used by those complaining of the attack!  (((They))) are right - we really are stupid!

"Sickening Jew Monsters Bomb Syria for “Human Rights”"(Anglin):
"The Jews are so unbelievable.

The NERVE of these Jews.

Right in the middle of a week-long campaign of opening fire on unarmed protesters angry that their land was took, killing dozens, they decide to bomb Assad under the premise that he was violating human rights by using chemical weapons on ISIS terrorists.

I mean it’s just… you can’t even process it.

And that is part of the whole scheme. They do things that are so crazy, you can’t even believe they’re real, and this causes your brain to shut off.

You think: “so the Jews, who have been opening fire and slaughtering unarmed protesters, are bombing Syria because of…. allegations of violations of human rights…? But that is… I just… I just can’t… fuck it, I can’t think about that anymore – I’m just gonna go ahead and binge-watch the latest engaging Netflix drama.”"
"Top Jew Funded Anti-Islam Group While Denouncing Europe’s Anti-Islam Parties"(Diversity Macht Frei).  "U.S. Jewish Leader Ronald Lauder Gave $1.1 Million to Covert Group Pushing anti-Muslim Campaign".  "EXCLUSIVE: Robert Mercer backed a secretive group that worked with Facebook, Google to target anti-Muslim ads at swing voters" (funded mostly by Khazars).  The Angry Arab is shocked - shocked! - to discover gambling in the casino:  "American Zionist organizations and support for Islamophobia".

Petras "The Fifty-Two Major Jewish American Organizations and Israel Celebrate Passover with the Slaughter of Twenty-Five Muslim, Christian and Secular Palestinians" ("The key to Israel’s impunity lies in a chain of command beginning with the local grass roots of hundreds of fanatical, unconditional Zionist-Israel First organizations in the US.") versus Weiss ''Israel Just Lost American Jews". The comments on Weiss are hilarious, everybody being very tired of the time-buying land-grabbing schtick of Weiss.  There is simply no Khazar path to anything other than an inevitable WWIII, and pretending otherwise is just part of their trickery to lead us to WWIII.

"ICC warns Israeli leaders over Gaza killings" (Abunimah).  Obscene vomit-inducing 'warnings', completely reading off the Khazar script, from a 'court' set up specifically, and solely, to target enemies of Zionism, and which is almost going out of business as its real motives are just too obvious.

That's some medal-worthy excellent Israeli sniping, killing while not hitting the 'PRESS' flak jacket:  "Two children, journalist, among Israel’s latest Gaza victims" (Murphy). You never know what you are going to get from Mackey:  "Seeing Gaza Through the Lens of Yaser Murtaja, a Palestinian Journalist Killed by Israel".  The dialectic:  "Israeli Defense Minister justifies killing of Palestinian journalists" (Ofir).

The (((media))):  "Snipers Shooting Unarmed People at 100 Meters Isn’t a ‘Clash’" (Johnson). You are very naive if you don't anticipate that this kind of thing is going to be turned against you, perhaps as soon as anti-WWIII marches.  Will we get woke enough, quick enough, to stop the tragedy by attacking the (((real))) problem?  What Trump is apparently contemplating is making this very real.

"YouTube bans 28 countries from watching a video exposing Israel’s violence against protesters" (Wright).  "Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries". Max is also part of the 'dialectic'.

"The Bipartisan Pandering To Jewish Interests" (Giraldi).  (((Everything))) is coming together.

Note with all the qualifications this is essentially a whitewash, weissian management of a PR problem that had been dealt with by having Khazar control of the narrative simply ignore it, but now requires more sophisticated techniques:  "‘The open wounds of the conflict owe very much to Deir Yassin’: 70 years since the Deir Yassin Massacre" (Najjab interview of Hogan).

Justin Trudeau is blaming that rascal Putin for the (absolutely true) revelations that Justin's foreign minister is of strong Nazi stock!:  "Roundup: Propaganda and democratic interference".  Trudeau retaliated for his own personal embarrassment by expelling Russian diplomats, hiding it under the Skripal 'solidarity' excuse:  "Liberal MP Sahota contradicts PM, foreign minister on reason for Russians' expulsion".

Contrast and compare!:  "Obama State Department Spent $9 Million With Soros To Meddle In Albanian Politics" (Durden) and "Hungary’s Election Campaign Ends in a Flurry of Dirty Tricks" (the bad Mackey).  It is funny that pointing out what we know, with 100% certainty, about Soros is 'meddling' and 'dirty tricks', but Soros' actual interference in elections is just fine.

Symptoms (not death!), and contamination pattern are all wrong.  "Why the Russian Double-Agent Skripal Could Not Have Been Poisoned with “Novichok”" (Washington's Blog).  Also, the increasingly long list:  "The Oldest Trick In the Book: False Flags to “Justify” War".  And:  "A Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations".

"Skripal Poison Case Becoming British Hostage Scenario" (Cunningham).  We're reached the dangerous cover-up stage of the conspiracy.

"Britain piles on lies to shore up Skripal poisoning accusations against Russia" (Stevens).  Ha!:  "“Getting drawn into a misinformation war is an unhelpful distraction.”"

The package has been delivered:  "Government Propaganda Now Totally Bizarre " (Murray).

"Skripal Cousin Says Entire British Story is Bullshit, Brits Manipulating and Blackmailing Her" (Anglin).  If you got all your news from The Daily Stormer you would be much, much, much better informed than the average media consumer.  I'm not kidding!

Nice concise summary of the whole strange story:  "The Skripals are alive but the guinea pigs are dead – the strange case of the Salisbury poisoning" (O'Brien).

"Bogus anti-Semitism campaign against Corbyn and Labour reveals its Zionist agenda" (Shaoul):
 "What this eventually leads to—removing him from leadership, sabotaging any prospect of Labour forming a government or possibly even splitting the party—depends upon circumstances. But no matter how this domestic political agenda develops, the campaign to portray anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism is also aimed at silencing all criticism of Israel’s brutal subjugation of the Palestinians and its regional warmongering in alliance with the United States."
The British papers cover Corbyn's alleged 'anti-Semitism' rather than the actual Israeli massacring that is going on:  "The Propaganda Campaigns: Anti-Semitism and Israel’s Killing of Arabs" (Cloughley):
"If a government representative of almost any other nation but Israel declared that anyone approaching its border would be killed, there would be outrage in Washington and London. But the Zionists can get away with murder."
"Jews Say the Truth Doesn’t Matter at French Hate Speech Trial" (Diversity Macht Frei). Note how the French equivalent of the ADL has exactly the same origin story as the ADL:  "The Leo Frank Case and How The ADL Was Formed To Defend a Murdering Pedophile".

"The Curious Tale of the Jewish Assault on Mosley’s Horse" (Joyce).  Horse punching, real in his mind (excellent background on the current Khazar attacks on Corbyn, and, for that matter, various treatments of the Skripal poisoning, the Gaza massacre, and Assad's 'gas attack'; my emphasis in red - I'm not a 'revisionist', but you can see where it comes from):
"It’s quite fitting, in a way, that the dubious horse attack story should precede this new set of tales – because it’s precisely the same game of “Chinese whispers.” Look again at how Jacobson refers to relatives who, even if they didn’t have memories of pogrom violence “remembered hearing their parents relate their memories of them.” But who is to say that these memories were not, in turn, merely memories of hearing an even earlier generation talk of violence and pogroms? And on and on. In actual fact, the idea of pogroms in the Russian Empire, in which “thousands of Jews were slaughtered” has been utterly debunked. They’ve been debunked not by an obscure “Far Right” think-tank, but by Professor John Klier – a widely respected scholar and non-Jewish former head of the British Association for Jewish Studies who published his findings in a number of volumes via Cambridge University Press (I summarize Klier’s findings here). Among Klier’s findings, the most important of which can be found in Russians, Jews and the Pogroms of 1881-82 (2011) was that the vast majority of pogrom narratives were developed and disseminated by a single Prussian Rabbi – Yizhak Rülf. According to Klier, Rülf specialized in “sensationalized accounts of mass rape.” These accounts would then be disseminated in the Western media with the help of Jewish journalists, and used by groups like the British-based Russo-Jewish Committee to push for Western government ‘action’ against the Tsar. Despite contemporary British government investigations which revealed that no rapes had occurred and perhaps only one or two murders had been committed throughout the Russian Empire, and because most of the general public will never hear about the research of Professor Klier, the myth of thousands of massacred Jews in eastern pogroms remains in the popular consciousness, and is obviously still very deeply embedded in the Jewish folk memory.

Keeping all of this in mind, Jacobson’s last line in that paragraph is especially telling: “So antisemitism was bound to be more real to our mothers and fathers than it could ever be to us.” In reality, Jews have been making this assumption about earlier generations for centuries, and perhaps for thousands of years going back to the Exodus tale itself. Jews excuse their current attitudes by reference to alleged past experiences ,or to the dubious memories of older generations. I’m always startled to observe Jewish discussions of Passover on social media, in which the obviously fictional or allegorical tale of persecution under Pharaoh is taken very literally and emotionally. The same can be said for Purim and the fictional Esther. Jews like those discussed by Jacobson root their current sense of enmity with the world, and sense of danger from it, in past experiences which are largely fictional. Jews like Jacobson, who in their own words confess to feeling surrounded by enemies, feel this way largely because they have subscribed to an identity which requires them to buy into a common narrative of the past – a past in which their group has been the entirely blameless victim of countless unprovoked aggressions. Such conceptions of the self are entirely destructive, leading to obsession and neurosis. Jacobson continues to inadvertently educate us on this very reality by adding, in reference to his group of Jewish school friends: “Antisemitism?” we’d ask darkly when one of us got a bad mark at school, or failed to win a prize, or lost a girlfriend.”

Jacobson still lives in this mental space, and views the current (entirely manufactured) outrage about anti-Semitism on the Left through its lens. He writes that, for Jews like him, contemporary Britain is like being “back in that lightless swamp of medieval ignorance where the Jew who is the author of all humanity’s ills lies, cheats, cringes and dissembles.” Here Jacobson is quite obviously referring to the context of alleged anti-Jewish massacres during the Crusades – a myth which has been debunked by Jewish scholar Robert Chazan in his University of California-published European Jewry and the First Crusade (1996). In addition, the late Alan Dundes, who was one of the world’s experts on folklore, and perhaps the leading scholar of medieval European folklore concerning Jews, never discusses any European belief remotely similar to that posited by Jacobson. (Dundes’ The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore (1991) is essential reading in this area) In reality, for the last two centuries Jews have exaggerated or distorted historical charges against them in order to discredit the original charge and those making it. Thus, even though medieval Europeans may have been quite clear and specific in their accusations, especially in regards to usury and economic exploitation, they gradually became accused in Jewish history and memory of blaming “all of humanity’s ills” on Jews.
Contemporary Europeans are forced to look on in astonishment at the theft of history itself. Jacobson meanwhile, wrapped up in delusions and seething with frustration, concludes: “And this time there is no horse to punch.”

I’d say you couldn’t make it up – but clearly they do."
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