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"Tracing the Rush to War" (Murray).  Murray can't, or won't, 'name the Jew', so it is a little weird in places.  Not naming is still the recognized preferred rhetorical technique, as if you are specific the discussion will immediately go off track, if people bother to read you at all.  I note that this particular problem is going away rapidly, with the enormity of the evidence piling up around who is really involved in this series of false flags.

"Saudi Arabia used chemical weapons in Yemen—who’s going to bomb them?" (Alexis).

Who knew that a guy who has lived his whole life in stolen palaces on billions of stolen money would have a problem with the concept of theft?:  "The Saudi-Israeli liaison" (Davidson).  It will be funny when, with all the other horrible things MbS has already done, this is the thing that leads to his head resting on the end of a pike.

I intended to put in a reference to the Turkish involvement in the previous attack beside Erdoğan's crowing about the moral necessity of deterring the use of chemical weapons, but forgot:  "What Can Be Known vs What Will Be Known" (West).

"Luongo: Trump Is Done, Mattis Won".  You could argue that Trump, under overwhelming blackmail pressure, and with the help of Mattis and the communication lines with the Russians, did the best he could.  The thing is, the blackmail continues unabated, he won't have a Scooter pardon in the future to throw into the negotiation mix, and Khazar negotiation technique, as is well known, consists of taking all your concessions and using them to serve as the basis for your next round of concessions.  All this really buys is time to prepare for the next War For The Jews.  I think Trump is done - he has just delayed the inevitable.

Comment by TTG to"An interim post on Syria ... (Editorial)" (Lang) (my emphasis in red):
"My take on the apparent effectiveness of the Syrian air defense systems is that all those systems are well integrated into a network with the Russian systems. This includes air, ground and space-based radars for early warning and tracking. With the proper early warning and tracking, I'm pretty damned sure even the older Syrian AD systems could be effective.

Back in the hollow Army days of the 70s, we practiced shooting down low and slow rockets to practice our AD skills. A light infantry company usually was able to take down those rockets with M-16 and M-60 MG fire as long as we knew they were coming and were waiting for them. Those rockets were only half the size of a Tomahawk.

Part of that fully integrated AD system is whatever radio electronic combat (REC) tricks the Russians have up their sleeves. We've talked about some of those capabilities over the years here on SST. SouthFront reported that Russian REC was able to affect the terminal portion of the cruise missiles' flight path to slow them down and severely limit their maneuverability and control. That is what enabled the Syrian AD systems to successfully engage the missiles.

In the 90s, I employed several foreign super-geeks as assets. These assets collected info on specific algorithms, code, and frequency signals/patterns used in various missile and battle management systems. That esoteric information was pure gold to designers of our countermeasure systems. I'm sure most of this information is collected by MASINT and I'm sure Russia has been going balls to the wall on MASINT collection on our cruise missile technology. Add that to what is collected by hacking into technology contractors. I would not be surprised at all if Russian REC has our current cruise missile technology by the short and curlies."
and part of the comment by ISL:
"My suspicion is that we are seeing the benefit of Russian battlefield air defense and EW integration, which is prominently marketed in various Russian informational videos, an integration that seems not to be stressed in US systems.

This could be because the many components of the US battlefield air defense system are from different companies. Anyone who has tried to set up a network of PCs, Macs, and linux machines, knows its a bandaid-ed system that tends to fail when anyone does anything atypical.

The implications are significant. It indicates that if the US had launched a thousand missiles (approaching our stockpile), there is a reasonable chance that with the S-300 and S-400 only a strategically insignificant number would get through, and the large number of US naval assets deployed for that launch would then be eliminated. That loss of naval power would open the way dramatically for China and other nations to challenge the US globally (and they would), or else to open nuclear war.

It also raises the question if the US nuclear deterrent is as robust as our neocon admin thinks - Russia annually practices nuclear war drills for the entire population, the US goes shopping. So what would the implications of a hypothetical strike where 100 Russian nukes hit the US (Putin announced the capability and has a reputation for not bluffing) and only a few US nukes got through Russian defenses? It is as dangerous for Russia to think it can win a nuclear war as for the US to think it."
You could even make the argument that Trump jumped the gun, and attacked before his whole fleet was in place, to remove the possibility of Russia sinking them all, just what the neocons want, as it would lead to their desired WWIII.  The fine art of Khazar management is something to ponder.  The whole thing can be seen as a kind of stage play in lieu of WWIII, a Russian-American co-production, with the Khazars in the audience, cheering loudly (while booing under their breaths).

From the same comment section, another extremely disheartening one - serious WWIII-mongering deep politics that nobody will notice - from robt willmann:
"In more bad news that can affect Syria and others, this new article on the Axios website claims that the deputy to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been selected by vice president Mike Pence to be his National Security Advisor. The person, Jon Lerner, will have both jobs: Haley's deputy and Pence's Nat'l Security Advisor. At first, president Trump moved to block the appointment, because Lerner was involved in anti-Trump attack ads during the presidential campaign in 2016--

According to the article, Trump told Chief of Staff Kelly to get rid of Lerner. Pence, who was on the way to a conference in Peru, apparently reached Trump on the phone and talked him into changing his mind.

Cited in the article is a link to a story on the Politico website from 7 March 2016 about Lerner and the attack ads, saying--

"Behind the scenes but in the middle of the effort is Jon Lerner, a longtime Republican pollster and strategist who is helping to coordinate the anti-Trump offensive, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. Lerner is a top strategist for the Club for Growth, which first began airing anti-Trump ads last fall in Iowa, and the pro-Rubio Conservative Solutions PAC. He also advises a number of the party’s top donors and is a top strategist for South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who has endorsed Rubio."

So Lerner worked for and with Haley when she was governor of South Carolina, helped prepare attack ads against Trump, and thereby followed Haley to the UN. Now he has slipped in next to vice president Pence.

This NY Times newspaper article from two days ago (13 April 2018) quotes a "White House official" as saying that Lerner was supported for his new extra job by ...drum roll... John Bolton and Mike Pompeo--"
It appears Trump found out about it and did block it, but you can see a clear and relentless process of neoconization.  I have to assume they are prepping for President Pence.

"Trump opens a Pandora’s box in Middle East" (Bhadrakumar).  Supplying Syria with S-300s is exactly the kind of thing Russia needs to be doing to send a warning message sufficient to make Israel back off on having its lackeys start WWIII.  "Israel fears Trump may see job as done in Syria, leave Israel alone to face Iran":
"Israel is also reportedly worried that Putin may utilize the US-led strike as a pretext to justify making some of its advanced air defense systems available to Assad, Israel’s Hadashot TV reported Saturday night.

The report cited fears in the Israeli security establishment that the airstrike “will give Russia the excuse to ignore Israel’s demands and accelerate the supply to Assad of advanced air defense systems which could impinge upon Israel’s air supremacy.”

Earlier Saturday, a Russian general said Moscow may indeed now consider supplying S-300 surface to-air missile systems to Syria and others.

Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi said Russia had “refused” to supply these systems to Syria, “taking into account the pressing request of some of our Western partners.” But in the wake of the Allied airstrikes, he said, “we consider it possible to return to examination of this issue not only in regard to Syria but to other countries as well.”"
 "Israel is Concerned That American Forces Will Eventually Leave Syria" (Rogers).

"More on the Skripal/Douma false flag connection" (Catte).  On "Four days to declare a Cold War" (Meyssan).  It's like using Britain - and British intelligence tricks - to drag the US into WWII!

"A Curious Incident Part X" (Sushi).  The compound 'BZ' identified by the Swiss lab fits the symptom profile of the victims perfectly, while the 'Novichok' identified by Boris absolutely does not fit at all.
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