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More on the Armenian Van of Peace:  "A Velvet Revolution Turns Bloody? Ten Dead in Toronto" (Bentley).  People who happily live in the countries not currently under color revolution attack by Soros naively think they can live peacefully with no blow-back.
"With regard to events in Armenia, in fact, the Canadian government has been a very active supporter of the political protest movement aimed at unseating its socialist government, as it has also been in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Syria. The claim of Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has been that these governments are authoritarian tools of Russian plots against Western democracy, and “free markets”.

The same day that Minassian attacked, Freeland’s office had issued the following statement of support for the “Velvet Revolution” in Armenia:

“Canada recognizes the bravery of Armenians who have exercised their ‎freedom of expression over the past several days, in the face of threats of harsh punishment,” Adam Austen, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, said in a statement to Radio Canada International. “Their courage is to be applauded.”

It is to be noted here that Sargsyan was a senior member of the Communist Party during the Soviet era, and his government rules with the support of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), a democratic socialist party, and received over 55% of the popular vote in the 2017 elections.  His government is perceived as Pro-Russian.

Of course, Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the “Civil Contract” Party is a neo-liberal politician campaigning for greater integration of Armenia with the EU.  He claims that the success of the protests mean that the current government should surrender power and call new elections."
"The “Ukraine Issue” and Canada’s “Foreign” Minister Chrystia Freeland" (PaulR).  Ukrainian Nazis bizarrely join the G7 under the kind auspices of their Nazi-in-Chief.
"The future of Ukraine is hardly a vital Canadian national interest; not only is it far, far away, but bilateral trade between the two countries is a pathetic $260 million a year. The decision to promote the topic can only reflect Ms Freeland’s own personal connections to Ukraine and her consequent desire to get the G7 to take action against Russia. This becomes clear in the phrases above which say that, ‘Freeland wants the disruptive influence of Russia on the West to be a top agenda item … Freeland views the clash of the forces of democracy and authoritarianism as a defining feature of our time, and she has singled out Russian President Vladimir Putin as a major disrupter.’"
As the alt-right so colorfully, but accurately, puts it, we've reached levels of Jewing I didn't think was possible, with the Rothschilds calling in their markers on Macron:  "US, French presidents call for changes to Iran nuclear deal" (Bibi's wish list; my emphasis in red):
"Macron noted that a new deal should incorporate three additional elements, including Iran’s ballistic missile program, the Islamic Republic’s regional influence and what happens after 2025 when Tehran will restart part of its nuclear program under the accord."
 "Al Jazeera denies it canceled US Israel lobby film" (Winstanley).  Qatar is still holding it back ready to can it so Dersh and Klein can arrange to get them back in with the Gulf States!  The ZOA is already boasting that they've won, as well as setting out a longer list of demands.  I suspect we'll eventually see something that focuses on the wonderful special relationship of two peaceful countries dealing with the horrors of 'terrorism'.

"Dubai-based Company Hired Iraq War Black Ops Exec to Smear Qatar in Film" (Purkiss/Fielding-Smith).

"“Sensational” Incitement Video Removed By YouTube" (Desertpeace).

"Condemned By Their Own Words" (Murray).  On the child-shooting protocols of the IDF.

"Corbyn set for showdown with Jewish groups that led protests against him".  I hope British gentiles fully comprehend how appalling it is for the Khazars to call Corbyn on the carpet, again, and subject him to this mistreatment.

"A Gift from the Russian People: Syria to Receive S300 “Stealth Killer” Missiles Free".  Free?  Now that's how you send a message!  Unfortunately, the Russians are so cautious I doubt we'll actually see it, despite the fact more will die, including Russians, until it happens.

"Syria-Iraq - U.S. Cuddles ISIS - Others Plan For The Final Fight" (Moon).  The war, and non-war, on America's best ally, ISIS.  I think most Americans understand, on some level, that there is something deeply wrong with playing this game of footsie while the country spends billions fighting a 'War On Terror' ostensibly to protect Americans from the menace of groups like ISIS.

"Is Trump the New Clinton?" (al-Gharbi).  Interesting reminder of the Chinese election meddling scandal, unlike the Russian nonsense, a real thing that happened, that Lewinsky replaced.

"Craig Murray: Why Mainstream Media are Attacking Indy Media" (Murray).  It is obvious the (((media))) has lost control of the information war and is panicking.

"Saudi Arabia’s Drone Scare Might Have Really Been a “Coup Attempt” against Crown Prince Bin Salman (MBS)" (Korybko).  The Saudi reaction indicates that MbS thought it was (though I doubt MbS would have gone on a two month foreign trip if he didn't feel really secure at home).
". . . his military and security services have already proven their loyalty to him last year in executing his mostly flawless “deep state” “anti-corruption” coup, during which time they could have easily turned against him or accepted what can be assumed were impressive bribes offered by the arrested royals to let them escape. They didn’t do this, and therefore demonstrated that not only do they support the Crown Prince, but that they may have even been the “brains” behind the sweeping operation in the first place and simply allowed MBS to be the public face of what happened for matters of mutual convenience. The military-intelligence axis of the Saudi “deep state” sees MBS and his “Vision 2030” as the Kingdom’s “last hope” amidst rising socio-economic pressures that are bound to explode in the next decade if radical action such as what the Crown Prince has been proposing isn’t undertaken."
I was prepared to be disappointed with more destructive truther fantasy, but this isn't bad at all: "Ten Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts" (Davidsson/McKee).

"Chagall family rebukes National Gallery over decision to sell La Tour Eiffel".  I wonder what the David family thinks.  Seriously, this kind of nonsense, that the family has a right to weigh in, would only happen with a Khazar artist (with incompetent paintings of Khazar subject matter), and I wouldn't be surprised if some politicians were shekeled and the sale was cancelled.

Added (huge if true):  "East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker OFFICIALLY CAUGHT - everything we know so far".

Also:  "Clues link serial killer to Mr Cruel".
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