Friday, April 27, 2018


"FBI Investigates Joy Reid Homophobic Blog Posts As Daily Beast Suspends Column" (Durden).  I think the FBI should form a joint task force with the Toronto police, still diligently searching for the killer of the Shermans,  a task force of course headed by OJ Simpson, to solve all these unsolvable mysteries.  The best part, of course, is that people responded to Reid's original posts on various social media at the time of the original gay-bashing postings by Reid, so this brilliant hacker didn't have to hack just the Wayback Machine, he or she had to hack the entire internet!  "goofy tweets" (Niqnaq).

"Marc Chagall painting will not be sold, National Gallery says".  They're going to fire the director of the National Gallery for blasphemy/lèse majesté, and rename it the National Museum of Shtetl Illustration, a fitting conclusion for visitors to Ottawa spending the full day visiting Holocaust museums and memorials.  Sadly, goyim, people still need these constant reminders of who actually runs things.

"What Mass Killers Tend to Have in Common" (Swanson).  Americans have been fighting Wars For The Jews for so long they've forgotten that it is possible to have a society not entirely based on turbo-militarism.  The gun nuts have a point - the real issue isn't guns, it is an entire society that has gone mad (with easy access to guns).

"Is the U.S. government evil? You tell me" (Whitehead).

"Douma: Part 2 – ‘It Just Doesn’t Ring True’".  Thorough evisceration of the false-flag attack and its warmongering apologists.  These apologists are morally worse than serial killers, and should be treated as such.

"Russia ‘won’t allow’ another US military action in Syria based on false flag – OPCW envoy".  "No attack, no victims, no chem weapons: Douma witnesses speak at OPCW briefing at The Hague (VIDEO)".  Maybe I'm too optimistic, but the striking combination of the two incompetent false-flags, Douma and the Skripal poisoning, is too powerful for even the (((media))) to spin to the average person.

""Just War" Theory And The US Attack On Syria" (Gordon).  To be strictly and scrupulously legalistic, international law doesn't apply to Jews, and the Americans are just acting under Khazar orders, so all this fancy analysis is completely irrelevant.

"How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today" (Giraldi):
"The lesson that should be learned from Syria and Skripal is that if “an incident” looks like it has no obvious motive behind it, there is a high probability that it is a false flag. A bit of caution in assigning blame is appropriate given that the alternative would be a precipitate and likely disproportionate response that could easily escalate into a shooting war.  "
There is no reason in any of these cases not to wait for an objective examination of all the evidence, and the only reason reaction is so precipitous is that the traitors fear the results of any sober analysis.  Note that the attack will dominate the (((media))) coverage, but the debunking will receive only the most cursory treatment, if any.

"The Noisy Frenchman" (Murray).  Note the reference to Weinstein.

"Western Media Complicit in War Crimes".  A striking contrast in coverage by the (((media))) of the false-flag attack and the real attacks.

"The League of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists" (Hopkins).  Veers way off track at the end, an embarrassing blame-shift to 'capitalists', which makes as little sense as the program of the (((media))) he is sarcastically attacking.  Half-woke is as bad as unwoke.

Their own boasts are legally damning enough to put them in jail for the rest of their lives:  "Did You Really Drop Bombs on a Chemical Weapons Facility Mrs May?" (Slane):
" If we take her statement at face value, then it appears that she authorised a cruise missile strike on a number of depots that she believed contained chemical weapons, thus risking the dispersion of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. It hardly needs to be spelled out what this could have led to, especially as some of these sites were close to residential areas.

On the other hand, if she authorised the bombing of these facilities knowing full well that they did not contain chemical weapons, then her public statement made after the bombing was false.

There really are no other options. Either she believed that these facilities contained chemical weapons, in which case her authorisation of the bombing of them was a deeply reckless and irresponsible act, which could have had horrendous consequences for the people near those locations. Or she knew that they did not in fact contain chemical weapons, in which case her statement was deliberately misleading."
The turkey shoot continues:  "“Gaza is about to explode,” warns UN envoy" (Murphy).  "The ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 years ago" (Baroud).

"Supporters of Israel’s war crimes give “Human Rights Prize” to EU official" (Abunimah).  I like how everybody, including the recipient, acts as if this were a great honor!

"New York Times embraces tactic of segregationist South in Gaza" (Brown).  This suggestion is an example, goyim, of the deep compassion and humanity of the Khazars. Is there a Khazar breed of vicious dog, as dog attacks were also a big part of the 'Bull' Connor response? 

Also, levels of compassion for the child soldiers of Hamas that gentiles simply can't grasp:  "Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They’re not in school" (Weiss).

"The growing threat of an Israeli war against Iran".  "Israeli Defense Minister: "The Iranian Regime Is In Its Final Days"" (Durden).  Another way Putin could send a clear message to Israel of Russian displeasure at Khazar stunts is to allow Iranian troops full access to the Syrian lands bordering the stolen Golan Heights.  This would also ease an Iranian defensive response to any utterly illegal Israeli attack on Iran.

"Asia Shutting Down US-Turkish Ugyhur Terror Pipeline" (Cartalucci).  They may be terrorist bastards, but like ISIS and al-Qaeda, they're our terrorist bastards, dammit! You have to love how Asians are still able to operate in the real world, an ability we have lost.

"SITREP: A false flag attack on a USN ship next?" (Nick).  Once you start going down the road of accepting false-flag attacks at face value, the false-flaggers - well, to be completely honest, Khazars - have to keep upping the ante.

"Hannity cash-washing network mirrors Trump’s, Cohen’s, Manafort’s, and the Kushners’" (Madsen).  Less an indictment of Hannity, specifically, than an indictment of how the sleazier part of the 1% parks their loot.

"Ken Loach should be denied doctorate, says Belgian PM in antisemitism row".  "Man who toppled Jewish gravestones says he wasn’t motivated by antisemitism" (If Americans Knew).

"Barbara Opall-Rome: defense specialist or war industry stooge?" (Cronin). The less subtle end of the (((media))) spectrum which goes all the way from utter violent militaristic racist Khazar supremacism to utter violent militaristic racist Khazar supremacism.

"Corbyn Prevailed" (Atzmon).  The strangest thing about the never-ceasing Khazar orders is that you can simply not follow them.  Their power is entirely bluff.  Of course, politicians always want to take the shekels, so they act as if they had no other choice.  What can any politician do under the shrill requests of one or two percent of the population?

"Canadian Truck Master Accused of Being Part of Incel Rebellion" (Anglin).  The 4chan pranksters always try to insert themselves into every conspiracy, but in this case the (((media))) has swallowed the 4chan theory whole in order to deflect from any discussion of real political terrorism.

"Charlie Rose Will Reportedly Host a Show About Men Brought Down By #MeToo".  I would have paid good money to see a show where Charlie Manson interviewed various serial killers.  Actually, if you've watched Mindhunter, the perfect guy to do the interviewers would be Edmund Kemper, brilliantly portrayed by Cameron Britton.

Gab (Mister Wazzo).  Don't laugh, they are laying the framework for the ineffective assistance of counsel defense!
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