Thursday, April 12, 2018


Both Weiss and Cole are running long con internet scams, Weiss writing seemingly sympathetic to the Palestinians in order that he might fool the goyim and buy time for the murder and land theft by claiming the Jews 'now' have everything in hand and the goyim can, yet again, leave them to it, and Cole writing and publishing generally pro-Palestinian and seemingly anti-war material in order that he may convey the pure CIA propaganda with somewhat more credibility.  "Why Trump can’t reverse Syrian regime dirty win in Ghouta & why Iran is Gloating".  Note how Cole the CIA has made up the sarin component - presumably to make it more plausible that Assad, rather than the human-organ eaters, did it (though we know for a fact Syria has given up all its chemical weapons) - and Cole has a striking clairvoyance - the mumbo-jumbo crystal balling must be the crazed Baha'i mysticism coming out! - which allows him to see into the evil gloating mind of an Iranian official.

Iran, eh?  "We’re Not Going to War, Not Yet – Last Night’s Russian TV Analysis" (Doctorow):
"The US generals, unlike the US politicians and media and US administration, are risk-averse if the outcome may be catastrophic. Accordingly, the strike Trump has promised to “avenge” the utterly phony chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, will have another vector, most likely to strike against Iran, which Trump held up as the co-supporters of “Animal” Assad.

Why Iran? Well, that falls entirely in line with Trump’s anti-Iranian stance in general and it will test the alliance between Russia, Turkey and Iran whose presidents last week reconfirmed their commitment to a jointly managed final political and military settlement in Syria. Indeed, there is no alliance between Russia and Iran, and the US can proceed as it sees fit in attacking Iran, subject of course, to Teheran’s ability and readiness attack US bases and armed detachments in its region in response."
So the thinking is Sheldon can shekel and Stormy-Cohen blackmail his way to a small attack on Iran without necessarily - if Putin is prudent - triggering WWIII, and that's the way it can be sold to Trump, and the way Trump will try to sell it to the committed isolationists who voted for him.

May is shaping up to be a big month, with Trump's fleet arriving, Trump purporting to pull out of Obama's Iran deal (and an actual possible attack on Iran by Khlaiming that the Ghouta attack was actually connected to Iran), the moving of the American embassy coincident with the Khazar annual celebration of their murder and land theft, and the presentation of the Jared-MbS eliminationist plan for the Palestinians.
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